June 8, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 8

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????Kira POV ????
Everyone raised their heads when Jace and I walked into the class they are actually surprised to see me with the new student since I am
always walking into class alone. I led Jace to two empty chairs at the back of the class next to the window. My eyes met Ivy’s gaze when I was about sitting down in my chair but I looked away. Mr Zayne walked in few seconds later.
“Attention! Greet!”
(Felicity Williams the captain for chemistry class rose up and said)
All:Good Morning Mr Zayne!
Zayne: how are you all doing this morning?
All:fine sir
(Felicity is one of Ivy’s closest friend and she has no connection to my parents youthful lives)
Zayne:well I can see that in your faces – Kira
(He smiled)
Zayne:I can see you have a seat partner now (Jace and I exchanged glances)
“So the new guys please introduce yourself to me”
Jace:Jace Hernandez
Zayne: Nice name
(Everyone looked back at him. Mr Zayne turned to write something on the board)
Jace:why are there few students in the class? 10 science students out of 45 students.
(He wrote down in his notepad)
Kira:it is not an easy class
(I whispered to him in a low tone Mr Zayne cleared his throat and Jace and I looked up. I saw ATOM boldly written on the white board)
Zayne: so let’s discuss introduction of Atom am sure each and everyone of you here except the new guy must have studied the guidelines I gave you on this topic….who can boldly give us
the definition of an Atom?
(Ivy,Felicity and some other students raised their hands)
Zayne: yes Ivy
Ivy:to my own understanding An Atom is present at most basic level in everything we see around us. In fact every living organism is composed of atoms.
Zayne:uhmmm good Ivy but I want a better definition… Jace can you?
(He nodded)
Jace:Atom is a Greek words which means “indivisible” the Greeks believed that Matter can be broken down into very small invisible particles called Atoms. Greek Philosophers such as Democritus and John Dalton put forward the concept of the nature of the Atom. Democritus explained the nature of matter he also proposed that all substances are made up of matter. He stated atoms are constantly moving,invisible, minuscule particles that are different in shape size, temperature and cannot be destroyed. Later in the year 1808,John Dalton proposed the atomic theory and explained the law of chemical
combination. By the end of 18th and early 20th centuries,many. scientists such as J.J Thompson,Gold Stein, Rutherford, Bohr among others developed and proposed several concepts on Atom.
(When Jace stopped Mr Zayne started the clap before we all joined)
Zayne:that was awesome Jace Jace:thank you sir
Zayne: you weren’t in the previous class when I gave the guidelines… So how did you know about this things?
Jace:uhmmm….it all thanks to Kira
(We both exchanged glances)
“what are you saying?!”
Look..What?! We’ve never discussed about Chemistry or guidelines
but Jace only smiled.
Jace:Kira helped me with the guidelines on what to read about it yesterday so I studied over night
(I fixed my gaze on my notepad)
Zayne:I like that Kira
(I raised my head and gave him a fake smile)
Jace:sorry about that (He wrote down on his notepad)
“Didn’t know what to say to him”
Kira:it fine
(I whispered)
(Mr Zayne turned to the board to write again)
Zayne:Atom is the smallest unit of matter that is composed of a positively charged centre termed as “Nucleus”
(We all jolted down in our Notes)
Zayne:and the central nucleus is surrounded by negatively charged “Electrons”
(I listened to Mr Zayne droning on and on
about “Atom”)
Mr Zayne left the class after the bell rang. I stood up to leave the class when Ivy and Felicity came to our desk
Ivy:hi Jace
(She said as I gather my books while Jace was arranging his backpack)
Jace: hi
(He replied with a charming smile)
Ivy:I am Ivy Allen
Felicity:I am Felicity Williams Jace:oh it nice to meet you girls
Ivy:same here…I like how you answered the question earlier
(She said twirling her hair stylishly giving Jace a seductive smile. Look at the same girl Kyle likes how I wish he was here to see her acting like this. What the hell am I even still doing here when I have a lot to tend to at the Book House. I cleared my throat)
Kira:I’ll go ahead Jace Jace: let’s leave together
Kira:No it fine moreover I have to tend to some things alone
Ivy:oh Jace you don’t have to leave with her since we have a lot to talk about (I nodded slowly before I head out of the class)
” Kira!”
(I turned and saw Kyle,Lana and Luis)
Lana:you are done with class?
Kira:Yes Lana:where is Jace?
Kira:still in Class
Kyle:what about Ivy?
Kira:inside too
Kyle:doing what?
(He asked furiously)
Lana:lemme guess she is probably introducing herself to him and getting to know Jace
Kyle:you got to be kidding me -Jace is not Ivy type of guy
Lana:so what her type?
Kyle:someone like me (Lana and Luis laughed)
Lana:I doubt that…Ivy only want you because of your money but she will love Jace because he is handsome, brilliant,cool and he is even every girl’s dream guy so don’t be surprised if you find out that Ivy is already in love with Jace.
(Kyle stopped walking)
Kyle:then I have to give Jace a warning to stay away from Ivy because she is mine (He made an attempt to go back to the
chemistry class but Luis stopped him)
Luis:I am glad to inform you that you’ve been bewitched
(Lana laughed out loud and Yes! Luis was right Ivy must have bewitched him and I have to find out Who Ivy really is – I had to know her powers and know that dark thing i see in her)
Luis:you’ve gat to think man – you are a powerful being you shouldn’t let that sly bitch take over your body and soul
Kyle:don’t talk of Ivy like that she is a good girl better than any of you… what the hell am I even doing with you guys?
Lana:question?? you seem to have forgotten that you came to Luis and I to help you apologize to Kira so your parents can give you clothes allowance by the end of the month
Luis:and I am really sick and tired of helping you beg your twin sister dude – Just learn to be in good terms with Kira. She is such a gentle and easy going girl but you are the main problem
(He said before walking off)
Kyle: are you gonna leave like that?
(Luis waved but didn’t stop)
Lana:come back to us when you are ready to listen to us concerning Ivy
(She pulled me away from him)
Kyle:Kira tell dad I already apologized!
Lana:don’t mind him Kira…Kyle really deserves the worst punishment on earth for treating you as if you don’t belong to the family
Kira:you know how troublesome Kyle is…anyways am used to his words.
Lana:Gonna have lunch today?
Kira:no there’s a lot to do at the Book House
(Lana rolled her eyes. We unlocked our lockers and dropped our books in it)
Lana:I await the day you will eat at the cafeteria
Kira:some day I will
Lana:see you after lunch
(She said before heading towards the direction to the cafeteria)
I was busy arranging the books I packed from the library when I heard a soft knock on the door. The Book House isn’t big but it enough to contain about six shelves. The shelves are filled up with books, a desk and three chairs at the centre where I sit down to read books at times.
I call this place my comfort zone and i do a whole lot of works here too. Lana finds this place boring she hated being stuck in a place. She is just like a bird who wants to be free to be everywhere and not caged but I like silent places where I will be able to think of how to make a spell. I heard the knock again who could it be? No one comes here except for my mom and that’s if she is in school…well maybe she is in school today. I walked to the door and unlocked it. Jace was standing at the entrance with a polythene bag in his hand)
(He flashed me a smile which almost blinded me. How did he get to know I was here? Someone must have told him because I have never mentioned the directions of the Book House to him)
Jace:won’t you let me in?
(I opened the door wide for him to come in)
Jace:did I interupt something?
(He asked when he stepped in)
Kira:no it is fine…I was..I wasn’t expecting anyone here
Jace:I didn’t see you in the class when I came back or the cafeteria and Library..so Lana told me you are always in here during lunch Kira:yeah she is right
(Jace was scanning the room)
Kira:uhmmm..you can sit down
Jace:thank you
(He sat in one of the chairs close to the desk)
(I went back to arranging the books and marking
them to where they should be taken to on the outside world)
Jace: ahmm Lana told me that you don’t eat at the school cafeteria
(I nodded cause I don’t want to lost count on the books)
“So I brought something from the Tuck shop”
(Then I stopped to look at him)
Jace:I just figured that you might be hungry
Kira:thank you Jace but you shouldn’t have bothered to –
Jace:I want to feel bothered
(He stood up from the chair)
Jace:Lana didn’t tell me the reason why you don’t eat at school cafeteria…but for me I see no reason why you should starve yourself ”
Kira: I am not starving myself
(He pushed the bag in my hands)
Jace:I got this for you…if you don’t want it…you can dispose it. I will head out now I don’t want to mess with your routine – see you in class after Lunch
(He headed for the door)
Kira:Jace –
(He stopped but didn’t turn)
“Don’t be silly….no sorry…I…I mean thanks for this. I won’t dispose it and -”
(He turned and focused on my face)
” you…you can actually stay if you want to”
(I let out a huge sigh)
“It fine by me if you want to stay”
(I said biting my lower lip)
Jace:all right
(He came to me and collected the nylon from me)
Jace:Lana told me to get anything with chocolate for you
Kira:yeah that because I am a chocoholic like my mom
(I started counting the books again)
Jace:so I bought chocolate ice cream and
chocolate cupcakes (He dropped it on the table)
Kira:thank you
Jace:even if it is not what you should be taking now
(He paused probably waiting for me to talk)
Kira:I can’t eat food cooked by another person except by my mom and dad
Jace:and why is that?
Kira: that’s because I react to so many things and I have allergies too that why I don’t eat at the cafeteria
Jace:so you really eat just mom and dad’s meal?
Kira:not just them I eat one of my grandpa
food…His name is Mr Darwin and he is a good cook he knows what I can eat and I can’t just like my parents
(That’s the disadvantage of being a red witch – I don’t eat sea food not just that i react to so many things and have side effects because of
the powers in me. So I am always very cautious of where and what I eat)
Jace:you have to eat this before the ice cream gets watery
Kira:sure I will when I am done
Jace: you have to do it now
(He pulled me and sat me forcefully in the chair)
Jace:I will help with whatever you wanna do while you eat and tell me why you are always curled up in here alone
(He opened the ice cream and handed me the small spoon before going to the shelf where I was before)

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