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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 9

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????EPISODE ~ NINE????

????Kira POV ????

∆Previously ∆

(He opened the ice cream and handed me a small spoon before going to the shelf where I was before)
Jace:so eat up
Kira:thank you
Jace:you are welcome… So tell me about yourself
Kira:nothing much…and even little about myself is still nothing
Jace:I am interested in that nothing
(I chuckled)
Kira:I am Kira Hunter –
Jace:Kira Hunter?
(I nodded)
“Kyle is your sibling?” (He asked with a raised eyebrow)
Kira:my twin brother
Jace: twin?
(His eye widened slightly)
Kira:the different is clear right? We don’t share any resemblance he is having the normal hair color while mine is Red
Jace:do you have anyone in your family who has a red hair?
Kira:none… just me (He cocked his brows again)
“Weird right?”
Kira:actually…there is nothing special about it
(Our gaze locked but I stared down at my ice cream)
Jace: your parents own this school right?
Kira:it for my mom…it was passed down to my maternal great great Granny who used to work with a Supernatural being
Jace:well you certainly don’t behave like someone who is from a rich home but Kyle is the opposite of you
(And why is he suddenly behaving as if he has known me for ages?)
Kira:there is nothing special in being rich..the only advantage is that you get connected with some certain people and you probably get the chance to go places.
Jace:you are right
(There was silent for a few seconds before he spoke again)
Jace: so what do you do alone in here?
Kira: work
Jace:work?! What sort of work?
Kira:I own a Foundation whereby I donate to orphanages, to the poor and some otherplaces…so these books I distribute them to public
schools,public libraries,Orphanages that needs books too and some private schools that can’t afford to fill their Libraries with necessary
Jace: you do all that?
Kira:yes…the Library is filled with updatedbooks so I get the extra copies and distribute them
(Jace stared at me without saying a word)
Kira:is…is there something on my face?
(He nodded slowly)
“Or have I suddenly grown two heads?
(Jace laughed) was just wondering –
(He paused)
Kira:about what?
(He stared at me intensely again)
Jace:never mind… So where should I fix these ones (He pointed to some pile of books on the floor)
Kira:how many?
Jace:35 books
Kira:you counted that even while talking?
Jace: yes
Jace:you can’t do that?
Kira:yes I can’t… That’s why am always here alone so I won’t get distracted
Jace:sure that’s the only reason?
Kira:uhmmm…not only that ..actually – (I stopped to think of how to phase my words)
Jace:you are close to Lana right?
Kira:yes she is my best friend
Jace:so she should be able to help you out here
Kira:Lana doesn’t find this place interesting…it bores her to death Jace:so is there no one else that can help?
Kira: absolutely no one
Kira:ahmm that because..lemme say..lemme just put it this way “No one wants to be friends with a Redhead”
Jace:I see nothing bad in having a red hair
Kira:well everyone thinks I am abnormal since I come from a family of black and brown hairs
Jace:it doesn’t matter..being a redhead doesn’t mean you are abnormal
Kira:according to my research there are 8 health Anomalies of Redheads
Jace: not all researches are true
Kira:but these ones I know of have shown themselves in me…like sometimes i bleed from my nose, I am sensitive to painkillers, I detect
temperature change more accurately.. I mean I am more sensitive to temperature changes – even slight ones. I feel hot and cold
temperature faster and with greater intensity than those with other hair colors.. And there are some others but maybe I will share that another day.
Jace: so do you think you are the only human with a red hair now?
Kira:I don’t about that
(But all I know is I am the only Red hair witch on earth. I can’t possibly tell Jace about this cause I don’t know who he is yet)
Jace:I used to know of a redhead
Jace:yeah but that was when I was little and I only saw her once in a while
Kira:so where is she now?
Jace:I don’t know…I didn’t see again after our last meeting
(Perhaps is there another Red Witch on earth? I wish Jace could still find her)
Kira:so tell me about yourself
Jace:hello Kira, I am Jace Hernandez I used to be –
(He paused)
Kira:and used to be what?
(He didn’t talk he just stared into space he had this painful expression on his face which gave me concern)
Kira:are you okay Jace?
(I dropped the cream on the table and went to him but he turned his back on me…I saw him wipe his face and sniffed.. Like he was crying)
Kira:are you – (He turned to face me but I saw no tears in his
eyes…I sensed a tear dropped down his cheeks just now and his face his dry)
Jace:oops did I scare you?
(I studied and sensed that he was hiding something and I tried to read his mind but I couldn’t. That’s strange! Why can’t I read his
mind?! He was having this painful expression and I know there is a reason for that and I really wanna know but his mind is totally blank and I can’t access it with my powers)
Kira:no I wasn’t scared
Jace: then what was that look in your face?…concern? You felt concerned because of the expression I had on
(He giggled – why is he behaving like this…. he had tricked me to believe he was hiding something painful to himself)
Kira:I..I..thought you were crying…
(He chuckled)
“No I wasn’t crying”
(The bell rang)
(I quickly arranged the books I will take home
before heading out with Jace back to the class)
????Author’s POV????
A woman dressed in a black robe sat on a big throne holding a magical wooden staff. A little girl of about seven years old sat at her feet toying with a magical wand. Another dark figure walked into the cave dressed in a dark robe a mask covering her face, a hood over her head and black gloves on both hands. The woman on the throne looked up immediately she sensed a dark presence.
Woman: Welcome Keira my little dark one
(The figure bows to the ground three times to worshipped the woman before walking to place a symbolic dark rose on the altar close to the
throne. A deep red colour flashed in the woman’s eyes signifying her anger on seeing the dark rose)
Woman: No news! (She said angrily hitting her staff on the floor causing the floor beneath Keira feet to open)
Keira:forgive me great one
(She said fearfully still hanging the the air)
Woman:I need Information to take revenge on those magical creatures!….I want them totally out of the world especially the Red one she is a Curse!
Keira:I am working on it great me I am getting close to one to get the other one and in the end I will bring them to you Woman:I trusted you my little dark one that was why I sent you to that school!
Keira: yes..yes…I am just trying to gain their trust I totally want them wrapped around my fingersbefore bringing them and they will be all yours
(The woman relaxed and everywhere calmed temperature returning back to normal)
Keira:I promise you great one I will bring them to you just give me more time
Keira: i just need you to give me more powers to be able to attract those two to me and make them trust me especially the Red one she is very sensitive
Woman:what of the other one?
(Keira laughed)
Keira:a dull head he is so easy to get great one
Woman:but he is the most powerful being now
Keira:he doesn’t know how powerful he is
Woman:then you can bring that one first so we can get the red one
Keira:okay great one
(The little girl sitting at her feet walked towards Keira and nudged her side with the wand)
Little voice:I bestow unto you Keira my little dark one more powers as you wish So be it!
(She handed Keira a scissors which appeared from the air)
Little voice:bless me Keira
(She removed the hood and the mask before cutting strands of hair from her head and gave it to the little one before bowing to the woman on the throne)
Woman:go and return in peace (Keira varnished into the thin air)

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