August 6, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 101

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Venessar High School.

Episode 101


Sean ,Kimberly and I were all watching the television when the door suddenly opens gently.

We all peeked at once to the direction of the door and we found out it was Stephen. His face was brightened which implies that he must have come with a good news.

“Welcome brother ” I greeted and he replied us all as he went to sit.

“Just coming from Professor Lucas’s place. He now believes you and I are his biological son and daughter. ”

“Oh! Really?”

“Yes ,he requested to have a meeting with both of us tomorrow” Stephen said.

“I wonder what expression we would carry on seeing each other. Seeing someone that had tried to kill me and hurt the people around me ”

“Hum! What did he say about me?” Sean asked.

“He has not made mention of anything that concerns either you or Autumn. I sincerely hopes he gives up his hatred on the both of you so we all can have peace of mind” Stephen said.

“I hope so , I won’t like seeing my husband’s father rot in jail for the rest of his life ” Autumn said and we all chuckled.


Stephen and I arrived at the 6S band’s mansion the following day and stepped down from his car that had just halted.

We went straight to professor Lucas office but he wasn’t on sit. His personal assistant told us to be patient for a while and that he would show up soon.

True to his word , In less than three minutes , the door opened and he cane into view.

“Kimberly!” He mumbled my name almost inaudibly as soon as our eyes met.

I maintained eye contact with him and he finally lowered his face.

“I’m so sorry for hurting you , I know I’m bad but please forgive me. I’m your father ” He said and I remained silent but still maintained eye contact with him.

“You would have killed me, I could have being dead ” I said bluntly

“I’m so sorry ” He said with a shaky voice.

“Will you let off your hatred for Sean now ?” I asked

“Sean! I never loathed him. I was just disappointed he broke the rules I set of not dating as a member of the 6S band. ”

“Alright , have you let go of him now?” I asked.

“I do not really understand that. You mean ….anyways , I still want him back here and I want you to break up your relationship with him”

Oops! This man is just so stubborn.

“How about Autumn?” Stephen asked.

“Autumn made me spend four years in jail. I won’t let her go easily. Break the so called marriage with her too and come back to the band. Let’s make it a great one again. ” Professor Lucas said and Stephen looked into my face while I directed my look at him too.

He, realizing that he’s our father only saved us from his wrath , but he still have issues with Sean and Autumn.


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