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Flower Boy. Episode 29

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Flower Boy – Episode 29
© Samuel Oyebamiji
????Flower Boy????
Chapter 30
( Stuck in the middle of the enemies )
Anthony’s POV
Karen walked me out but I feel so irritated at how
she spits at Nancy
“You spit at Nancy” I said
“Yes I do, I just didn’t want her in this school and I
will do everything possible to ensure that I send her
away” She said
“Do you stand to gain anything in succeeding in
expelling her from this school?” I asked
“You should reason with me that the poor girl
actually likes you, Imagine! ” She said and I sighed
“But why in the world will your dad tell her to
resume school in the first place, isn’t that reason
why Helen was kidnapped in the first place, what if
she gets kidnapped again?” She asked
“My dad knows what he’s doing, do not worry” I
“No, I have to , cus I can’t watch and let them
kidnap my Helen again” she said
“Alright, what do we suggest we do?” I asked
“Let’s ask Dr. Nicholas why he suddenly let Nancy
come back to school” She said and held me my by
wrist not waiting for me to reply
We walk hand in hand to my dad’s office. And I
could sense that she was so happy walking hand in
hand with me
We entered my dad’s office together and he
welcomed us
He gestured for us to sit and we sat
“I’m happy you guys are getting along now” My dad
Karen blushed and looked to my face .
I smiled too
“Sir, you admitted Nancy back to school, why?”
Karen asked
My dad smirked and placed his two hands on the
table and stared into Karen’s face.
“It’s between your father and I. It’s none of your
business dear ” My dad replied
“Oh!” She exclaimed and arched her brow in shock
feeling embarrassed
She stood up gently and held my wrist, I stood up
and took some steps away from my dad with her
“Anthony” My dad called and I turned
“Could you excuse us please Karen?” My dad
requested and Karen stared intently at my dad for
few seconds then she turned and and walked out of
the office
” have your sit” my dad said with a serious look
and I sat
“I dared the person that kidnap Helen the other time
by telling Nancy to resume school and that’s
because we are not on good terms ” He said and I
kept my gaze straight at him
“Helen had taken the next available flight out of the
country for safety for now , when everything settles,
she will come back.” my dad said and I still didn’t
say anything cus I wanted him to landed first
“This person that wants Nancy expelled from the
school may not stop at anything , he may either
come for me or you. I’d a plan to protect myself
already but I’m scared that you might not be able to
defend or protect yourself” My dad said
“Who is this person, if I may ask?” I asked
“He is my boss” He replied
“I guess he is not someone I know, what issues
does he have with Nancy?” I asked
“That’s not for you to know. Just be careful of
Karen. Don’t follow her to places anyhow” My dad
“Karen! Well, She is not my … Anyways, I’ve heard
you dad. I’ll think of a way to protect myself” I said
and took some steps away
I almost got to the entrance of his office when he
called me
“Anthony” He called and I turned
“You are my only son, I do not want anything to
happen to you, please be safe or should I fly you
out of this country?” He asked
“Oh no dad, don’t be scared. I’ll be safe.” i said and
walked away
Nancy’s POV
After I’d changed. I came out to meet Larry.
He examined me from head to toe and held me by
my wrist
“Never mind what the girl did” He said and I nodded
“Thanks Larry” I appreciated and he smiled as he
stared into my face
I wonder why he keep looking at my face, it’s kinda
making me feel uncomfortable
“You are really pretty” Larry said
“Thanks” I said and blushed.
He brought his face closer to mine as if he will kiss
me. I gaze directly into his face like a kid
“Wanna ask, did you have any feeling for Anthony?”
he asked softly in such a way that I felt the breath
from his mouth on my mouth
I was stunned at the question and I closed my eye
instead cus I did not want to tell him how I feel
about Anthony but I quickly opened it cus I was
scared that he may kiss me.
I don’t want that, at least not from him. I wanna
receive my first kiss from Anthony if that will ever
happen anyways
“I get my answer already” He said and smirked .
He held me by my wrist and he led me to my class
after which he left
The time for break clocks and I went to Patricia’s
class. We went for lunch together and had gist and
crack jokes
Patricia is just the perfect jovial girl that fits the
kind of friend I’d always wanted.
“I can’t understand Larry this days sincerely” I said
during the middle of our lively conversation at the
“Really? Tell me about it?” Patricia asked while
chewing the food she had just swallowed
“He told me I’m pretty and asked if I have any
feelings for Anthony” I said
“What did you say then?” She asked
“I didn’t reply” I replied
“I do not know what this Larry is up to, it seems he
has feelings for the both of us or what did you
think?” Patricia asked
“I sincerely didn’t think anything, let’s just be smart
and watch” I said and Patricia nodded
We finished eating the food and we went to our
various class
I begin to miss Williams, ever since the last time
he told me that assassin came to attack him, I’d not
visited him
I think I will go to his place first today before going
home and that implies I won’t be following the
flower boys home. Nevertheless, I still have to visit
Williams to know how he is faring . I have may
days ahead to go home from school with the flower
I received the lectures as stated in the times table
and the bell for closing time rang
I slung my back pack and went to tell Brian that I
wanna go and see my dad at home
He pulled my closer to him and hugged me.
“Alright” He said and disengaged with me
I really like Brian, so accommodating and
understanding. I turned to start leaving and I saw
Anthony with his school bag staring at me
It’s obvious he saw Brian hug me . He looked
I moved sullenly and ignored him pathetically
hoping that he will call me back and probably say
I would have being the happiest girl in the universe
if he can just call me and say something soothing
But unfortunately, he didn’t.
I walked out of the school and chartered a cab
I got home and noticed everywhere was locked up ,
there is no sign of anyone around. Maybe Williams
is hiding somewhere like the last time I came home
I took few steps towards the entrance of the house
and I saw a man with a gun coming from the left
side of the house. I’m happy there are some
planted flowers nearby.
I hid there and peeped at him
He was eye searching everywhere .
Could he be looking for Williams or what?
I think something is wrong. I ensured that he left
and carefully find my way to Anthony’s house
My heart was disturbed and heavy, I can’t think
about it alone. I went to Brian’s room and explained
all that I saw in William’s place to him
He put a call through to someone and after few
minutes , Scot came around
“We can’t say if Williams had being kidnapped ,
killed or he probably ran to somewhere safe , but I
know that something is wrong cus ever since Bob
left , I’ve not heard from him and that’s quiet
strange” Brian said
“True” Scot replied
“We will have to visit the assassins lodge and pass
the route we passed the other time” Brian said and
Scot nodded
“Please let me follow you” I pleaded
“Oh no! You can’t. We will handle this ” Brian
promised but I’ve already purposed in my heart to
follow them.
“You can go to your room” Brian said and I stood
and left
I stood behind a car watching when Brian and Scot
will leave, I also need to know where the enemy’s
lodge is
After few minutes , Brian and Scot walked outside
but I noticed their face had being disguised . no
one would have recognize them easily
I tip toed and followed them. They chattered a car ,
I did the same to another car
I told the driver to trace the car that Brian and Scot
The car that drove Brian and Scot finally arrive at a
very big building. They came out of the car while I
did the same and hid so they won’t see me
They whispered to themselves and Scot flew the
fence of the house over. Brian waited and I watched
. after a while. Brian flew the fence over too
Should I also jump over fence? I tried but I keep
“Damn it” I cursed
I turned getting frustrated , someone appeared
behind me and covered my nose with a toxic hanky.
I lost consciousness . i opened my eye and I find
myself in that same torture room
This time around, I saw Williams and Bob hanged.
I was stunned as I see many huge men who I
assumed to be assassins patrolling around the
room with heavy guns in their hand
I wasn’t tied.
Where could Brian and Scot be?
Two of the assassins walked inside and instantly
took down the five assassins patrolling round the
I watched the two assassins very well and that was
when I noticed that it’s Brian and Scot. They had
disguised in the uniform of the assassins
“Stay still” Brian said with his disguise face and
signaled for Scot to leave
Scot went out while Brian packed those fallen
bodies to the darkest place of the room
Brian placed his hand on the coms in his ear and
ran out.
Brian and Scot came back after few minutes and
frustratingly remove the facial mask on their face
“Damn it, their leader escaped” Scot said
Brian rested on the wall regretfully
“Let’s leave” Brian said and untied Williams and
We all walked towards the hidden route that leads
outside the house
As soon as we got to the middle of the passage,
many assassins whom I can’t count approached us
with their guns
Brian and I turned back to see if there is a hope of
escaping , but we saw many more assassins
coming behind us
“Damn it! We are stuck” Brian cursed painfully as
those numerous assassins approached us from the
front and behind us


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