June 11, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 30

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 30


“Don’t tell me you believe all what this girl is saying?” The boss asked his twin.

He chuckled slightly. ” I was trying to understand what she was saying. Was she joking?” He asked the boss.

“No, she’s a psycho” He replied him.

“Psycho!” He traced me from head to toe with his eyes. “So sorry about that. But how come you employed a psycho as a secretary and even trusted her to come and bring me from the airport. What if she hurts me ?” He asked looking at the face of the boss.

“She doesn’t hurt but she can frustrate the hell out of anyone ” The boss replied.

“Oh! But she never frustrated me inside the car”

“She can’t. She’s seeing you for the first time ,that was why. Stay away from her. She’s 100 percent psycho” The boss said.

“Alright then. But I seem to be interested in knowing more about her ” He said and turned his face to me.

“Are you a psycho for real?” He asked me.

“A gentle psycho sir” I replied and he smiled.

“Let’s go inside bro” The boss said to him and we all walked inside.

On getting inside ,I stood at the edge of the living room not knowing exactly what to do.

“Wait for us outside ” The boss said and I was almost leaving to stay outside when the twin said. ” let her come over. She’s just a psycho,she can’t grab a thing of what we saying ”

“Oh!” The boss didn’t say anything. He just peeked at me.

“Come over dear ” He said and I turned back to see who he is referring to as ‘dear’

“I said come over ” the twin repeated smiling.

“I? ” I placed my palm on my chest and he nodded.

“No ,the person beside you” The boss chipped in angrily.

“I told you she’s a psycho ,you calling her and she’s still turning back to see if you might be referring to another person whereas ,she’s the only one standing there. ” The boss told his twin.

I went outside and came back few minutes with a dog.

“I do not see anyone beside me , but I find their dog. So I bring it to you since you asked for the person behind me to come” I said and took the dogs to their midst.

They both looked at themselves in wonder while I just exchanged looks with the both of them.

“I’ll go and wait outside while you discuss. ” I said and walked outside while they just watched in surprise.

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