July 23, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 10

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Story By; Authoress ADEMIDE
????EPISODE ~ TEN????
????Kira POV????

∆ previously ∆

Woman:go and return in peace
(Keira varnished into the thin air)

Uncontrollable tremors racked my body when my
eyes flare open. I hated these moments directly following a revelation, when I was weak and vulnerable. Drained of all energy, barely able to move. I fell backward,my head hit the pillow. I will call mom telepathically once I regained
enough strength to use my powers but for now I would lie still and pray the images
would not return. Sometimes
the sight came to me in my
dreams and at times I experienced it while wide awake but become unconscious afterwards.
Rising from the dog bed in front of the fireplace,Yancey’s keen eyes searched the
darkness,seeking me. He uttered a concerned whimper.
“I’ll be alright”
(I told him,my voice a delicate whisper -assuring
him that I was in no danger. The now big animal lumbered to the side of my bed then slumped to the wooden floor. I sensed his mood and knew
his protective instincts had automatically kicked in. The dog I had raised from a puppy considered himself my bodyguard. Yancey is one of Kim and Nelly puppies dad told me Yancey was the ring bearer on their wedding day.
Yancey is very unique and smart that’s why I picked interest in him since I was little and made him my personal pet. I inherited the gift of sight and seeing visions from being a Red witch. I see dark things happening or about to happen and at times I can see the future. My mom told me seeing the future is one of the powers Malcolm gave to me. I lay in bed waiting for my strength to renew,I couldn’t help thinking of the vision I’d had. Out there somewhere in a cave there is a woman who wants me and Kyle. I knew it as surely as I knew her messenger’s name. I had not seen the girl’s face even when she removed the
mask,only her beautiful long hair and the little girl’s voice. Bile rose at the back of my throat when I remembered that woman said she wanted
me and Kyle out of the world. The girl named Keira is in our school but I don’t know her and I have to find her before she harm us. She is bent on giving us to that woman who I figured must be a witch. Why does she want revenge? On us? What her business with us?. I heard the clock tick ten minutes passed,I forced myself to ease to the edge of the bed. I picked my phone and dialed my mom’s number. She must be asleep now but my parents deserves to know that someone is out there who wants us. I can’t send a telepathic message to my mom since she is still asleep. The phone rang thrice before a harsh voice answered)
“Who the hell’s calling at this ungodly hour?!”
Alec:Kira is that you?
Kira:yes…I’ve had a dream
Alec:I’m on my way to your room…just stay put
Kira:okay dad
(I dropped the phone beside me and lay back in bed)
Yancey:are you sure everything is fine?
Kira:yes..I just had a dream
Yancey:guess it a bad one
(My bedroom door opened mom,dad and sleepy head Kyle walked in)
Kyle:what is this about Kira?
(He asked rubbing his eyes)
Alec:are you okay?
(He repositioned me gently placing my head on his chest with his arms wrapped around me. My mom went into the bathroom and came back with a bowl of water and a soaked towel…she mopped my body with it)
Amy:tell us about the dream you had
Kira:I saw –
(I sucked in a deep breath)
“A woman on a throne with an ancient magical staff in her hands,a girl of about seven years sat at her feet toying with a wand”
(Kyle yawns loudly)
Kyle:oh sorry about that Kira but I’m so sleepy can’t we do this in the morning
Alec:can’t you be serious for once?
Kira:Kyle this is about us…someone wants us dead
(I nodded slowly fighting back tears how I wish
it was him who had the vision – he had been tagged as the easy one Keira had said she has his trust… but who is Keira? Out of all the girls I see with Kyle there is no one with such name. I narrated the dream to them without leaving anything behind)
Kyle:are you sure Kira? Are you positive it wasn’t just a nightmare? I mean maybe you thought of black witches before going to bed last night.
Kira:I’m positive Kyle we can find out about who this hidden girl is
Kyle:how do you expect me to find someone with no identity?… but you can find that out yourself or perhaps show me evidence to prove
that you know what you are really saying
(I came out of my dad’s embrace)
“Come on Kyle you think I’m making things up?! Kyle this is no joke! It a revelation that concerns us both! I made it clear that someone wants us
out of this world! Someone think I’m a curse! And there is a girl out there who have you
wrapped around her fingers! I don’t know which of the girls she is – maybe it Natalie,Cecilia ,Dahlia,Evie or even Ivy! I have no idea of who the girl might be because I haven’t heard of Keira at school
Kyle:chill Kira the girl you saw can’t be any of these girls you mentioned…Keira is probably at our school someone you and I don’t know
Kira:that’s not true she is someone who knows us!
We just –
Amy:calm down Kira
Kira:no mom lemme talk some sense into him I am sick and tired of his careless behaviour. That nonchalant attitude of yours will get you in trouble if you are not careful. And the fact that I don’t talk to anyone at school doesn’t mean I don’t know what is going on or whoever is new at school I keep record because I have to
be cautious of coming in contact with a witch who belong to the other council! Have you even sit down to think of how bad student think of you at school? Even if you don’t want to do any
good for yourself…but just this once Kyle – think of how bad mom and dad will feel if they lose us both. I will do everything in my power to find out who that girl is and if it ends that she Is one of those girls you move around with then –
(I paused my chest rising and falling)
I swear Kyle…I won’t think twice of destroying her
(I hopped out of my bed..I needed to be alone and relax. This was my first time of talking back at kyle. I made an attempt to walk into the
bathroom when my knees grew weak causing me to fall to the ground. My parents rushed to me to help me up. I had a blur vision and I felt a
liquid dropping down my nose. My dad carried me back to my bed)
Alec:she is bleeding from her nose again – Kyle! Don’t just stand there like a dummy! Get the phone and call your godfather!
(That was all I heard before I blacked out)

????Author’s POV????

(Jace called out to Kyle in the hallway. Kyle stopped and turned he frowned when he saw that it was Jace)
(He said stretching out his hand towards Kyle for a handshake but Kyle ignored him while Jace pulled back his hand into his pocket)
Jace:anyways Kyle –
Kyle:what is it you want?
(He gave Kyle a smile)
Kyle:then why did you call my name?
(His frown deepened)
Jace:why is Kira absent from school?
Kyle:how is that your business?
(Jace scratched the back of his neck)
Jace:I am not here to fight you Kyle, I just want to know why Kira isn’t at school today?
Kyle:there is no need for you acting like you care about her when you are definitely interested in another girl
Jace:what do you mean?
(Kyle stepped closer they both stood face to face since they are about the same height)
Kyle:I so much hate it when a guy pretend he cares about a girl whereas deep inside of him lies a dark plan.
(Jace cocked a brow giving Kyle a confused look)
“You can have Ivy but stay away from Kira because I don’t want her to mistake your pretended care for love. Save me the pain of seeing a puffy face,eye bags and dark circles all because of a boy who isn’t worth her tears”
(He hit his shoulder against Jace shoulder as he walked away. Jace was so confused and surprised by Kyle’s words he ran his hands into his hair
feeling frustrated. Lana had told him that Kira was absent from school because she had to tend to an emergency at her Foundation but he didn’t
believe Lana. Jace knew that something was wrong with Kira. Be could feel it but he doesn’t know what it was since Kyle and Lana won’t tell
him anything.
Everywhere was silent…time
paused, everything around stopped moving as Jace created a portal and walked into the unknown realm. Everything around continued
after he left. Jace appeared in the Hunter home, he saw a man in the sitting room that looks like Kyle he assumed it was Kira’s dad. He became
invisible as he tried to find his way to Kira’s room)
“who was that honey?”
(Jace heard a female voice say which was like Kira voice….the woman looks a bit like Kira but the hair color was different and eyes so he
figured she was the owner of Fountain Falls)
Alec:no one Darling
Amy:but I heard a footstep just now
Alec:footsteps? I was sitting here and didn’t get up
Amy:ohhh maybe it’s my imagination.
Alec:focus on Kira’s concoction Darling
(She walked back into the Kitchen. Jace sighed
passed through a wall which brought him into Kira’s room. He saw her sleeping in her bed with her hands wrapped around a dog next to her. He
became visible but deactivated the sound of his
footsteps so he won’t wake her up or raise any suspicion. Kira was sleeping like a baby her long red hair spread out on the pillow covering a side
of her face. Jace flicked her hair from her face fixing it behind her ear and kissed her cheeks. He stood straight smiling at sleeping Kira)
Jace:thanks goodness
(He said to himself… No harm must befall her because she still have to help him soon after she must have trusted him. Kira stirred in her sleep. Jace sensed that she was widely awake. She must have sensed the presence of another force in her room but Jace disappeared before she opened her eyes to see him)

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