July 30, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 11

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????Kira POV????

“Kira! Kira!”
(I heard Lana’s voice behind me. I stopped and turned,She ran and wrapped her hands around me)
Lana:I missed you Kira!
(Her arms tightly wrapped around Me almost choking me)
Kira:I can’t breathe Lana
Lana:oh sorry
(She released me)
Lana:I’m sorry for not coming to see you after school yesterday…Cora was very sick when I got back from school, I had to take her to the veteran doctor myself since there was no one at home
Kira:I understand you Lana
(Cora is Lana’s pet, she is a dog and she and Yancey are siblings)
Lana:so how are you feeling?
Kira:Good Lana
Lana:Kyle told me you had another of your visions
Lana: Well Kyle already told me about it
(I nodded slowly)
“So have you figured out who that girl is?”
Kira:No Lana but I will find out soon
(Walking down the hallway towards our first class English. Down the hallway I saw Jace talking to Ivy and Felicity)
Lana:Kira I think we have to do some background check on Ivy..I think she is that girl
Kira: I have been thinking the same
Lana:Yes since she is the only one close to Kyle now
Kira:No Lana there might be someone else who Is close to Kyle
Lana:can you think of anyone?
Kira:I will Lana and I intend to think during Lunch
Lana:that reminds me…Jace asked of you but I told him that you had to tend to some stuffs at your foundation
Kira:okay thank you Lana
(We opened our lockers and picked our necessary textbook and notepad)
Lana:I really hate Ivy now she wants Jace
Kira:let Ivy be Lana
(We were almost getting to them and I hate to pass by them into class. Jace was dressed in a skinny black jeans and a top he was definitely handsome with his jet black hair laying right above his eyes and he had a nice muscular physique)
Lana:Jace was so worried when he didn’t see you yesterday.
(We passed by Jace and the girls when he called at me as I made my way pass them)
Kira:should we stop Lana?
(I asked telepathically)
Lana:uhmmm Maybe
(She said loudly and we stopped and turned)
Jace:hi ladies
(He walked forward a beam on his face)
Lana:morning Jace
Jace:Hi Lana
Lana:so Jace…what were you discussing with Ivy and Felicity?
(He stared back at Ivy and Felicity who were trying to listen to us)
Lana:okay…just be careful with those girls
(She said in a low tone and he nodded slowly)
“Well I will go ahead to class now so you guys can talk”
(She gave Jace a wink before walking off)
Jace:you weren’t at school yesterday Lana said –
Kira:I had to tend to some things at the Foundation. It was an emergency.
Jace:so how are you feeling now?
(What’s he talking about? Does he know I wasn’t feeling well. I tried accessing his mind again but failed)
Kira:what do you mean by feeling?
Jace:oh…(he paused)
“I meant to say how are you doing?”
(I stared at him before nodding slowly….the bell rang – First period)
Kira: English class
Jace:Yeah we will talk during lunch time
Kira:ah…no….no..I have to –
(We resumed walking…Ivy and felicity walking ahead of us)
Kira:My mom…will be –
(I glanced up at him and looked away when I saw the pain expression again)
“Never mind”
(We both walked into class)
????BOOK HOUSE????

I walked to the door when I heard a knock. I was a bit surprised to see Ivy standing at the entrance with a smile on her face.
Kira:why are you here?
Ivy:oh come on Kira…I am a student of this great school so I am permitted to go anywhere including the Book House
Kira:no Ivy the Book Hose is different from the Library
Ivy:uhmmm…but it for books too
Kira:this is my place..and as you can see I’m very busy Ivy.
(I slammed the door on her face..What does she want from me? It very unlike her to come down here…hold on, perhaps is Ivy Keira? Could she be the one? I can’t find Keira on the list of students at Fountain Falls. Keira might be hiding under another person’s name…Ivy? No..no..I already checked her powers she is just a medium someone who enquires information from the spirit world and not a black witch. I was about turning from the door when I saw Ivy sitting at my desk. My eyes widened slightly..how did a medium manage to disappear…? )
(I didn’t respond trying not to look too surprised)
Ivy:kira, I know how powerful you are..too.
Kira:oh really?
(I asked walking to lean on the wall)
Ivy:yes and I actually thought you should know who I am since you are a witch
Kira:I am glad you know that…so what is it you want?
Ivy:I want to know a lot of things about you and your brother Kyle.
Kira:you should ask Kyle about himself
Ivy:no…well I do know you are a witch and Kyle is a super being like Malcolm
(Oh yeah! I can see she knows a lot about me and Kyle…and I have no doubts that she is Keira but I just really need to be sure)
Kira:oh Ivy you really know about us this much…well it not a big deal that I am a witch and Kyle is a super being..So I don’t need to deny that fact.
(But what do I do if she is a black witch like the one I saw in my vision?)
Ivy:so what type of witch are you Kira?
Kira:since you know I am a witch so I expect you know some certain things about who my maternal family are
Kira:yes I am a Bomer witch
Ivy:and a red witch?
(I denied sharply)
Ivy:according to history Kira…
(She stood up from the desk)
“The Bomer witches were known to have brunette brown hair”
Kira:uhmmm I assume you’ve been doing some background check on me and my family
Ivy:not really Kira…I just happen to know some certain things –
Kira:and those things you know are totally wrong Ivy…my mom is a Bomer Witch and she has a long black hair.
Ivy:I figured that was because those powers she was to posses back in her days changed everything about her to hide her true identity from the Hunters.
Kira:woah! Waoh! Ivy
(I clapped my hands..signs that she is probably a black witch who has studied the BOMER history and has even read Fountain falls history)
Kira:you are missing something Ivy…I am a BOMER witch and I have a red hair –
Ivy:there is a mystery behind your red hair
Kira:no..didn’t history tell you that red hair comes naturally
Ivy:your case is different…stop lying Kira I know who you really are in the witch world
(Now she spilled the beans exactly what I want to hear)
Kira:so you are associated with the witch world?
Ivy:yes every witches answer to the moon goddess but goddess Zara was assigned to the white witches council…I have a wide knowledge about the witch world so I know who you are and the reason why you have a red hair.
(Now is the time to hit her with my handmade bomb…the time I have been waiting for her to tell me who she was and now I know)
Ivy:admit it Kira that you are a red hair witch
(I laughed… There is no way I will admit to something like that when I know she belong to the council I have always been cautious of)
Kira:I am not a red witch Ivy, you assumed wrongly…and I am not surprised you know a lot about me,Kyle and my maternal history Keira.
(I called out that name in a way that she would hear that I called her hidden name. Ivy eyes widened, giving me surprised look…now I was right about her all along. I only need to find out who that woman was)
Kira:surprised I know your true name Keira?
(She tried to conceal her surprised look but Ivy failed)
“I know you are a messenger to a black witch, and if I am right a girl about seven years bestowed powers on you by nudging your side.
(Ivy mouth dropped slightly)
Kira:you don’t have to hide your true identity I have got you!
(Ivy laughed out loud)
(I moved closer to her and caged her to the nearest wall pinning her to the wall with my strength. Ivy struggled to free herself)
Kira:tell me who that woman is?!
Ivy:let me go you bitch!
(She fights me)
Kira:I know you are Keira..now tell me the reason why that woman wants me and Kyle!
(I stared at her intensely trying to compel her….Ivy flashed me a wicked grin as if she knew what I was trying to do before she gave me a hard nod on my nose and I screamed in pain. The pain in my nose spreading through my body. Damn it! I should have known she would try to attack me on my nose. I felt something drop down my nose and I knew it was my blood and I would grow weak anytime soon)
Ivy:disadvantage for being a red witch.
(She mocked while laughing wickedly)
” I thought you said you are not a red witch.”
(A kick landed in my stomach and I hit the ground groaning in pain)
Ivy:you think you can compel me Kira? I am pretty much smarter than you are..I know everything concerning red witches.
(She kicked me again)
Ivy:I can kill you right here Kira…but I won’t..I will wait for a little while till I get what I want from you and your stupid twin brother
(A scissor appeared out of no where in her hand as she crouched down beside me)
Kira:no…no..no Ivy don’t –
Ivy:I just need a strand
(I might fall sick if she cut a strand with that scissor…I couldn’t fight her. I felt dizzy and weak, the pain in my stomach was horrid and my nose was bleeding too. Ivy cut a strand from my hair)
Ivy:so long..but don’t worry you will be fine.
Kira:You won’t get away with this Ivy.
Ivy:that if you can get me Kira…Your brother will not believe you if you tell him who I am cause I already casted a spell on him and soon you guys will become enemies. And mind you no one will actually believe I did this to you, everyone will assume you are crazy. And get this into your fucking skull I am not Keira!
(She stepped back closing her eyes and whispering some words I was familiar with. Ivy was chanting the forgetful spell…I watched her varnished into the thin air and I knew I wasn’t going to remember anything when I finally regain consciousness)


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