July 25, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 12

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????Author’s POV????

Five minutes since Ivy varnished from the book house leaving Kira still unconscious. Jace had planned to meet up with Kira after taking his lunch from the cafeteria. He opened the door but didn’t see Kira, his danger instinct automatically kicked in and he knew something was wrong
(He called walking into the large room checking everywhere until he saw her laying behind a book shelf close to the walls with blood in her nose)
Jace:kira! kira!
(He called but she didn’t respond)
Jace:wake up Kira!
(he slapped her cheeks gently)
“Damn it!”
(He said loudly when he smelled her body and he sensed that she’d had a fight with a black witch. That scent was still in the room and on her. Jace searched her body to see if any harm was done, he saw a purple bruise on her belly. He carried her in bridal style)
Jace:please wake up Kira!
(He suddenly thought of taking her to the school infirmary but he kicked against it. They might assume he did this to her. Jace wondered who could have done this? Did the witch come in here to attack her? There was no time to think of that now she would tell him when she regain consciousness but for now he needs to get her to a safe place,where no one will ever find her not even black witches. Jace did the same thing by pausing time, stopping everything around to stop working for a bit as he created yet another portal before walking into it with Kira still in his hands)
“What took you so long Esme my beloved?”
(A female voice said)
Esme: forgive me my queen the red one tried to compel me
“Is she that strong?”
(The queen asked)
Esme:with my little encounter with her today I must say she is very powerful than I thought and she had a vision about you.
“She did?”
Esme:yes and she thought I was you.
“Don’t worry she won’t get to know who I am…”
(She paused)
“Did you cast a spell on her?”
Esme:a forgetful spell when I was about leaving.
“good Esme…but did she admit that she is a red witch?”
Esme:she denied it but I brought you something that might interest you my queen
“What is it?”
(Esme brought out a strand of hair)
“The red hair”
(She smiled broadly)
Esme:I know she is one of the three red witches on earth.
“She is the most powerful of the red witches on earth, having the blood of a BOMER the former leader of the white witches council, she has some powers of a super being and powers bestowed on her by Goddess Zara and Imani for being a red witch”
Esme:she is really powerful my queen but it seems she has just little knowledge of her powers.
“Anything else?”
Esme:I attacked her at her weak point and she bled immediately.
“That tells you she is a red witch…the great one will be happy to see this”
(She grinned wickedly)
Esme:who is the great one?
“That’s none of your business Esme”
Esme:okay my Queen
(She bowed)
“Don’t forget our oath Esme”
Esme:yes my Queen
“My beloved I hope you bring me news about the dull head soon”
Esme:yes my queen
“Make sure you keep giving him that concoction I gave you so the spell won’t wear off easily”
Esme:okay my Queen
(She bowed before she disappeared. The Queen walked straight into the cave with the strand of hair in her palm)
Woman:welcome My little dark one
(The dark one bowed to the ground three times)
Woman:what news do you have for me Keira?
(Keira flashed her a smile before walking to show the woman the hair in her palm)
Woman:The red hair?!
(She gave Keira a brilliant smile)
Keira:yes great one
“How did you manage to get her hair?”
(The great one asked)
Keira:I used the powers bestowed unto me by the little one
“Tell me about it”
Keira:I met with Kira today
“In your true form?”
Keira:no in the other form
(She gave the hair to the great one)
“Did she admit that she Is one of the red witches in the world?”
Keira:she denied it but I found out she is truly a red witch after she bled from her nose and also when she tried to compel me. Plus she begged me not to cut her hair.
“Why didn’t she defend herself, I thought she is powerful?”
Keira:yes she is but remember am a well trained witch than she is.
“We have to be sure she is a red witch”
Keira:believe me she is
“How sure are you?”
Keira:she had a vision
“What vision?”
Keira:about us
“She did?”
Keira:she called my dark name and she knows that I work for you..so she tried to compel me to find out who you are”
“So did you tell her anything?”
Keira:no I was able to hit her weak point and used that chance to cut her hair
“So do you think she is seeing a vision in her unconscious state now?”
Keira: I don’t know
“We have to block her Keira”
(She stood up from her throne and walked to a black boiling concoction near the altar)
“We have to be very sure if she is a red witch and block her from seeing visions about us”
Keira:let’s just finish her once and for all..let end her life while she is unconscious
“Good one Keira so we will just have one left”
(She and Keira laughed wickedly)
Keira:let’s summon the death spirit and stake her to the Balonia tree.
“I intend to do that also..once we succeed we then have just two red witches to catch and kill”
Keira: Imogen already found one in Africa, a Nigerian to be precise.
“One left then”
Keira:but Imogen don’t know her place of hiding.
“I will find her myself and tell the coven about her”
Keira:okay great one
“Little one”
(She called and the little one named Admiral appeared in the cave)
“We have to summon the death spirit”
(She nodded)
Almiral: let the summoning and death call begin!
(She raised her wand in the air, Keira dropped the hair into the boiling concoction while the great one closed her eyes and began to chant a spell. Keira and Almiral joined as they chant in unison)
Have this be her last breath
Make her go away
Have her gone by today!!!”
(The great one said the blessing of Hades as she give thanks to the spirit of death. They all kissed the black cross on their necks and a fire lit up suddenly on the altar nearby. The great one eyes widened at the bad sign on the altar)
Keira:what is going on?
“What have you done?!”
Keira:nothing great one…
(She falls to her feet.. A deep red colour shined in the great one eyes)
Almiral:she has been marked!
(Keira raised her head)
“The red one!”
(The great one replied as she walked back to the throne trying to calm)
Keira:isn’t she going to die?
“For now she can’t! She has been marked!”
Keira:how?…By who?
Almiral:the death spirit only returns back if the person has been marked by a powerful one or by a relative of a powerful one who also has deep powers.
Keira:Kira was marked by who?.. Her brother kyle or mother?
“A mage!”
(The great one said)
Keira: mage?!
(Her jaw dropped)
Almiral:yes and it impossible to reach her or block vision since she herself has powers
Keira:how come?
“Did you notice any sign on her body when you met with her?”
(Keira was silent she couldn’t reply simply because she wasn’t the one who met with Kira but it was Esme and the great one must not know about this)
Keira:there was no sign
(Esme is trained enough to have seen it if something was wrong but why didn’t she see any mage sign?she thought within herself)
“Then why did the spirit return back?!”
Keira:I don’t know great one
Almiral:she has been marked by a male witch and from what am seeing he is related to the last red witch
Keira:He is related to Imani?
Almiral: not sure if it Imani or the other two red witches during that century
Keira:so what do we do to take the mark off?
“We have to find the Mage and kill him for the mark to Fade off…did you see anything else Almiral?”
Almiral:yes…the Mage is at your school Keira and he is bent on protecting her at all cost for his own benefit
“Any picture?”
Almiral:no…but I can give you powers to be able to find him Keira
“No! Almiral I want you to do that work yourself”
(The great one said)
Almiral:I am just a little girl
“Then find a bigger body… Deal with that Mage while Keira should focus on the twins”
(Almiral smiled)
Almiral: I think I have found the perfect body to possess
“Good of you Almiral…now go into the world and bring me good news”
(Keira and Almiral varnished)

Jace stood watching Kira still laying in bed. She was getting better the concoction he gave her had stopped the nose bleed but the bruise on her stomach was still revealing and it pains him to see her like this. If only he had gotten there early he would have protected her. Jace sensed strange spirit in the room..he saw it moving close to Kira but soon varnished quickly. A smile formed on Jace lips and he saw that it was the spirit of death but it had returned back to where it came from. He figured that the Black witches must have sent the spirit to Kira but the Mage sign on her cheek had protected her. The red mage sign on her cheeks shined brightly and soon went off. Jace relaxed before placing another kiss on her cheek)
Jace:for now she is safe
(He said before laying down beside Kira on the bed. Jace smiled brilliantly at the thought of him finally sleeping next to her like this and he felt like he was on top of the world. He silently prayed to the moon goddess that she wakes up soon so that they would return back to school and possess their bodies)

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