June 10, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 13

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????Kira POV????
I opened my eyes slowly trying to adjust to the brightness in the room. The moment I hated the most was here again…weakness and vulnerability following a revelation totally drained of all energy. I found out I was sleeping on a bed in an unfamiliar room
“Where am I?”
(Barely able to move I reached for my head when I felt pounding pain there)
Kira:where is Yancey?
(He use to be with me whenever I had a dream)
Jace:are you awake?
(I saw Jace beside me in bed..how on earth did he appear here? and why is he in the same bed with me?..what?! Did he…did we…no..no…it can’t be)
Jace:hey calm down
(He pinned me back in bed)
“It not what you are thinking”
(My frown deepened)
Jace:I didn’t do anything to you
(He raised his hands up)
“I swear I didn’t touch you”
(I glanced down my clothes were still on me and somehow within me I believed him)
Kira:where am I?
Jace:somewhere safe
Kira:how did i get here?
Jace:I will tell you but first you have to tell me how you ended up in that state at the Book House.
Kira:what State?
Jace: you were unconscious
(I tried to think but nothing popped up in my head)
Jace:are you okay now?
(I nodded slowly and he helped me up placing pillows behind me and I let out a whimper when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach)
Jace:sorry…you have a bruise there
Kira:bruise? How come?
(He turned his face away from me as I opened my blouse up and saw the bruise on my stomach)
Kira:hey Jace how did I get this?
Jace:I don’t know Kira when I came into the Book House I saw you behind a shelf with blood in your nose…tell me what happened Kira
Kira:I..I don’t know…I don’t remember anything
Jace:you really don’t?
(I nodded)
“What were you doing at the Book House?”
Kira:I only remember arranging books and…thinking of some personal stuffs when…
(I stopped)
Kira:I don’t know Jace.. Nothing is coming to me
(I remember that i was actually thinking of Keira but I can’t tell Jace since I don’t know who he is)
Jace:listen to me Kira… You don’t remember seeing anyone at the Book House?
(I closed my eyes but saw only blur images I couldn’t make out)
“I want you to try to remember and Just tell me whatever it is you were thinking it and what you know”
Kira:who are you Jace?
(He looked shocked by my question… but I need to know certain things about him)
Kira:there is something strange about you Jace…and I feel you are hiding something… How we get here? Where we are? And why you always want to…to be where I am? And not only that you have to tell me who you are if you really want to tell things about me and trust you too
Jace:I understand you Kira but i have to take care of you first
(He held my hands but I withdrew them quickly… I don’t need his care or any comfort from him. I don’t want what happened with Matteo to repeat itself)
Jace:I am not going to ask you to trust me but i want you to know that I mean no harm Kira
(He stared at me but I avoided his gaze)
Jace:I am not from the Evil council
Kira:how do you know the Evil council? Only those that belonged to the Witch world know about that
Jace:I don’t know if you will believe me
Kira:just say it Jace tell me who you are
Jace:I am a Mage Kira
Kira:A Mage?!
(He nodded)
“What type of Mage are you”
Jace:A red Mage
Kira:are you perhaps related to a Red Witch?
Jace:I am a relative to a red Witch
Kira:which of the Red witches family do you belong to?
Jace: Imani
(I repositioned myself on he bed gently)
Jace:no one knows that am related to Imani
Kira:but..but.. It so hard to tell since you don’t have a red hair
Jace:yes we are not meant to have Red hair only Red witches do have red hair…let put that aside Kira…I need you to tell me exactly what happened in the Book House because when I came in you smelled of a black witch
Kira:Jace I seriously don’t remember what happened… But lately I have been seeing Vision
Jace:Vision? What vision?
Kira:Vision of a black witch
Jace:just tell me about it
Kira:I saw a girl named Keira she works for a black witch who I saw in my vision… So I told my family about it and I searched the school records for Keira but found none..no one bears that name at school…then..
(I paused)
“I don’t remember anything – no..no..someone knocked but I can’t remember who and everything that happened after that
Jace:I think I know why you are like this Kira..
Kira:you do?
Jace:yes…for now let just assume you were confronted by a Black witch and you probably had a fight with her and then you told her who she was but she casted a forgetful spell on you so you won’t remember anything that happened between you two…Kira that the only reason why you can’t remember anything
Kira:maybe Jace…I can feel it that I was so close to finding out who Keira was but –
Jace:it okay…don’t worry you will be fine
Kira:no I won’t… I don’t remember anything Jace and it going to affect me and Kyle…I need to know who Keira is that black witch wants me and brother dead
Jace:Nothing is going to happen to you or Kyle. I won’t allow anything to happen to you Kira..
(He stroke cheek and I nodded slowly)
Jace:do you know the reverse spell?
Kira:yes I do…but is it going to work on me
Jace:we can do that together Kira
(He moved closer to me on the bed and placed his hands on my head and we both chant the reverse spell ten times. Images flashing through my mind and there was only one face I saw it was IVY)

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