August 3, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 14

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????Kyle POV????
Kyle:who is that?
(I asked when I heard a knock on my bedroom door)
“It me Kyle”
(Kira said)
Kyle:come in
(Kira opened the door and walked in)
Kira:hi are you feeling now?
Kira:am good….can we talk?
(I nodded)
Kira:I..i had another dream today
Kyle:before telling me about it have you found out who Keira is?
(Kira was silent)
Kyle:I tried checking the school records at the administrative office but there was no one with such name
Kira: actually…Kyle I think Keira isn’t just an ordinary name
Kyle:what do you mean?
Kira:it a dark name in the witch world so i figured that Keira is using another person’s name
Kira:I just want to tell you that you should be careful..of..Ivy
Kira:yes Kyle…I know how much you love Ivy –
Kyle:yes I do Kira and…she loves me too
Kira:had Ivy ever given you anything before??.. like food or something to drink?
Kyle:yes she brings energy drink to me everyday
Kira:she gave you today?
Kira:and you drank it?
Kyle: yes I did
Kira:oh Kyle you shouldn’t have collected anything from Ivy
Kira:that energy drink Is not an energy drink.. it a black witch concoction
(I laughed at her words)
Kyle:you are joking right?
Kira:no I am not joking Kyle
Kyle:so tell me what gave you that impression that the energy drink is a concoction?
Kira:because…it not any energy drink
Kyle:look Kira I know you don’t like Ivy but that doesn’t mean you should say bad things about her just to make me hate her too
Kira:I am not making things up Kyle… Listen to whatever I have to say
Kyle:no Kira
Kira:Ivy is a black witch
Kyle:hold up sis…. Ivy is Keira
Kira: no she is not Keira but she is Esme Keira messenger
Kyle:stop this Kira..this is an expensive joke
Kira:it true Kyle…you have to believe me
Kyle: no I can’t Kira
Kira: Ivy came to the Book House today..she knows a lot of things about the both of us and plans to take us to that woman I saw in my dream. You can’t see who she really is because of what she feeds you with everyday..she even told me that we will become enemies soon
Kyle:how is that possible?..Ivy is a black witch and she came to you in Ivy’s form without changing her appearance.. Then if she is really a black witch then she won’t have have to revealed herself to you
Kira:she didn’t expect that I know she was a black witch..I tried compelling her but she gave a nod on my nose,cut a strand of my hair and cast a forgetful spell on me
Kyle: so how did you regain these things?
Kira:someone helped me…in my unconscious state I had a dream and found out that Ivy is Esme and Keira is someone else but still in our school
(I am really finding it hard to believe what Kira is saying right now. ivy can’t be a black witch she told me that she was a medium not a witch. Why is everything so complicated?)
Kira:Kyle you are a powerful being and I expect that you should know who Ivy really is..even without me telling you. A mere black witch shouldn’t cast a spell on you and bind you with just an energy drink which is –
Kyle:are you sure about what you are saying?
(She placed her palms on her face and nodded)
Kira:I know it won’t be easy because Ivy is a well trained witch
Kyle:honestly I want to believe you Kira but I don’t know why am finding it hard
Kira:I understand you Kyle…I clearly know that its because of what Ivy gives you everyday
Kyle:so how do I break free or find out if it really a concoction and not an energy drink?
Kota:let’s do it this way…if Ivy gives you anything tomorrow be it drink or food refuse it and try to read her mind at all cost. Kyle I know that we made a decision to never use our powers or let anyone know who we are… But we have to change now since the black witches want us. We have to defend and protect each other. Let’s show them that we are children born of pure magic and we are powerful than they are…Don’t let them see us as weak superhumans
(I nodded and pulled her in for a hug)
Kira POV
I am glad that Kyle is ready to see who Ivy really is..if he refused that drink then the spell will wear off I am totally sure of that. If Ivy think we are weak then she is totally wrong Kyle and I are one of the most powerful beings on earth but no one knows about that and that is because we’ve never really used our powers in the presence of others most especially me just to protect myself from the Evil Council but now that they know about me and Kyle then there is no point in hiding our powers. Now in the Book House trying to arrange some books which I plan to send to one of the public school in my area. A book was missing and I found it on top of one of the shelves but I need to reach out for it. I placed a ladder on the shelf to climb but I missed step when I was three steps to the book..falling off the ladder I screamed.
(I knew I would break a bone from this fall..well actually thought I was gonna fall until something stopped me)
“You should have used your powers instead”
(Jace whispered into my ears almost startling me) did you get in here?
(I blinked severely my chest rising and falling)
Jace:I am a Mage Kira
(I was in his arms in a bridal style…how did he manage to do that? Jace placed my feet on the ground gently)
Jace:you would have broken at least a bone from that fall
(The book I wanted to take suddenly appeared in his hands from the shelf)
Jace:this is what you wanted to take right?
(I nodded slowly)
Kira:thank you
Jace: You are welcome did you know I was about to fall?
(He placed his hand behind his neck a smirk formed on his lips)
Jaw:I have been in here for a while now
(I cocked my brows)
Kira:how long?
Jace:since you came in…so you didn’t feel my presence here?
Kira:I was too busy Jace
Jace: Kira you should always feel other people’s presence around just in case it happened to be a black witch
(I nodded in agreement)
Jace:so did you talk to Kyle yesterday?
Kira:yes I told him…
Jace:what was his response?
Kira:a good one I guess but i just hope that he refuses Ivy energy drink today
Jace:I am sure he will..Kyle isn’t that weak just that he doesn’t really care about his powers
Kira:maybe and that’s because we made a decision that we won’t use our powers just anyhow or let anyone know how powerful we are
Jace:then I suggest you guys should start using these powers now to protect yourselves
Kira:I already told Kyle about that too but he wants to find of who Ivy is first
(Jace moved closer to me)
Jace:any vision again?
Kira:no just the revelation of Ivy giving my hair to Keira
Jace:so don’t you know what they did to hair?
Kira:no..everything after Keira and Esme discussion wasn’t clear till I woke up I saw nothing. I have no idea what Keira did in that cave
Jace:and you didn’t get to see Keira face?
Kira:she was on mask Jace – I wish that I saw her face in that vision so that I can know who she is
Jace:don’t worry we will find Keira
(He covered the gap between us.. We stood facing each other)
Jace:let’s deal with Ivy first
Kira:you have any plan?
Jace:yes…I suggest you act like you don’t remember anything that happened
Kira:I planned to confront her and get rid of her once and for all
Jace:that a big risk Kira –
(He held my small hands into his big hands. I could feel some sparkles as he touched my hands. I hope he didn’t realize it)
‘We don’t know how many black witches we have in this school hiding under another person’s identity. If you get rid of Ivy now that will cause mite trouble for you and Kyle’
Kira:yeah you are right I don’t want what happened during Imani time to repeat itself and moreover I promised myself that I won’t kill any black witch with my powers
Jace:I like that Kira
(His hands moved to my cheek)
Jace:i want you to act as if you don’t remember anything to Ivy and let’s try to get close to her
Kira:It easy to act like I don’t know who she Is but I don’t want to get close to her. Ivy might use that to hurt me she won’t
Kira:how sure are you Jace? Is like you don’t get this whole thing but I believe you should understand me better since you are Imani relative. I am a red witch and the black witches are on my tail.. I..i..never asked for this in my life or.. not even in my.. next… life
(My voice trailed off as I blink back tears that already wailed up in my eyes)
Kira:I have always wanted a peaceful life but my red hair and powers won’t let me have that life I desire. Even if I have learnt to accept and live with my red hair sometimes I still feel different I can’t make friends the way I want to..I can’t move around cause I am scared of Black witches and people thinking of me as an epitome of Evil
(A tear managed to drop down my cheek)
Jace:shhh..don’t cry Kira
(He wiped my tear)
“Don’t worry am here now..I give you my word no one would hurt you…let’s just work things out together
(Jace pulled me into his chest giving me a tight hug…wait what is going on? Those lines he said were almost the same thing Matteo say whenever I get bullied! What is happening?..I am in another comforting hands just like what happened with Matteo – I shouldn’t be doing this.. Not with Jace! I pulled out of Jace embrace quickly and stepped away from him..far enough)
Kira:sorry..I am..sorry
.I shouldn’t have –
(I paused and turned away from him to wipe my face clean)
Jace:you shouldn’t have what?
(He moved closer but I side stepped him and went to sit in my chair)
Kira:never mind
(Jace gave me a confused look…I shouldn’t have cried in his presence.. I have always kept my pains and whatever am going through to myself after Matteo stopped paying attention to me. It shouldn’t be any different now..I don’t want Jace to think otherwise or for me to start thinking he feels something for me. I will be the greatest fool on earth to think that he loves me because he just hugged me)
Jace:are you apologizing because i hugged you?
(I answered without meeting his gaze)
“Just act like you didn’t hear everything I said about myself”
(He said in a low tone and I know what I did and said pained him somehow. I just hope he reads my mind and understands)
Jace:so what about my plan?
Kira:I will think about it –
(I stopped.. No saying that will make things awkward between us)
“I..meant to say ..let work on it”
(I said and expected him to leave after that but he didn’t)
Jace:do you need my help around here?
(I glanced up at him and saw a huge smile in his face. How did he manage to smile after all I did? A second ago he was sad that I pulled out of his hands and made him look like a fool for trying to comfort me and now he is smiling and offering to help)
Jace:are you trying to pile these books up?
(He pointed to set of books on a chair – all I did was stare at him. Jace is an amazing creature)
Jace:did I suddenly grow two heads or thee or four?
(He placed his hand on his head)
Jace:I have just one head – or perhaps do I have a dragon like head with a crimson eyes?
(I let out a small laugh)
Jace:got ya Kira!you just laughed!
(We both laughed but kept quiet when the door opened and Kyle walked in)

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