June 9, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 102

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Venessar High School.

Episode 102


Stephen and I walked away from professor Lucas’s presence.

“He’s not ready to give up on our partners ” Stephen said.

“Sincerely. But why is he like that? He believes Autumn was the reason he went to Jail ” I said.

“We need to find a way of letting him let go of whatever it is he had with Autumn but the bigger problem here is that ; Sean and I aren’t ready to come back to the 6S band but he still needs us back cause of the contract we had signed. He had the legal right to sue us if we refuse ” Stephen said.

“I have an idea. How about we go meet him alongside Autumn. Autumn would apologize for her wrong doings and hopefully ,he forgives her.

And for Sean and you coming back to the 6S band , you can agree but plead with him to release you after you guys had helped him win the duet” I said.

Stephen hesitated for a while before voicing out. ” Kim, you need to see the bigger picture. If Sean and I will ever go back to the 6S band ,we will be force to break our marriages ”

That’s true. I didn’t think it through to that extent before suggesting.

“What do we do now ?” I asked.

“Let’s get home and explain to Sean and Autumn,they might have better suggestions ” He said and we walked to the car.


Professor Lucas POV.

I’m glad to have my children back. I’d even done bad to those doctors involved in the selling of my triplet without even knowing they had hurt me first in the past.

I dealt with the old doctor and the doctor that bought the child. But I need to find the young doctor and kill him myself for being involved in the separation of my triplet.

Stephen said he got a tape from that very man. Good! He should know about the man.

“Bobby!” I called my personal assistant for many years and he came into view in a jiffy.

“Stephen and Kimberly had being confirmed to be my children” I told him.

“I knew it!” He exclaimed happily.

I smiled faintly.

“Basically , Stephen and Kimberly are not people that I can hurt anymore but I really need Sean and Stephen to break up there marriage. What do you think we can do to separate them without necessarily hurting them” I asked Bobby.

Bobby had always being very loyal to me and good at offering good advise over the years.

“We let them stop trusting one another ” Bobby said and I thought for a while.


He smiled and said; “leave that to me sir. In two weeks maximum ,they will loathe themselves and opt for divorce” He said.

“I trust you”

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