July 24, 2021

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Beautiful Mistake. Episode 42 and 43

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By Virginia Asenath
Episode 42
Lenata’s POV
I drove to the hotel and he was already there. I walked to his table and his face lit up. I guess he thought I wouldn’t come.
‘Hi, hope I didn’t keep you waiting for long?’ I asked.
Honestly am so nervous.
He stood and helped me with the seat.
‘Thank you,’ I said.
He was just staring at me so I broke the silence.
‘What are we supposed to talk about?’ I asked trying not to be rude.
Martin’s POV
I was so happy when I saw her. I helped her with her seat because that was what I used to do when we were dating.
‘What are we supposed to talk about?’ she asked and that snapped me from my thoughts. I was still admiring her beauty and forgot we were to talk.
‘I’m sorry for how I treated you. Please I need you back,’ I pleaded.
I hope my are well comprehended. I don’t know how to express how sorry I am, but honestly I need her back.
I waited for her to reply but she was just staring at me.
‘I know I hurt you and chased you out of your house. I just can’t explain what came over me. Please forgive me and come back,’ I said and she laughed.
‘I’m sorry, ‘she said after the laugh.
I’m even more confused. Why did she laugh? Do I look funny? Did I say something wrong?’
I had all questions in my mind.

By Virginia Asenath
Episode 43
Lenata’s POV
When he said he didn’t know what came over him, I couldn’t help but laugh. I guess my mom has an accomplice who makes people confused like what she did to Alex. I under stand him better than anyone else.
‘Where is Alice?’ I asked.
She is the girl he married after me.
‘She took my money and left,’
‘I’m sorry,’
‘Will you find a place in your heart to forgive me?’ he asked and from his face he was genuine.
‘I forgave you long ago,’ I found myself saying.
‘Thank you so much,’ he said happily.
‘Welcome,’ I said simply.
‘Is Roy my son?’ he asked.
Martin’s POV
‘Is Roy my son?’ I asked, not that I didn’t know but I just wanted to hear from the horse mouth.
I stared at her and she nodded. I felt overwhelmed with joy.
‘Thank you,’ I said and hugged her from behind.
‘Can you introduce me to him? Please I want to know him better,’ I said still holding her from behind.
‘I will but sometime he is hard to deal with,’
‘He went to school, maybe after school. You can come over for dinner. I will give you the address,’
‘Thank you so much,’
‘Welcome, I will get going. I have an appointment in the next thirty minutes,’ she said and I let go of her.
I went back to my room smiling.
It’s now easier to win her back since she has forgiven me.

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