August 3, 2021

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Blue Maid. Season 2. Chapter 23

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???? ???? ????
Blue Maid

???? ???? ????
Season Two

Chapter Twenty-three

???? ???? ????
Written by Hossana Ojoniko Isaac

????Blue ????

We disengaged from the hug and began to kiss passionately

The kiss was slow and affectionate

He unlocked and looked into my eyes

Adrian : I can’t have enough of you
Me: me neither

Adrian : I can’t wait to see you bearing my name

I chuckled and rested my head on his shoulder

Then the lights came on and I looked around

Me: whoah

Adrian : you like it?

Me: I love it. So beautiful

He led me to the table and I sat down.

A waiter came and uncovered the food.

I smiled

Me: how long have you been planning this?

He chuckled

Adrian : weeks

Me: where is the music coming from?

Adrian : sshh…. Eat

He took a fork and sliced the chicken then brought it to my mouth
I opened up and took it in

Adrian : that’s my girl

I smiled and he continued to feed me and I fed him too

Adrian : hey there’s good news

Me: tell me

Adrian : Derek woke up

Me: oh my gosh. Derek woke up. I’m so happy

Adrian : I’m really happy he made it. We’ll go and see him tomorrow

I smiled happily
I’m so happy everything is working out fine

I can’t wait to tell Cindy and Audrey that I’m engaged

They’re be so happy


Words can’t describe how I feel

Finally I’ve proven to Blue that I’m serious about her
And I won’t wait till I take her to the alter to show her my love

I love Blue so much
I can’t wait to start a beautiful royal family with her

Everything that happened here is recorded

She’ll be surprised to see the video later

And I’m so happy Derek is awake

My buddy

He’s definitely going to be my best man

Everything is going to end well

This is seriously great


Clint and I went out to chill

The night was bright so we were just strolling around.

That dude is a die hard kisser


I mean

He’s the best kisser ever

We had lots of fun and I came back to the castle when it was almost 9:30pm

Cindy was not in the room

I guess she went out to see her former colleagues

Blue’s room was different from ours because she’s the boss


But we dressed her up In our room though

I went to the mirror and checked my lips out

I laughed and the door opened

Cindy: oh hey, you’re back. How was the outing?

Me: pretty cool. So cool

Cindy: yay! Tell me everything about it? Clint is so cute. Is he romantic too? Tell me….

She grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bed

I laughed

Me: well..
Clint is really….

The door opened and we turned to see Blue with her left hand behind her

Cindy: Bluuueee

She ran up and hugged her
I sat up and smiled

Me: hey Blue mermaid

Cindy: blue mermaid tell us what happened. What did you eat? How did he look? Did he commend on your outfit? Did you tell him we dressed you up?

Blue : heyyyy, I’ll tell you everything but I have one great news

I stood up and crossed my arms
Ready to listen

Blue : Derek woke up

Cindy: oh really. Gosh I’m so happy

Me: finally, he’s awake. Thank God, I’ve missed him

Blue : and the second news is…… I’m engaged…..

She popped her left hand up and we screamed

Me: oh maa gaaaaaad

Cindy: jeez jeez jeez jeez

We hugged her tight and jumped up

Me: how did this happen
I took her hand and looked at the diamond ring

Blue : he popped the big question

Cindy: awwn, this is so awesome

We made her sit down on the bed

Cindy: tell us everything that happen. We wanna know everything

We were really happy


I smell a royal wedding


She understood everything before I even told her

She understood it wasn’t my fault

She told me why I lost my powers and tail

It was the ditch that caused everything

But I asked her why I became evil

Ma’am Nina : you changed from being the sweet loving Rainbow into a bitter and hateful Gladys. Even if you weren’t a princess, you would still be like that. It’s a strong magic that caused it

I was hugging her and crying

Me: is that why I wanted to kill Blue?

Ma’am Nina : it’s because of your love for Adrian. You’ wanted him at all cost.

Me: but I don’t love Adrian again

Ma’am Nina : then who do you love?

I was silent for some minutes

Me: Jace. I love Jace

She chuckled and wiped my tears

Ma’am Nina : of course you love Jace, when you came here your love transferred to Adrian. And it was so strong that you thought of murder. Now Rainbow isn’t a murderer, but she’s very dominative. She wants what is hers, to be hers
Gladys got that gene too. But hers was more like that of a villain

Me: how can I change from being Gladys? I don’t want to be Gladys. I’m not Gladys

Ma’am Nina : you’re Rainbow

Me: but I have Gladys face

Ma’am Nina : that’s easy to change

She touched my cheek and I felt a tinkling sensation

Ma’am Nina: check the mirror

I took the mirror and screamed

Me: Rainbow

I looked exactly like the real me

The only thing needed was my tail

Then ma’am Nina changed it again

Me: I want to see Blue

Ma’am Nina: she’s in Edinburgh. Do you know that I left Neptune City today

Me: what? You went there? How is mother? What of Jace?

Ma’am Nina : haha, sit down let me tell you everything


I woke up in the hospital and was told I was in coma for some weeks

I began to wonder what I was doing in coma

Coma must have been very boring

I wonder if I drank any wine in coma

But I was glad to be awake
Though it felt like I slept for just a few hours

My parents and Belinda were the first to visit me

There were really happy

I was glad I didn’t lose my memory

I will forget how to do anything

Then I would start from square one
But I’m sure I’ll still love girls

Adrian and Blue came to visit me

I was so happy

If I was a girl, I would have cried while hugging him

I missed Blue

That day when I got shot, I never thought I’d make it

I’m really grateful to God

Then I saw something that caught my attention
An engagement ring on Blue’s finger

I looked at Adrian

Me: buddy, you finally sealed her

He understood and laughed happily

Me: I’m the best man right?

Adrian : do you need a soothsayer to tell you that?

We laughed happily

Me: there’s something I’ve really missed

Adrian : what

Me: why didn’t you tell the doctors to connect wine like a drip into my veins? Why were you so heartless? You know I can’t do without wine for a day, and you let me stay for weeks without it. I’m still wondering how I survived

Blue and Adrian stared at me and busted out laughing seriously

I’m still wondering why they’re laughing

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