August 1, 2021

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He And her V. Episode 100

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He And Her V.

Episode 100


I arrived home around 5 AM in the morning and while I was almost entering my room ,I heard my name.

“Camilla ,where are you coming from?” The word met me at shock but I quickly put my emotions under control.

I turned to him. “From club”

“Camilla ,you walked away from me ? ” He said.

“Yes ,I did. You caused it when you start hiding something from me and would not impregnate me for any reason. ” I said.

“Camilla ,it’s not what you think? I’m not keeping anything from you. You are really hurting me with your actions. I knew my past is hunting me presently and it’s really depriving us from the happiness we have always wished for but please trust in me till everything is settled. ” he said.

“Settled, did you just say settle? What’s going to settle? Grace had the legal right to stay here and she has a daughter with you. She didn’t show any trait of leaving soon. And I did not even ask for too much, I just want to be pregnant and have a baby but all you do is to hide something from me by not making me pregnant ”

“You know I will never do that Camilla ,I really love you” I said.

“I doubt it. ” I answered him and turned from him then halted suddenly.

“Can you do one thing ?” I asked.

“Ask please ?” He answered in a painful voice.

Why is he pained though? So he wants to be pretending that he is not hiding something from me.

“Can you make love with me now ,like right now?” I asked.

He stood and looked at me for a while then lowered his head almost crying.

“You can’t right?” I asked but he wasn’t saying a word.

“You can’t right?” I asked again. I loathe the way Tucker is really treating me and it’s really hurting me so bad.

“Tucker ,what are you hiding from me ?” I asked and he finally raised his head at me.

He wants to speak but his lips were only shaking.

“If it were Grace ,you would have yielded to her at that point and make love real quick with her while for me ,you need to excuse yourself for a while before making love with me ” I said and tears streamed down my face.

He was just starring at me with tears dropping gently from his face.

“It hurts! ” I said and turned from him and walked inside.

What did you think is wrong with Tucker ? Is he hiding something for real or there is a mystery somewhere.

Find out in the next episode of TUCKER’S POV

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