August 6, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 31

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Never knew She’s Beautiful

Episode 31

I had stood outside for few minutes when I noticed that some people were standing behind me.

I turned only for me to see the boss and his twin.

“You are no more a psycho but a mad woman” The boss let out angrily and I just smirked.

“If you say so sir ” I said and he charged at me angrily. He raised his hand to slap me but his twin stopped him.

“Brother please ,just leave her. What do you expect of a psycho” The twin tried to calm his brother down and they both took few steps away from me.

“Are you so foolish? You brought dog into our midst ? What exactly had gone wrong with you. In short ,you are fired. I do not ever want to see you in my office or anywhere close to me ” The boss said while his twin watched.

“Please , don’t sack me. I’m sorry for what I did. ” I pleaded and he grinned wickedly.

“Sorry? Did you just say sorry. My brother had just arrived from a country. We are suppose to have a solemn discussion and you are bringing dog to our midst. Do you think we are Jokers. Get out before I release my anger on you” He said and I could see how angry he was.

I knew he wouldn’t listen to any word from me at that point in time.

That’s if he will ever listen to me.

I sullenly dragged my legs away from them and went home sadly. Maybe ,I shouldn’t have behaved that way at least ,not when his brother is around.

I misbehaved indeed.

I went to my room sadly and sunk to the bed. Few minutes later , my sister came in and our eyes met.

“You didn’t even come to say Hi to me at the kitchen” She said and I just kept watching her

She walked close to me. ” Is anything wrong?” She asked and I nodded like a kid.

She squatted before my bed. “Tell me what’s wrong?” He asked.

“I messed up” I said and explained how I misbehaved at the boss’s house.

“Oh! You went too far this time. You could have done even worse when you guys are alone not when his brother is there ” My sister said.

“I knew I misbehaved. But his brother seems to like me ” I said.

“Really ? How did you find out ” she asked.

“I just knew it with the questions he was asking and the way he was looking at me”

“But do you like him?”

“He’s cool but I’ve got no feelings for him. ” I replied.

“Who do you have feeling for then?”

“No one ” I replied bluntly and she hummed.

“I’m thinking about something. There is a way to know if the boss has feelings for you or not” My sister said.


“If he calls you to resume work”

“Never , he would rather allow the pretty me instead. He would soon put a call through to the pretty me that he has fired the ugly me and that the pretty should be take my place as a secretary ” I said.

“Let’s wait and see then. ” my sister said and my phone buzzed all of a sudden.

“The boss !” I said and looked at my sister.

“Really ,he is calling. Is he calling the pretty you or the ugly you?”

“The ugly me “

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