June 14, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 15

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????Kyle POV????
The coach blown the whistle in his mouth signifying end of practice for the day. I gave Luis an high five before making my way to the changing room. I thought of Ivy and pray that she doesn’t bring me an energy drink today I seriously don’t want to believe she is a black witch but what should I do if she is a black witch? After changing into my clothes I head out of the room only to meet Ivy and Felicity standing at the entrance with a beautiful smiles on their faces. Ivy is indeed a beautiful girl but not as gorgeous as my sister Kira. I haven’t told Kira that she is one of the most beautiful girls have seen…didn’t want to tell her that because I still want to tease her about being a redhead. I really like the fact that she as a red hair and personally I think that differentiated her from every other girls but at the same time I find her red hair strange. No one in our family has a red hair then why does she have a red hair?…Everyone thinks am a bad boy well I’m not but…. maybe.. I am…Lana,Luis and my parents always scold me for insulting Kira about her hair and not having a guy in her Life to me it wasn’t meant to be an insult but I was only teasing her for not having a boyfriend because of her red hair..and I get pissed whenever she complains about Ivy
Ivy:hi lover boy
(That what she calls me “lover boy”)
Kyle:How are you doing My love?
(Trying to act my usual way..I threw my hands around her for a quick hug)
Ivy:I am fine – how was practice today?
Kyle:good My love
(My love? Don’t think I am dating Ivy…I am not I only asked her out but she hasn’t given me a yes)
Ivy:I brought your favorite drink
(She brought out the drink she was hiding behind her and I eyed it suspiciously. Kira told me to reject the drink but it so hard cause I suddenly felt thirsty and tempted to collect and drink it guess it the power of spell Kira spoke about and I am willing to break free from that spell)
Kyle:thank you my love…but I don’t think I want to drink an energy drink today
(Ivy smile was replaced by a frown)
Ivy:why don’t you want to drink it? It your favorite drink and you’ve never said no
Kyle:I just loose interest in it..I want to change brand
Ivy:okay I will get a new one tomorrow but drink this one since I already paid for it
(Ivy opened it and gave it to me but I refused it. Resisting the urge to drink it was so hard)
Kyle:I don’t want to my love
(Still sounding calm)
Ivy:well you have to Kyle I opened it and i can’t waste it
Kyle:you can throw it away.. and I will give you the money
(I brought out my purse and picked a few notes just trying to distract Ivy from sensing that I wanted to use my powers at the moment. She stared at the notes in my hands as I activated my third eye – Kira was right the drink wasn’t an energy drink but a black liquid in a bottle. It was a concoction but why didn’t I see it all this while..maybe I was too blinded by her stupid love)
Ivy:is this how you are going to treat me after stressing myself to get you drink each day?
(Tears dropped down her rosy cheeks but I wasn’t moved. Fake tears! To cast another spell since drinking spell didn’t work on me)
Kyle:don’t bring me drinks again…please I don’t want you to stress yourself my love…Ivy I can get drinks and water myself uh…
(I gave the money to Felicity before walking away)
Felicity:that strange
(I heard Felicity say to Ivy and I reduced my pace in walking and tapped into Ivy’s mind)
“I will get you in another way no matter what you dull head!”
(Ivy said within herself…what?! Did she just call me a dull head?..I can’t believe that! I quickly made my way to the Book House. Ivy is really a black witch trying to destroy me and Kira. She won’t succeed now that my eyes her opened to her evil works…. But there is one more things after that which is still left unsolved..Who is Keira?)
????Kyle POV????
I heard laughter coming from the Book House when I got to the entrance. I recognized Kira’s own but the other person’s laugh was deep like that of a male.. Of course it could be a male but who could it be? I haven’t seen any guy with Kira lately or alone with any…and considering the fact that she is always alone in the Book House added more to my curiosity. Desperately anxious to know who was in there with her I opened the door without knocking only to find Jace in the Book House. They stopped laughing when I walked in. I frowned deeply at the thought of Jace staying in here alone with Kira – and who the hell is he? I warned him to stay away stay away from Kira and stick to Ivy since I’ve seen them together a couple of times)
Kira:hi Kyle
(I replied without looking away from Jace…His smile replaced a frown too)
Jace:I will see you later in Class Kira
(Exactly what I wanted him to say)
Kira:no..no..Jace you can stay with us
Jace:you guys need to talk alone
Kira:you are part of us Jace
(Part of us? Hell No!)
Kyle:let him leave if he wants to
(I settled down in the chair opposite his. Jace stared at me before heading to the door)
Kyle:leave boy I need to talk alone with my sister..and don’t forget what I told you the other day Jace
(She eyed me and went to meet Jace)
Kira:don’t leave Jace remember we need you with us
Kyle:no we don’t Kira..hold up don’t tell me he knows about Ivy too
Kira:yes he does Kyle.. Jace is that someone I told you that saved me yesterday
Kyle:this is a joke right?
Kira:no..Kyle Jace is the only one that can help us currently
Kyle:no I am against that Kira:why?
Kyle:I don’t trust him
(Jace tried to opened the door but Kira stopped him)
Kira:please Jace….
(She whispered buy I cold hear her clearly)
Jace:your brother doesn’t want me here so i should leave you two to solve things yourselves
Kyle:exactly Kira we can solve things ourselves without…his help
Kira:shut the fuck up Kyle!
(She snapped at me)
Kira:don’t pay attention to him Jace…he..has mental issues that deals with not trusting people
(That’s a big Lie! I am totally fine! And why on earth does she want him on our team? We are both powerful enough to deal with Ivy)
Kira:and remember you promised to help me
(Promise? Stupid promise! He is only pretending to care about her. I can’t believe she is this close to a guy because he promised her heaven knows what – she hasn’t learn from what Matteo did to her)
Kyle:be careful Kira – remember you haven’t gotten over what happened with Matteo
(Jace glanced at me as Kira came to me and dragged me to one side of the room far from where Jace was)
Kira:what’s wrong with you?
Kyle:nothing…I just don’t trust that guy
Kira:why?…Jace is a good guy
Kyle:you trust him?
Kira:not really Kyle and only trying to –
Kyle:you like him?
(She rolled her eyes)
Kira:no Kyle I don’t
Kyle:Good i don’t want you to take his care for love just like what happened with Matteo
Kira:how do you know about Matteo?
Kyle:Zanetta and I have always known since we were little..blah..blah I will fill you in when we get home
Kira:don’t mention Matteo to Jace face again..he might think otherwise
Kyle:okay just be careful about him.. I see he has another plan inside of him even if he offered to help us
Kira:what plan!?
Kyle:I don’t know cause I can’t access his mind
Kira:same here but maybe that because he is a Mage
Kyle:a Mage?!
Kira:yes Kyle that was why I want him on our team and also because he has great knowledge about the Witch World
Kyle:who is he really?
Kira:ask him yourself
Kyle:I will
Kid:and behave yourself too
(I cleared my throat and Jace who was now reading a book looked up at us. Kira nudged my side and I walked closer to him)
Kyle:well..since my sister thinks you are good and worth to be with us then it fine by me
(Kira smiled)
“But..I still don’t trust you completely even if my sister wants to trust you. If I find out you are only here to hurt us then I won’t hesitate to get rid of you”
(I said with a serious face)
Jace:I also mean no harm Kyle:I hope so.. And one more thing don’t forget what I told you the other day
(Jace nodded – Thank Goodness he still remembers. if he is pretending to us and Kira falls in love in the process and gets hurt I swear I will beat the hell out of him)
Kira:what did you tell him Kyle?
Kyle: boys talk sis – let’s get down to business
Kira:Ivy is the first topic for today
Kyle:yeah about her –
(I crossed my leg)
“What you said was right the so called energy drink is a concoction”
(I explained everything to them)
Kyle:I won’t get close to her again
Kira:no you have to Kyle
Kyle:what?!Never Kira who knows what she is going to do this time
Kira:Kyle we have to pretend as if we don’t know who Ivy is and what she did to me
Kyle:whose idea was that?
Kira:Jace suggested it and gave me reasons …look Kyle you are actually not the main target but me
Kyle:you?…but you said they want the both of us
Kira:yes..but me especially
Kira:that because –
Jace: she is a Red haired witch
Kyle:what?!what’s that?
(Memory of the day I called
Kira a red haired witch flashed through my mind. I was true that I heard mom telling Mr Reid Palvin on phone that kira was a Red Witch but back then I didn’t understand what it meant. I only saw it as another way to tease Kira and I did teased with it until she got mad and turned me into a human wolf)
Kyle:why am i just knowing now?
Kira:forgive me Kyle..but so many times you’ve met me,mom and dad talking about me being an abomination in the witch world but you just didn’t pay attention… You weren’t concerned I even said it the day I told you I had a dream
Kyle:why are you an abomination?
Kira:a witch with a red hair and green eyes is considered a curse to the black witches
Kyle:is that why they want you?
Kira:yes Kyle
Kyle:Ivy knows you are a red witch?
(If Ivy is a black witch and knows who Kira is then that means she planned to use me to get Kira. Damn it! And I didn’t sense her evil plans)

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