July 26, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 16

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????Kira POV????

Kyle: can you at least explain to me who a Red Witch is?
Kira:I don’t know much..but Jace can explain better
(Kyle didn’t support this idea of Jace helping us but for me I see nothing wrong about him. Nothing dark about him like Kyle claimed)
Jace:there are three Red witches every century. Imani was the last Red Witch on earth.. she was a good witch in her time mostly healing all manner of sickness with her amazing powers until something bad happened to her. A black witch killed her lover who was a Red Mage
Kira:Imani lover was a Red Mage like you?
Jace:yes he was
Kyle:wait up I don’t get…you are a Red Mage Jace?
Jace:yes I am and I am related to Imani
Kira:that’s why he knows so much about the witch world and Reds
Kyle:is that why you offered to help Kira?
Jace:yes..black witches don’t want to see Red witches because of the issue of Necromancy
Kira:so now am not the only Red Witch in the World?
Jace:yes there are two others
Kyle:do you know them?
(I am glad to know that I am not the only Red witch in the world. There are two others that have Red hair like me and I suddenly wish to meet them)
Kyle:so why did a black witch killed Imani lover?
Jace:the only way to save a Red witch from being killed by a black witch is if that Red witch is marked by a Red Mage. Black witches summon the death spirit to kill Red witches whenever they are unconscious. They believe that Red Witches are powerless in their unconscious state…Sending a death spirit will end their lives but if marked by a Red mage will prevent Black Witches from reaching them
Kyle:so they will be killed if not marked by a Red mage?
Jace:most times – that was what happened with Imani and Zeke the Red Mage when a black witch Named Winona found out that Imani has been marked by a Mage she found Zeke and Killed him just to unmark Imani. Winona thought it was going to easy to reach Imani after killing Zeke but she was wrong. Imani found out that Winona killed Zeke so just to avenge Zeke’s death she killed many black witches until she could kill no more
Kira:so what happened in the end?
Jace:Imani committed suicide
(We were all silence for a few second until kyle spoke up again)
Kyle:if a red witch needs to be marked by a Red mage must they be in love?
Jace:love must be involved so the mage mark can be stronger
Kyle:so two of them must be in love
Jace:yes..but in most cases the Red mage finds the red witch,falls in love and get connected
Kyle:can he mark her without informing her?
Jace:yes that’s if the Red Witch doesn’t know about Mage Marking and he can mark her if he loves her
Kyle:can an Evil Mage mark a Good Red Witch?
Jace:it like an abomination…
Jace:I want to believe that there are no evil Red Mages out there because they are meant to protect red witches. There are Evil Red witches but they don’t last long on earth cause no Red Mage wants to Mark an Evil Red Witch. A red Mage must find a good Red witch and make sure she is good and cares about others before marking her
Kyle: now I get it Red Mages are meant to protect Red Witches
(Oh was that why Jace is always around me? Just to protect me? No it can’t be! I must be mistaken)
Kyle:you are a Red mage Right?
(Jace nodded. And why is Kyle asking the same question when he already know Jace is a Red mage)
Kyle:so Kira being a Red Witch.. She needs to be marked by a Red Mage to be safe
Jace:yes Kyle
(What is Kyle insinuating?)
Kyle:now I get it
(Kyle stared at me and I try to picture what was going on in his mind)
Kyle:so what do we do about Ivy now?
Jace:she casted a forgetful spell on Kira yesterday but we reversed it..am sure Ivy still thinks Kira doesn’t remember anything so we have to act along..you two have to make it look like she have you guys wrapped around her fingers
Kyle:like she’s really having an effect on us
Kira:we act as if we are weak right?
Kyle:what if she tries to give me another concoction or cast a hex on me that I won’t be able to resist
Jace:a mere spell by a black witch messenger shouldn’t work on you if you are always ready to counter it
Kyle:good if that all I have to do to protect Kira then it okay with me
Jace:we will continue acting till we find Keira or until Kira sees a vision
(I pray I see one soon. A vision that will reveal who Keira is)
????Kira POV????
“Kira are you asleep?”
(I heard Kyle’s voice behind my bedroom door)
Kira:come in Kyle
(Kyle appeared in my room without opening the door)
Kyle:hey sis what are you doing?
(He sat on my bed)
(I raised my textbook)
Kyle:you never get tired of studying
Kira:I don’t want to get kicked out of the department by Mr Zayne
Kyle:so what subject are you reading?
Kira:Biology Mrs Bethany told us to study any topic we want
Kyle:so basically every one will teach again in this term
Kyle:that’s not proper.. She gets paid so she should be the one tutoring you guys
Kira:that how she wants to handle her class
Kyle:none of the teachers in my department can try that with us
Kira:well that why science is different from Commercial department
(He rolled his eyes)
Kyle:let put this aside
(He collected my textbook and placed it on the drawer next to my bed)
Kyle:we need to talk
Kira:okay Lover boy
Kyle:lover boy?
(Kyle laughed)
“You sounded like Ivy”
Kira:yeah so what is it?
Kyle:hmm am thinking of still joining your department
Kira:No Kyle –
(I paused)
“Is this about Ivy again?”
Kyle:no no..I swear it not
Kira:then why?
Kira:to watch and protect you
Kira:I can protect myself
Kyle:no you can’t
Kira:I can
Kyle:the black witches want you and remember you don’t have the Mage mark yet
Kira:Kyle –
Kyle:don’t Kyle me – I already told coach Joel that I won’t be coming to practice anymore
Kira:you can’t do that Kyle -football is your dream you can’t quit that just to protect me
Kyle:you and I know that I can’t pursue that dream of being a Footballer since I will have to take over dad’s businesses. Protecting you is something I should have done a long time ago…since we were little but I didn’t instead I watched the children at playground bully you without sticking up for you or defending you. Matteo did everything I should have done for you and that made you think Matteo was in love with you
Kira:that enough Kyle
Kyle:am sorry about that
Kira:it okay Kyle…I understand you and it must have been hard for you to accept a twin sister like me
Kyle:no it wasn’t hard..I just find it strange that your hair was totally different from mine or anyone else
Kira:Look Kyle i really don’t want you talking about Matteo
Kyle:okay…but can I tell you something about him for the last time?
(I nodded)
“Zanetta and I have always known about your feelings for Matteo but we both decided not talk because you’d rather keep it yourself and we don’t wanna tease you about it. Zanetta told me about Matteo’s new girlfriend and we figured that it of no use for you to be loving someone who doesn’t feel the same way as you do..that was why Zanetta broke the news at dinner. We did that so you will get over him and won’t keep your hopes high about Matteo coming confess his feelings to you
(I exhaled deeply)
” it all my fault Kira if I had defended you instead of Matteo then all that won’t have happened”
Kira:it not your fault Kyle… and moreover I am over Matteo now. I want him to be happy with Fiona..
(Kyle nodded)
Kyle:I want to protect you now
Kira:you can’t leave your department and join mine
Kyle:okay then I can always come in without anyone knowing
Kira: no Kyle…stay in your class. You don’t have to worry too much about me since ….Jace is in the same department with me
Kyle:speaking of Jace..have you thought of what he said about mage marking
Kira:yes Kyle
Kira:I am thinking you should let Jace mark you since he is a Red Mage
Kyle:listen to me Kira –
Kira:no Kyle I don’t want to get marked by Jace or any mage …getting marked by Jace will means I will have to fall in love with him
Kyle:no you need that mark and am sure Jace is willing to mark you just to protect you
(Kyle held my hands)
Kira:you don’t understand me Kyle – I don’t know anything about Jace, his family,where he stays or even his life. You can’t just tell me to get marked by Jace who I barely even know.. You don’t know if he loves another person and also marking me will put him in danger…
Kyle:I believe there is a reason why Jace is at Fountain falls… Ah yes about him loving another… With what I saw today I am absolutely sure Jace isn’t with anybody
Kira:well I am not interested in that and I am not in for loving anybody just to get a mark. It sounds as if we are trying to take advantage of the fact he told us who he is… What if a black witch finds out I have being marked by a mage and they try to Kill him
Kyle:no…no..Nothing will happen to Jace…and it was Jace who suggested that he should mark you
Kira:Jace..said that?
Kyle:yes..we actually talked after school hour. Jace said he was willing to give you that mark if you let him
(I closed my eyes to think – why will Jace make such decision he knows that one of us as to fall in love to get the mark. I wish it wasn’t like this but I have no other choice. I don’t want to die)
Kyle:so what do you say?
Kyle:I will talk to Jace tomorrow
(I nodded)
Kyle:don’t worry everything will be fine sis
(He placed a kiss me on my forehead)
Kira: good night
Kyle:yeah see you tomorrow

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