July 25, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 17

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????Max POV????
I woke up to the irritating sound of the Alarm on the small drawer next to my bed. I reached for the button to turn it off – another school day even if I’m passed high school and college level. You wanna know why I said that and who Max Torres really is?.. Well you will know very soon. I rushed to the bathroom to take my bath as soon as I finished dressing I went to the sitting room
“Morning CEO Max”
(Henry my personal assistant greeted me cheerfully)
Max:morning Henry
(I walked into the kitchen only to find my blind younger sister at the counter eating slowly. Tears wailed up in my eyes as I watch her eat blindly)
“Crying again I guess”
(She said sounding like a question and I stayed there quietly before wiping my tears. Ruby stood up and tried to walk towards me, with her hand on the table to help her know where she should walk. I went to her quickly)
Max:you should sit and eat your food Ruby
Ruby:I thought you were crying again Max or Jace which one?
Max:no I am not Ruby…call me Max since I am at home
(I wiped my face clean with my powers just like how I did at the Book House the day Kira asked who I was)
Ruby: sit
(I sat on the chair next to hers, Ruby hands travelled all round my face)
Max:can you see that I’m not crying?
(Her hand stopped on my nose)
“You still have a very nice nose bro”
(We both laughed)
Mac:and you are as pretty as ever kid sis
(She giggled and sat back in her chair)
Max:is this what you asked the maid to prepare for you?
Ruby:yes I wanted cereal
(I removed strands of hair from her face)
Ruby:I told Nanny Nova not to brush my hair this morning
Ruby:nothing…I will do that myself later in the day
Ruby:so are you going to school today?
Max:yes I am ready to leave
(Ruby gave me a sad face)
Max:hey don’t be sad..I am working on getting that red hair to trust me completely before I bring her home
Max:soon Ruby
Ruby:I am really tired of staying blind…I want to see things around me,go back to school and…
(Her voice trailed off tears dropped down her cheeks)
(I was cut off by Henry’s voice)
Henry:Sir you promised to meet with Miss Suzie today to sign the deal
Max:I will do that later but not today Henry
Henry:Okay Mr Torres
Max:I already drafted a new paperwork overnight for Ursula and sons company transfer it to them from my system at the office
(Henry jolted down in his notepad)
Henry:anything else?
Max:hmm..yes keep buying shares in Hunters company we need to be the highest Shareholder
Henry:okay sir
Max:that will be all for now
Henry: see you later sir
Max:did you hear that Ruby? I’m doing everything I can to get closer to the Hunters
Ruby:we don’t need all that…or every one of them ..just the red one
Max:yes I know Ruby that why i stoop so low to become an high schooler again just to gain Kira’s trust. And things are working my way I am already on their team to fight the Black Witches
Ruby:you marked her right?
Max: yes Ruby.. But she doesn’t know
Ruby:what if she finds out?
Max:no she won’t.. No one will since they don’t know about Mage Marking. And even if they want to find out I already told Kyle that I am ready to Mark Kira if she wants me to
Ruby:so what did she say?
Max:I am going to find out about that today
Ruby:I hope she says yes
Max:same here
Ruby:but love as to be involved between you two… Does she love you?
Max:no she doesn’t Ruby we haven’t gotten to that stage of loving each other.. We are still getting to know ourselves
Ruby:then why did you mark her without loving her?…perhaps did you find out she is the same Red Haired girl you fell in love with years back?
Max: I don’t know if she is the same Ruby
Ruby:so how did you manage to mark her?
Max:it was easy Ruby..I just imagined her to be Zoe and marked her since we need her help
Ruby:what if she is the same person?
Max:I will be happy Ruby…
Ruby:tell me something about Kira
Max:Well Kira is nice just like Zoe I met back then…And they have one thing in common
Ruby:what’s that?
Max:books…Kira as a thing for books…remember I told you she as a foundation that donates books to schools and orphanages
Ruby:yes I know about that
Max:and her Bestie said that she care about others than herself
Ruby:then she is a good Red Witch
Max:yes she is kinda different you know… She doesn’t behave as if she is powerful she acts normal
Ruby:I can see you smiling at the thought of her Max..why don’t you try asking if her name is Zoe?
Max:I will as time goes on
Ruby:don’t make it look as if you are only close to Kira just to get her to help you..Try to see more good sides of her Max and who knows she might be the girl you’ve been wanting to have
Max:what will I do with you Ruby? Always wanting to matchmake me with any girl you find
Ruby:I only want you to be happy Max
Max:okay I have to leave now Ruby
(I kissed her cheeks)
Ruby:okay bye

????MAX POV????
My real name is Max Torres and not Jace Hernandez. I am 22years old and the CEO of Trista Empire it is the best Jewelry industry in USA. Wondering why I am attending Fountain Falls and why I am acting as Jace and not Max? Well it a long story which I plan to share now. Ruby wasn’t born blind,she lost her sight in a car crash with my parents. My parents died in that car crash when I was 20years old while Ruby was 16 years old.
I had to take over my dad’s position at the company and studying at the same time. And I also had to look for solution on how to restore Ruby’s sight. Though the doctors said it was a temporary condition that she would be able to see again probably after a week. Weeks turned Into months and months turned into two years and Ruby still can’t see.
On several occasions I have tried to use my powers to heal Ruby by I failed though not only on Ruby and also on myself. Each time I sustain any injury and I try using my power to heal myself it won’t work then I figured I don’t have healing powers even as a Mage. If I had powers of healing I would have used it on Kira when she had a deep bruise on her stomach.
My best friend who is also a Mage not a Red one but A Time Mage,his name is Harvey being a time Mage he can only manipulate time and space. Harvey advised that I seek the help of a red witch since we are related to one it might work on Ruby even though I have tried hiring a friend witch not a red one to help but it didn’t work.
A red witch will be able to restore Ruby’s sight and ever since Harvey gave me that idea i started searching for a Red witch I knew it won’t be easy finding one since they are always in hiding for the fear of black witches.
But remember seeing a girl with a Red hair at a playground when I was young. I don’t know if the girl I saw back then is a Red Witch but she had a bright Red hair and sparkling green eyes that combination matches the identity of a Red Witch. She was about four years old then and her friend at the playground called her Zoe. I was nine years old when I would go to the playground just to see Zoe but each time I try talking to her a guy about my age is always there to fight me to stay away from her thinking I wanted to tease her for being a Red haired.
I loved Zoe’s red hair and I was completely besotted over that little girl at such tender age. After a while I didn’t see her until on my 10th birthday, I told my parents that I wanted to celebrate it at the orphanage and then they agreed. I met Zoe again at the orphanage and I secretly watched her feeding a toddler In the baby Lodge it so amazing that a little girl of such age was babysitting a toddler and she was happy about it and then i thought of saying hi.
I was few steps away from her when the same guy showed up by her side. Then I realized my big self won’t get me close to Zoe. I thought of what to do until an idea hit me,it was a great one and it worked and helped me get closer to Zoe as i used that idea so many times. It wasn’t funny of me doing silly things just to get close to a girl who was way too younger than me enough to be my kid sis. I didn’t see Zoe again after sometime it was as if she was always disappearing. I went to the orphanage and playgrounds for two years but didn’t see her there again.
I disturbed my mom to help me find out who Zoe was from the orphanage workers and where i could find her but unfortunately I saw a different Zoe with no Red Hair and green eyes then I gave up on my findings but still hoped that I get to meet her again someday. I seek the help of a Friend who is a witch to help me find a Red Witch. Paula who is my friend remembered seeing one at the Mall sometimes ago,she said she sensed the presence of a powerful being that day until she got connected and saw that it was a Red Witch. Paula said she was from a powerful witch Family “BOMER”.
I have heard of the Bomer witches in history they are one of the most powerful witches on earth until one of them named Joanna lost her powers but her fourth descendant restored those powers back to their family. Paula followed the red Haired Witch that day and secretly traced her to her house and then it was easy for me to find the girl after Paula gave me her details and it turned out to be Kira Hunter..wanting to know more about who Kira was I started monitoring her and made a decision that I must be a high schooler for her to trust me. I found out that the school she attends was different it wasn’t a normal school but one meant for people with superpowers. I used my powers to get the secret code to Fountain Falls and enrolled in the school changing everything about myself.. My name,age,surname,hairstyle, clothing..leaving only my facial appearance since as a CEO I still wasn’t that popular because I so much hate to much fame and popularity so no one will recognize me. I changed my name from Max Torres to Jace Hernandez and age 22 to 17 just to fit into the system..surprised? Well don’t be… I am not bad I am only doing all this for my sister Ruby.
I had to mark Kira for her to be safe even if there was still no love existing between us but I manage to mark her thinking of her as Zoe who I love. Kira is also a nice girl and she has a good heart..I also like the fact that she is giving out free books to schools and orphanages so someone like that doesn’t deserve to die in the hands of black witches. I mean no harm to Kira I just want her to help me and if she does then I am willing to protect her. Kira and Kyle aren’t aware of the fact that I already marked Kira and for them to trust me more that was why I made a suggestion to Kyle that I will mark Kira. Kyle was glad I offered to do that and that had made him to trust me a bit. And I hope that Kira says yes to that then I will make my next move to bring her to my home)
Am I the only one seeing what is happening?! Don’t tell me you don’t understand this episode? I think it destiny that brought Max and Kira together using Ruby’s sight! I just hope things works according to plan!
Lemme explain what I know…Max is the same as Jace but he has to change everything about himself just to fit in Kira’s status and it seems Max is always doing things just to fit in!!!! Kikiki it unknown to Max that Kira might be the same Zoe… then what do you think will happen if Kira turns out to be Zoe?

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