August 1, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 18

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????Jace POV????
When I alighted from the bus I made my way towards the huge glass door in front of the school leading to the hallway. I was walking down to my locker when i heard someone calling my name.
“Jace!Jace! Jace!”
(I turned and saw Kyle running towards my direction)
Jace:morning Kyle
Kyle: yeah morning
(He let out a breathe)
“I just wanted to talk to you about what we discussed yesterday”
(He moved closer to me)
“I mean the Mage Marking”
Jace:oh yeah…so -?
Kyle: Kira agreed to get marked
(Oh yes! Finally! Everything worked according to my plan!)
Jace:so…how did you talk her into it?…
Kyle:I just gave her some reasons why she should let you mark her – she disagreed at first since love was involved and Kira isn’t ready for that
Jace:what are we going to do about the love aspect?
Kyle:it up to you Jace…for me Kira is ready to do anything just to protect herself… Perhaps will she get marked today?
Jace:no Kyle…Feeling is needed
Kyle:even though that might be a bit hard for Kira but I feel that as a guy you can work things out with her
(Hold up…the same Kyle that warned me to stay away from his sister is now asking me to make things work out between I and kira)
Jace: are you saying I should make Kira fall in love with me?
(Kyle scratched the back of his neck)
Kyle: I shouldn’t be saying this Jace since I already warned you to stay away from my sister….but now that you are our only help of saving Kira from the black witches that why I changed my mind. Don’t look at us as if we are trying to take advantage of you Jace…believe i am willing to Mark my sister if it were possible
Jace:I understand you Kyle… But you have to tell me why Kira isn’t ready for love
(Kyle ran his hands through his hair)
Kyle:that’s a long story Jace
Jace:give me Hint Kyle…I have to know some certain things about her
(I don’t really need all this…o only want to know why Kira pulled out of my hands quickly – i knew she needed someone to comfort her, someone who will understand her,someone who see her for who she is and one who doesn’t care about her hair.. She must have being through a lot of bullying because of her hair)
Jace:I would have love to hear it from Kira but she won’t talk about it with me
Kyle: okay…Kira has a guardian named Matteo we all grew up together
Kyle:yes Matteo.. He used to be Kira’s defender whenever she get bullied by friends at playground
Jace:is Matteo quiet older than Kira?
Kyle:Yes five years older
(That name rings a bell…I have heard it before from somewhere)
Kyle:so Kira ended up falling in love with him…she saw Matteo’s care as love until she found out that Matteo has a girlfriend he is ready to settle down with so ever since then Kira is trying to get over the feelings she has for Matteo
Jace:was that why you said I should stay away from her…to avoid seeing puffy eyes and dark circles?
Kyle: yes Jace… I don’t want her to go through the same thing over again
(Oh that was the reason why Kira acted that way in the Book House.. She was trying not to mistake my care for love. I still need to find out about Matteo)
Jace:i understand you Kyle
Kyle: thank you for offering to help us
Jace:it no big deal
Kyle:heading to class?
(Kyle and I made our way to class. Now I am seeing a complete different Kyle)
????Jace POV????
Jace: hi
(She replied shyly as she opened the door for me to walk in)
Jace:I brought you something
(I raised the nylon in my hands up)
Jace:shouldn’t have bothered to get me something right?
(Kira avoided my gaze… I will assume she is like this because the Marking involves loving)
(I held her hand and pulled her to a chair) not hungry –
(She was cut off by a growl from her stomach)
Jace:sit down Kira
(She didn’t move – so stubborn and why is she behaving like this?)
Jace:you are hungry Kira you have to eat something
(She looked embarrassed. I sat her down forcefully on the chair)
Jace:just eat if I tell you too
(I sat down opposite her and opened the nylon)
(I glanced up at her she was fiddling with her fingers. I know she want to talk about the Marking)
Jace:Kyle told me you agreed to my suggestion…I am sorry for that I should have discussed it with you first instead of Kyle
Kira:it fine Jace…
(I gave her the shortbread)
Kira:thank you
Jace:don’t thank me…Just eat up Kira
Kira:so how do we go about the marking
(You already have the mark but you just don’t know.. Trust me I won’t tell you that yet)
Kira:if it about Love –
(She was cut off by a beep from her pocket. She brought out her cellphone and she frowned deeply)
Kira:excuse me
(She raised up from her chair and moved a bit far)
Kira:Hello Matteo
(Matteo? Well I thought of that name during classes and I remembered who was Matteo. I have only heard of that name once which was when I was seeing Zoe. The name of that guy who was always with Zoe was Matteo. Perhaps can Kira be Zoe? What if she is Zoe? I really need to know. I used my powers to get connected with her phone call just to heat the conversation)
Kira:are you still there Matteo?
(She sounded concerned)
“Zoe -”
(He said shakily…. Did he just say Zoe?)
Kira:I can hear you Matteo
(The line dropped dead)
Jace:is everything okay?
(She dropped the short bread on the chair)
Kira: it nothing Jace
(It nothing? And she look worried)
Jace:is Matteo okay?
(She was trying the line)
Kira:yes…but how do you know about Matteo?
Jace:you just mentioned his name…isn’t he picking up?
Kira:my phone is dead
(It was obvious that Kira still feel something for Matteo… The look on her face says it all)
Jace:do you know his number?
Jace:use my phone
(I gave her my phone)
Kira:thank you Jace
(Her face brightened a bit as she punched in Matteo’s number. He picked on the second ring)
Kira:hello Mattie it me Zoe
“Zoe! I tried your line few seconds ago”
Kira:my battery is low
Matteo:How are you doing?
Kira:good…what about you?
Matteo:yeah I am fine
Kira:I thought….something was wrong when you called
Mattie:oh Zoe I didn’t mean to scare you like that
Matteo:I have good news baby!
(He screamed on the phone like a little girl who just received candy…uhmmm from the way he is talking with Kira there is no reason why Kira won’t fall for him – but is she really Zoe? If she is then this Matteo might be the same guy)
Kira:tell me about it Mattie
(She said with a bright smile in her face)
Mattie:firstly I am done with my school project which means –
Kira:you will be graduating soon!
(They said in unison Matteo personalizing it as “I will be graduating soon)
Kira:so tell me about the second news Matteo
Matteo:i don’t know how you will feel about this Zoe
(He said calmly)
Kira:just say it Mattie
Matteo:well it about…Fiona
(Kira smile dropped…who is Fiona?)
” are you still there Kira?”
Kira:yes…yes Mattie I am still on the line
(She tried to sound calm but only I could tell that she wasn’t happy at the mention of Fiona’s name)
Matteo:remember I said I will arrange a meeting for you to meet Fiona
Kira:yes Mattie
Matteo:so can you make it this weekend? Fiona is coming over to my place… Do me a great favour of meeting her?
Kira:uhmmm Mattie did you… just… say this weekend?
Mattie:yes…but if you aren’t okay with it I can set up another day for you to meet her. Fiona has been on my neck…she really want to see you after I told her that you are the most beautiful girl in the world
(He laughed and Kira blushed at what he just said)
“So what do you say?”
(Kira was silent…it obvious she wasn’t ready to meet this Fiona and I think I know who she is…Fiona should be Matteo’s girlfriend)
Kira:okay Mattie
Matteo:thank you Zoe! I will see you in Sunday then
(She hangs up – kira placed her hand on her forehead. I realize she only said yes to him just to please him meanwhile she was hurting badly within… Meeting the girlfriend of someone you love)
Jace:so will you go?
Jace: mean to meet him and Fiona?
Jace:I am sorry for interfering in your conversation with him…but I suggest you don’t go if your mind doesn’t want you to
Kira:I have no other choice…Mattie wants me to be there for him… That day and that’s the first time he is asking me a favour
Kira:you can’t understand
Jace:I do understand you Kira…Kyle had to explain some certain things to me
Kira:he told you about Matteo?
(Oops she getting mad!)
Jace:listen to me Kira..don’t get me wrong
(I covered the gap between us)
“Don’t blame Kyle…blame me instead…I was the one who asked him to tell me about it..I needed to know cause of the marking
Kira:it doesn’t relates to that
Jace:it does Kira – look at me
(I tilted her jaw so shoe could look into my eyes)
” love as to be involved for me to Mark you Kira… The other day you apologized when I hugged you and how you behave towards me I knew something was wrong. I was only trying to comfort you when you were crying but you don’t want me to. Kyle told me you still finding it hard to love since you are not over your feelings and I pleaded with him to tell me the reason for that
(Kira was quiet – looking at her closely like this she looks a bit like Zoe – the hair,beautiful green eyes and plump lips the only different was that I got to know that Kira was born of pure magic. If she is really Zoe then I have to do something about her thinking of Matteo it has to stop! But I have to confirm first)
Jace:is your name Zoe or Mattie gave you that name?
Kira:Zoe is my foetus name but he preferred to call me Zoe since he was used to calling me that even i before I was born
(I think there is a chance that Kira is Zoe)
Jace:so..let’s talk about our childhood days
(I led her back to the chair)
Kira:my childhood days wasn’t fun…it was filled with series of bullying and mockery cause of my hair
Jace:did you visited the playground more often when you were young?
Kira:yes…I visited a lot of playgrounds and parks
Jace:what about a orphanage?
Kira:yes that too….Mattie,Lana and I used to go there to help at the orphanage when I was little
Jace:do you mind telling me the playground and orphanage names?
Kira:mostly Pathway Playground and Flores Children Home
(Kira is Zoe! These are the places I used to see Zoe. Flores Children Home was the orphanage I celebrated my 10th birthday)
Jace:have you been to Gillian park?
Kira:Gillian Park?…yes..yes when I was close to 5years old
(That was the first place I met Kira under disguise)
Jace:what about Lily Playground?
(She clapped her hands)
“Lily playground is my favorite playground I used to go there most times because that place was close to the slum”
(Yes Lily playground was close to the slum)
Kira:I get to give few of my things to some children there…I remember giving a boy named Derrick my food and the money Lana’s dad gave me
(Wow!!!unbelievable! I am the Derrick Kira just mentioned! After I realize that my big self won’t get me close to Zoe then I decided to change myself with my powers…every time I disguise myself as a wretched little boy begging for arms just to meet Zoe anywhere she is since she likes giving things to the poor. That day she catch me staring at her while she was sitting alone and then she thought I was hungry Zoe gave me her food and money…she asked for my name and the first mame that popped up in my head was Derrick… Our second meeting with anther appearance Zoe wanted to give me something but her friends from the orphanage advised her against it…they mocked me for being too dirty and poor but Zoe apologized on their behalf and gave me her candy that day)
Kira:are you also familiar with these places?
Kira:so…why are you asking me all things…? You sounding as if we’ve met before
Jace:maybe…so you don’t remember seeing this handsome face anywhere?
(I pouts and Kira giggled)
(She can’t remember me only Derrick)
Jace:so about Matteo.. Kyle said he used to be your defender
Kira:yes..Matteo use to be every where I was back then just to defend me from the children at the playground…He was ready to beat up anyone that bully me
(How do I explain myself to her? I will I tell her that she is the same girl I like? The same girl I hope I see someday? And here she is in front of me. Destiny had brought us together again…if it wasn’t for Ruby’s sight then never will I get to meet Zoe again)
Kira:I just wish you can gave me that make today…how are you going to do it huh?
( this is the only chance I have to let her know me but if I do that she will get confused and think am stalking her…it might even expose my true identity. I will let things be like this but now that I know she is Zoe I will love her like never before)

The Red Haired Witch. Episode 19
The Red Haired Witch. Episode 17

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