August 4, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 19

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????Kyle POV????
I appeared inside Kira’s room without using the door. She was already in bed prepared to sleep sleeping now
Kira:what is it Kyle?
Kyle:I found something that might interest you
Kira:and that is?
Kyle:I had a dream…or maybe I won’t call it a dream since I wasn’t sleeping when I saw…the trance or whatever you might call it
Kira:tell me about it
Kyle:I was sitting on my reading table trying to study for accounting test then I started seeing things…First I saw a cave, a woman was sitted on a throne while there was an altar close to the throne and not far from it I saw a boiling concoction. I thought it was my imagination not until it came again. I saw a girl dressed in black outfit and a mask she gave the woman on the throne a hair – it was the same color with yours Red. I didn’t hear what they were saying…then a little girl appeared and the three of them chanted a spell suddenly a fire lit up on the Altar and the woman on the throne was annoyed
Kira:you didn’t hear them say anything?
Kyle:I only heard just one word the was very clear from the woman
Kira:what word?
Kyle:Mage…the woman said that words angrily and kind of ordered the little girl to find the mage…I don’t understand it Kira…don’t you think we should tell mom about it?
Kira:I don’t want us to stress mom cause of her present condition she needs enough rest and not problems from her children
Kyle:what are you saying?…mom is doing fine
Kira:yes she is but she can’t do some certain things anymore
Kyle: why?
Kira:she Is pregnant
Kira:sh sh sh mom doesn’t know am aware that she is pregnant
Kyle:but why is she pregnant?
Kira: is that a crime?
Kyle:no it not
Kira:just don’t tell her I mentioned it to you since she is planning to tell us soon
Kyle:dad knows about it too?
Kira:no you know dad has not been around for a while now
Kyle: that’s true but how did you find out?
Kira:I just sensed it when I was close to her today
Kyle:can I do that too?
Kira:yes you can tell it even from this room
Kyle:really?! how?
Kira:oh boy…you need to accept granny vivi offer of travelling out to learn from a master
Kyle:no I don’t want to meet any master just to learn how to use my powers properly..going there will means i will leave in a slum
Kira:no your master in Mumbai is a wealthy man…Mumbai awaits you Kyle
Kyle:stop that Joke Zoe
(I frowned)
Kira:Go to Mumbai Zachary and learn a lot of things about your powers
(She poked me and we laughed)
Kyle:I will but not yet…so am gonna carry a baby soon… Sounds good..perhaps can you tell the gender too?…well for me I hope it a girl so that I can be the only son of Alec Hunter
Kira:it a boy
(She nodded)
“It can’t be a boy”
Kira:I’ve seen it Zachary
Kyle:it will changed
Kira:it gonna be a boy so that he can have dad’s full pyrokenesis ability
Kyle:oh that true…so what up with Jace?
Kira:nothing much.. But Kyle don’t you think Jace is hiding something from us?
Kyle: you think he is deceiving us?
Kira:I don’t know… He only kept asking me about my childhood days
Kyle:he is only getting to know you…well maybe he has seen you somewhere before either at the playground or the orphanage you used to visit…I’m just saying anyways
Kyle:so what do you think of him?like or hate him?
Kira:I think I like him…I can’t hate him Kyle
Kyle:Woah! Don’t tell me you are in love sis
Kira:no I am not
(She hit my arm)
“Don’t get me wrong”
Kyle:it not bad to give the poor boy a chance to love you…I can tell Jace feels something for you
(She rolled her eyes)
Kira:that only what you are good at dummy – telling who is in love or not…
Kyle:I like love
(We giggled)
“See Kira I’m not telling you to fall for Jace because of he wants to mark you”
Kira:I know Kyle…Jace is a good guy and…he is the next after Matteo that ever want to be around me
(I pinched her cheeks)
Kyle:I think we can trust Jace
(She nodded)
Kira:Mattie wants me to meet Fiona
Kyle:so will you?
Kira:yes… That will help me to forget my feelings for Matteo
Kyle:I apologized to Ivy for what I did yesterday…and she didn’t suspect anything
Kira:just be careful – no loving and drinking anything
Kyle:I cross my heart on that …I will not love any girl until I find my perfect match like what happened with you and Jace
Kira:hey!!what that?!
(She hit me with a pillow this time)
Kyle:want a pillow fight?
Kira: you are no match with me in that
Kyle:yeah you are right..I give up
(I made my way to the door)
Kyle:let me say this before i leave
Kyle:go on a date with Jace if he ask you out
Kira:what?! I’m not going to do something like that you fool!
Kyle:sooner or later you have to go on a date or even be his girlfriend
(She threw something at me but I disappeared before it hit me. Funny I want her to go on a date with Jace I was only teasing her since she hasn’t gone on a date with anyone before but she go on one anytime soon)
????MAX POV????
Ruby:is that you Max?
Max:yes Ruby
(I dropped my backpack on the couch before settling down beside her)
Ruby:why are you home late?
Max:I was sorting some things at the company
Ruby:okay Max…so what happened at school today?
Max:well I have good news kiddy
Ruby:did Kira say yes?
Max:yes she agreed that I mark her and not only that –
Ruby:then what else?
Max:Kira is Zoe
(She placed her hands on her mouth)
“I can’t believe this… did you find out she is Zoe?”
Max:a long story sis
(I narrated everything that happened at school today)
Ruby:wow! Max I’m so surprised… Now tell me how you feel right now? Happy, excited –
Max:all Ruby any words relating to being happy
Ruby:Max maybe..maybe that was why it was easy to mark her since Kira is the same girl you use to like
Max:yes Ruby
Ruby:what the next thing Max? Tell her you are Derrick can’t do that yet Ruby… The next thing on my plan is bringing her to you
Ruby:if you bring her here won’t she find out you are Trista CEO?
Max:I won’t bring her Ruby…we will have to arrange another place
Ruby:Max I really don’t like this idea of you deceiving Kira…what if she find out?
Max:she won’t Ruby – I am Jace Hernandez and not Max Torres
Ruby:then what if someone at your school recognizes you?
Max:no one will ever know me as CEO Max – I changed my hairstyle to that of a high school teen
Ruby:if Kira restores my sight promise me that you will tell her the whole truth
Max: i am not promising you that Ruby… It won’t be easy for me to explain things to Kira – I like the way we are now
Ruby:I am a lady too and I would really feel bad and unhappy if someone especially a guy lied and deceived me just to make me help him
Max:Ruby don’t let us be concerned about that now…what is most important to me is for you to see again
Ruby:but –
Max:no but Ruby…it late you should sleep now
(I carried her in my arms)
“I will make sure you meet Kira this week”
Ruby:okay Max… Did you meet Suzie today?
Max:yes..we had dinner together
Ruby:you know at times I wonder if it Suzie you like or Zoe…lemme guess you probably like Suzie more than Zoe simply because Suzie is older and matured and she is the closest to you. Listen to me Max you have to end up with Zoe not Suzie
Max:you can’t change the fact that Suzie Will be my wife soon
(I placed her gently on her bed)
“You are joking right?”
Max:I’m serious about what I just said Ruby
Ruby:but why?
Max:it is what Mom and dad wanted before they died
Ruby:it doesn’t make any sense…you own your life
Max:I have to do what they want even if they are dead now…it was the last thing we discussed before they both passed on and I have to honor them
Ruby:you’ve gat to be kidding me Max…oh! Don’t tell me there is a guy out there waiting for me to see again so that he can be with me
Max:well dad already arranged one before he died
Ruby:Never! I am not going to marry someone I don’t love and I won’t stay with a guy who my parents chooses for me
Max:ah ah ah blah blah blah that’s enough just sleep princess
Ruby:just think about what I just said and be wise in choosing a wife
Max:oh Ruby…okay okay…I have heard you
(I kissed her cheeks)
Ruby:good night Max
Ruby:good night

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