July 23, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 103

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Venessar High School.

Episode 103

^Kimberly’s POV^

I was eating at dinner with Sean when I noticed a messaged was received into my phone.

I paused the food and checked. It was a naked picture of Sean and a woman.

“See this ” I showed it to Sean and he widened his mouth.

“Where in the world did…” he was almost expressing his confusion when I shut him up.

“Never mind ,I knew it was Photoshopped. Forget it ” I said and we continue eating.

After we were done eating ,I received call from a strange number and I picked it.

“Hi, Kimberly”

Oh! This stranger even knew of my name.

“Hi” I greeted bluntly.

“Did you see the pictures I sent ?”

“Which ?”

“Your husband with another woman”

“I saw it ,how about that?”

“That’s just to tell you what kind of person your husband is ” He said.

“Okay ,did you have anything else to say?”

“Oh! Shouldn’t you do something to him so he would not take your love and trust for him for granted next time ”

“It’s my marriage right? I know how to handle it. Thanks “I said.

“Kimberly!” He called my name and I just felt uncomfortable with the way my name sounds in his silly mouth.

“Excuse me ” I said and hung up.

Bobby’s POV

“I said it ,an ordinary picture will not convinced her to loose trust in Sean”

“The girl is so smart and mature ” One of my boys whose name is Luke said.

“Yes,she is. All professor Lucas children are always smart we just need to outsmart her. ” I said and thought for a while.

“How about we deceive Sean into an hotel and drug him to sleep with one of our girls, We record it and send it to Kimberly” I said and I could see my boys reasoning with what I had just said.

“Where do we get started ?” Luke asked.

“Send him a message that you from U and S ,RECORD LABEL and that you have a music deal with him. Dress corporate and tell him where to meet with you. Arrange boys to inject him and soon as he arrives. ”

“On it ” Luke said and walked out with the boys.


Three days later.

Sean’s POV.

Kimberly and I were playing and having fun inside when my phone buzzed.

I picked it without even checking whom the caller is.

“Am I on to Mr. Sean?”


“From the U and S Record Label, we’ve got a business deal with you. I would love us to meet” I said.

“Oh! Few minutes please ” I said and he hung up.

I explained what the caller said to Kimberly .

“I said it , another record label is already taking interest for you. Just take the contract and hope they help you fight the contract you had signed with professor Lucas ” Kimberly said.

“I felt kind of weird about it ” I said.

“Weird about a contract , what’s wrong about it. Put a call across and just agree” Kimberly said but I still felt negative about the deal.

Nevertheless ,I put a call through and agreed to meet with the label at an agreed fixed date.

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