July 31, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 1

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Addicted to Him. Episode 2

???? Addicted to Him????

Written by Feathers

(Mean boy)

Episode 1

Sawyer’s POV

I’m so happy right now , we had just moved into a new house , the landlord of our former house nags and frustrates us a lot.

I had set my bed and decorated my room with pictures of my favorite artiste

I walked round the house admiring the beauty of the house , I went back to my room to relax , I can’t really place why I am happy but I just like this very environment

I went to my window to survey other houses and I saw an house right beside us , it’s a fenced house and cus our flat is upstairs , I can see the whole view of the house

“Wow, such a beautiful house ” I muttered happily to myself

I wanted to take my eyes off the house when I saw a little boy who should be around the age of 7 to 8 years , running out of the house to the compound with a ball in his hand

He was bouncing the ball and I like him at first sight, I’m the only daughter of my parents who clocked 16 years two months ago

This pretty little boy should be a nice neighbour , I hurriedly stepped down and ran out of my house to the entrance of the boy’s house

I knocked , after a while , the small gate opened and I saw the boy looking at me in surprise

“Hi, I’m Sawyer , you?” I asked and the boy keep mute

“Don’t be scared , I live next house , I wanna be your friend” I said and the little boy twisted his head and focus on my foot like he is studying something there

“Cody, Cody ” I heard a soft male teenage voice called

The boy turned and stood still without saying a word

“What are you doing there ?” I heard the sweet voice again

I was so nervous to see who it is but scared of how I will tell them that I wanna be their friends

I finally saw the figure appeared before Cody, he shot me a surprise look

“Did you know her ?” He asked Cody

“She said she wants to be my friend” Cody replied looking into his brother’s face

“Friend! … Don’t mind her , she’s just some slut , let’s go inside ” his bother said and held him by his hand but he pulled away forcefully

“Why is she a slut, I like her already, let her be my friend ” The boy said in a pleading tone

“She’s a stranger , a slut , nitwit , ugly , clumsy and aimless ” He said to his brother and held his wrist tight

He closed the gate on me and I feel so bad, very worse that I wish It’s a dream.

Can’t believe this cute boy just embarrassed me , why is he calling me all sort of names?

We’ve never met before but I shouldn’t be moved though

I like that Cody’s brother for real , so cute, sexy pink lips, alluring foot, deep blue eyes and fresh face ” I thought as I walked home

The way he speaks sparks up joy in me , melting my still soul and making my body long for his warm embrace

But he’s mean , aw

Addicted to Him. Episode 2

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