July 24, 2021

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Addicted to Him. Episode 2

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???? Addicted to him ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 2

Sawyer’s POV

Following morning !

I dress in my new school uniform, it’s a new school and I’m resuming today, I should meet new friends and have fun

I can’t wait to see the school, I walked out of my house to walk to the school since it isn’t that far

Just as I got to my neighbour’s house , that boy that insulted me then came out also in the same school uniform

I forgot about the insult and ran to meet him , I was just so overwhelmed that I see the handsome neighbour again

“Hey! Where is your brother ?” I greeted showing my full set of teeth

He kept looking at me in surprise probably wondering what is going on with me

He walked away from me

I ran after him and caught up with him

“Hey, silly boy , just answer me already …oh! I forgot to greet you. Good morning your majesty” I teased and he paused , then look into my face

He excused me and walked away again

I ran and caught up with him again and stood by his side

“Well, you’ve got mouth to insult me yesterday , why aren’t you saying a word now , you are so annoying , you know that? ” I asked but he refused to reply and kept moving

“I simply ask where your brother is and you refuse to reply, you even insulted me yesterday not knowing who I am, we are going to the same school anyways , you better learn to reply me ” I threatened , he refused to reply till we sighted the school before us

“Aw, the school is so beautiful ” I appraised

“Are you gonna take me round the school ?” I asked

He still refuses to reply, I clenched my fist , I felt like crushing his damn cute head

We finally arrived at school , I haven’t known my class yet

I followed him to his class to at least know where his class is before I start to search for mine

He sat and dropped his bag on the second sit , I was praying inside of me that my class should be his very class

I hurried out to the principal’s office , I checked the large board of names at the entrance for my name and I saw my name in Class 6

Same class with that snub of a boy

“Good!” I said and jumped happily back to his class

“Hey, guess what , we are in the same class ” I said

“I know ” He replied

“Huh? You replied , for real ? I won’t ask how you know but it seems you are beginning to humble your proud self ” I said and pulled my bag from my back and placed it on his locker

“Young man, I wanna sit beside you, don’t even say No cus I use to be a gangster and I can do the unimaginable right here ” I lied

He stood up for me to sit at the sit beside him

I went there and feel proud of myself , I’m bullying him already, I like that

I sat down and something pinched my ass

I stood and cried out loud and the whole class set their gaze on me

I hurriedly stood and saw pins well set at the chair

“Ouch, it’s okay” I tried to say to the class staring at me while feeling so much pain in my ass

Tears were forming but I controlled it, not everyone understood what happened , they probably assume I’m crazy and then focused on what they are doing

“You did this ?” I asked clenching my fist

He looked into my face and shook his head then continue what he was doing

“Ouch!” I cried still feeling that pain

I removed the pins and sat

“Oops, I’ll do mine” I promised but he didn’t bother to look at me

few minutes later , I suddenly noticed that my p@nt is getting wet

I stood up and realized that all my skirts are wet

I searched around for what could be the cause , then I saw a water bottle lay open on the chair with water pouring towards my sit

The water bottle was beside that boy which implies he did that for me

I feel so embarrassed that I did not even know how to get angry, how am I gonna get rid of this wet uniform

“You are so wicked ” I said almost crying

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