August 2, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 3

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???? Addicted to Him????

Written by Feathers

Episode 3

Sawyer’s POV

I went out of the sit trying not to let people notice that my uniform had being wet

Fortunately for me , no one sees me till I went to clean myself up


“Hey , it’s closing time , take me round the school before we start going home ” I requested from that mean boy

I have not even known his name yet

“That reminds me , you haven’t told me what your name is ?” I asked and he didn’t reply

“Hey, are you deaf” I asked and intentionally pressed his very neat and white school canvas

A part of it became dirty and I could see pain and anger in his eyes , he gritted his teeth like he will pound on me anytime

I adjusted away from and maintained little distance then position myself for a fight

I bent a little , separating my legs , clenching my fists and standing in a fighting position , where as , I can’t fight

” you wanna fight me , come over , come , I’ll show you that I learnt boxing for three years ” I said still maintaining my fighting position

My plan is simple , if he charged towards me, I will take to my heels and run for my life

He took a steady glance at me and walked away

Huh? I thought he had come to fight me

I hurriedly ran after him and caught up with him

“You can’t fight , you see ? I will do that a thousand times , weak boy” I said

After we almost reached home , I saw an ice cream man selling ice creams

This just use to be my favorite

“Hey, boy without name , come and buy me ice cream ” I requested expecting him to say No but he nodded

“Oh really? Someone tell me this is a dream ” I exclaimed and followed him to the ice cream man

We were both given the ice cream , he removed a book from his bag, tore a sheet from it and scribbled inside

Then he handed it over to the Ice cream man, the ice cream man nodded and smiled

Can’t he just speak to the man, why must he write , well, it’s their business , mine is to drink the fvken ice cream

He sat by a bench beside the Ice cream man licking the ice cream

“Hey you, we can lick the ice cream on our way home, well, maybe that’s how you do, you don’t eat or drink while walking ” I said and sat beside him

“It’s sweet” I said to him showing my full set of teeth

He was just licking the ice cream not reacting to my words nor saying a word

He was quick in licking his ice cream after which he stood up

“Oh , boy without name , you finished it so fast , I’ll continue licking mine on the way” I said and tried to stand but I can’t

I tried to stand again but I can’t

I checked the leg of the bench and found out that the bench is plastered to the floor which means it can’t be removed , carried or shifted while my leg had being tied to it

“Who the hell did this ?” I yelled angrily , frustrated that I can’t stand cus my two legs had being tied to the bench

The boy looked at me , smirk and walked away


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