July 25, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 101

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He And Her V.

Episode 101

^Tucker’s POV^

How in the world do I explain to her , I walked to my room sadly. It saddens me that I’m hurting Camilla but it’s not something intentional.

It’s true that I use a drug before meeting with her but the drug is only to make my manhood stand and perform well cause it has stopped functioning well since the day Grace seduce me to sleep with her two days before the wedding.

It’s very embarrassing for me sitting Camilla down and telling her that my manhood is not functioning well.

I did complained to the doctor but the doctor said there is no permanent cure but I can be taking drug anytime I want to meet with my wife.

Nevertheless ,it’s so embarrassing taking the drug before her. But the reason why she’s not pregnant is what I have no idea of cause I know I use to release deep inside her thing.

But the stunning thing is that my manhood does not malfunction when Grace is seducing me to meet with her ,infact ,I feel so horny excessively that I always find it hard to control myself.

I’m confused. I do not even have someone to offer me a diligent advise.

I need to protect my pride as a man but Camilla keeps getting hurt and it’s hurting me badly. I love Camilla so much. Far beyond hurting her but she really thinks it’s intentional.

And now ,she’s dressing like a prostitute to club. I knew this is what Grace want but I must stop this.

I can’t tell her my predicament but I need to see the doctor to see if there is an alternate solution to taking drugs.

She wants me to be meeting with her abruptly without necessarily going to take something before meeting with her.

I rested inside for a while and get dressed when the day is fully bright.

I drove to my doctor’s place.

” you are welcome sir ” He gestured for me to sit and I sat.

I went straight to the reason why I had come for an impromptu visit.

“Another alternative is injection. It will only last for a week but once you get injected in a week , you can meet with her anytime you want in the day” The doctor said and I was glad.

I opt for the injection quickly and I got injected. I happily drove home and went straight to Camilla’s room but I didn’t find her there.

Where could she be?

I started searching the house for where she could be when I met with Grace.

“You are looking for Camilla ,I guess” She said and I just looked at her.

“Well , she’s here ” She said and played a live video on her phone for me.

I saw Camilla with another man chatting and discussing happily in a restaurant.

My legs began to shake at the moment and sweat began to form in my chest.

Sadness overclouded me and I couldn’t even think straight for many seconds.

It was like I was being pierced with a knife in my heart. The pain I’m feeling right now is so horrible.

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