August 2, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 1

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 2

“???? In Love ❤ With A Vampire ????”
Chapter 1⃣
It was a cold December night and the whole residents of the Kingston’s Mansion were all asleep,Eva Kingston packed hers and her sons clothes into two luggage’s and she took them to her car which was packed across the house,her husband Joseph wasn’t back from the club,so this was her only chance of escape. When she was sure she had everything they needed,she came back to take her sleeping four year old son Tyler,
“Ty wake up.” She tapped the sleeping boy,he didn’t opened his eyes but stirred lazily from one side of his bed to the other,
“Tyler wake up.” She whispered a bit louder,so he would wake up and he did,he opened his eyes and rubbed them with his folded fist,she carried him from the bed,
“Mommy where are we going to?” The now fully awake child asked her when he saw the bag and his closet was open and almost empty,
“We’re going to somewhere safe,somewhere your father won’t find us.” She carried her son,took her credit card and dragged the bag downstairs.Halfway to the door,the door opened and Joseph staggered in,mere looking at him,one could tell he’s drunk,Eva and Tyler his behind the antique chair so he won’t see them and alter their plan of escape by beating her again,
“Eva!” He called as he staggered toward the seats,
“Where’s that slut of a wife? Eva!” Holding a bottle of vodka with one hand and his phone in the other,he staggered past the chair and went upstairs, cursing his ill luck of a wife.Sure that he was far from sight,Eva clutched her son and their luggage with tears escaping her hazel eyes,she left in the cold night.
….. Two hours earlier….
“Isn’t dinner served yet?”Joseph asked,he had just come back from the office but was surprised that his dinner wasn’t served,
” It will be served in a minute,almost done.”Eva yelled from the kitchen, he walked into the kitchen with full rage and slapped her,
“What do you mean dinner isn’t served?” He gave her another slap across the face,
“I’m sorry Joseph,I had to…..” He shut her by dragging her hair up,
“You stay in this house all day doing nothing and now my dinner isn’t served.” In a fit of rage,he pounced on her,Tyler who had been upstairs ran to the kitchen when he heard his mommy crying,
“Daddy,stop hurting mommy, stop hurting her.” The little boy tried dragging Joseph who was still inflicting slaps and punches on Eva but Joseph pushed him away and continued with his atrocities. Satisfied with what he was doing, he stood up,wiped his fist and walked away,got into his car and drove out,probably to the club like always. Eva stood up,her whole body was sore from the beating but Garry hey meant nothing,she had been enduring this for the past four years of her life,treated like a slave in her husband’s house by no one else but her husband, the same husband who was meant to protect her was the one killing her.She stood up and went to her son who was crying by the refrigerator, she carried the boy and checked him to ensure he hadn’t been hurt and he wasn’t hurt,she was satisfied with that because she couldn’t bear any single harm coming to her son,her four year old pride.
“Mommy,why does daddy,papa and mama hate us?” He asked his mom as she took him upstairs,
“They don’t hate you my son,they just don’t think I’m good enough for your daddy.” She said to him but within her,she know that it was deep beyond that,there’s must be something that have made the Kingstons hate her as much as Joseph does.
“But mommy….” She look at him,the boy kept shut,she took Tyler to her room and dressed her wounds,
I have to leave here before my corpses does,she said to herself.Looking outside through her windows, she saw the bodyguards Joseph has kept to watch her when he isn’t around to do so,she sighed,
Dad,you got me into all this and I wish you were alive to see your only daughter be treated like a slave and a prisoner in the house she was meant to call hers.
She was still dressing her wounds when something fell from the first aid box,she bent and picked it up,it was her pills,the ones she take to get sleep whenever Joseph isn’t around and Tyler is away to school.An idea flashed on her mind,smiling to herself, she decided to take the bull by the horn and escaping this prison before Joseph gets back home to beat her like he did last night and many other nights before that.

“Mommy,where would we go to?” Tyler asked carrying Rex (Rex is a stuffed toy dinosaur, Tyler’s favorite toy.)Eva looked at him,saw the weariness of a four year old,who ought to be sleeping but wasn’t,rather he’s with his mom,running for their dear life,she shook her head,
“Somewhere your daddy and the world won’t find us.” Ruffling the boy’s dark hair with her left hand while the right one controlled the steering of her car.Most time she doubts the paternity of Tyler,the young boy wasn’t like his father Joseph rather he had the cool and super soft attitude of Davis, dark haired like Dave and Joan while Joseph had the coffee brown colored hair like his mom,Tyler was stubborn inward but gave out a quiet and cool appearance like Dave while Joseph stubborn and rough,giving out the appearance of a criminal and that what he is though.After driving for what seem like hour but it was just only half and hour,Eva pulled into a motel and they spent the night there.
The next morning,they checked out and continued their journey to the unknown.Eva drove and drove without no acute destination until civilization was far behind them,they stopped at a local restaurant to eat lunch after Tyler had complained severally on being hungry and tired.Eva parked in the open lot and showed Tyler the way inside,
“Two French burger and two coke please.” Eva said to the sales lady,she was about going back to their table when she bumped into an old lady,the old lady lures fell and all contents came flying out,
“Mia Cara,watch were you’re going to miss.” The woman said recovering from the shock,Eva bent down and picked all her papers back into the lures and gave it back to the old lady,
“Here’s your purse ma,I’m sorry for bumping into you.” The woman took her purse and lovingly patted Eva’s shoulder,
“Don’t worry child.” She went to the counter to order her meal,
“Ma’am, here’s what you ordered for.” Eva turned and the sales lady,showed her her order,she nodded and took the tray from the woman then went to Tyler who was patiently waiting for her to come with the burger.Eva stood up get another Burger for Tyler when she noticed the sheet of paper on the floor,she bent and picked it,it was thicker than a paper,more of a wrapped newspaper,
“It must be from the old ladies purse.” She looked around,the old lady wasn’t in the restaurant anymore,she walked to the saleslady to know if she could get clue on how to locate the old lady and return her news paper,
“Miss,the lady that came here awhile ago?” The saleslady looked at Eva,
“What happened to her?” She asked,her tone wasn’t too welcoming,
“Just wanted to know where I could locate her,she left this..” Eva took the newspaper up but her eyes caught something else,a vacant house in Flint Hills that’s for sale,she brought the papers closer and studied the advert,
“Its a house for sale.” She muttered to herself, looked at the saleslady,
“Never mind,please what the way to Flint Hills?” She asked the not too friendly saleslady,
“Its just an hour drive from here,drive to the end of the road,its by the left side.” She said to Eva and continue what she was doing,Eva turned back went to Tyler,
“Honey,can you be a little faster?” Tyler looked up from his burger and nodded.The young boy hadn’t been much of a talker since they left home,he’d been so quiet only say something when he’s been asked or when his opinion is needed.Eva somehow liked it cause she wasn’t into much of answering Tyler questions but a scared part of her keep telling her that her son is slowly slipping into a withdrawal state but she refused to listen to that voice,
Tyler is going to be fine when we finally settle down,she’d assured herself.
Eva hen they finished their burgers and coke,Eva paid the bills and also ordered for an extra take away package for them,if they should get hungry on the way and they went back to continue their journey.After driving for almost an hour,Eva lost her sense of direction,she was driving farther and farther but sure wasn’t getting any where and the worst of it,houses and shops were scarcely seen as they drove.She drove past a milk shop,since she was lost,she reversed back and pulled at the shop,alighted from her car and went inside,
“Good day sir,” She greeted the elderly man,the man brought his head up from the shelf he was rummaging something for,
“How may I help you miss?” He asked grumpily,not knowing whether to apologised and just leave or still ask direction from him.Instead of talking,she brought out the advert from her jeans pocket and gave it to him,he squinted his eyes to read it, then brought out his glass,
“Yeah,” Eva looked at him,he was still squinting his eyes even though he was now wearing his glasses, Eva chuckled.
“Flint Hill?” She nodded,
“Got any folks there?” He was kinda surprised why a young and beautiful girl like her would want to be in Flint Hills for Christmas and taking a good look,she doesn’t look like one of the villagers,she’s from the big city,he guessed,
“Not really,I’m interested in buying that house.” She pointed at the advert on the paper,not wanting to be too forward,he nodded,
“Well,Flint Hills is just right across the road,got any car?” He asked,she nodded,
“Okay, drive into the woody part and Flint Hills comes next.” She took the paper,thanked the man and rushed back into the car where Tyler was now sleeping,she drove across the road since no other car was coming from both side,entered the wood,driving for five minutes until she saw the wooden sign,
“Welcome To Flint Hills.” She tapped Tyler a little, the boy woke up,
“Honey,we’re finally home,this is our new home.” Widening his inquisitive eyes,Tyler looked around the place with curiosity, ready to explore into their new world.


In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 2

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