August 2, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 2

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“???? In Love ❤ With A Vampire ????”
(You can run but you can never hide from them.)
Chapter 2⃣
Flint Hill was a small village,devoid of advanced civilization, it was almost surrounded by hills and small mountains.The people who lived there weren’t much,so each knows the other.The main street of the village wasn’t crowded with people as Eva had imagined it,in fact there weren’t much houses in the village and the ones that are there look almost alike,so she decided to ask for directions to the house on sale.She stopped by an elderly woman who was sitting by the side of a florist shop,still in her car,she showed the woman the paper
Good day ma’am. “Eva greeted the woman,she raised her head up from what had busied her
“Good day my child,how may I help you?” The woman asked showing her almost decayed teeth to Eva as she spoke,
“Yes,I’m looking for this house,” she opened the page of the advert to the woman,who positioned her glasses well to read the paper,she looked up to Eva,
“That’s old Albert’s house.” A laugh line showed beneath her eye and her lips curved into what looks like a grimace,
“Its just down the street,the last house by the left,just before the woods.” Relieved by her acute direction, Eva thanked the woman,took back the paper and drove in accordance to her direction. Finally,she found the house,it wasn’t a bit like the other houses she had seen,this one was different and…’s much of older than the rest but bigger.Eva stopped right in front of it,she came out of the car and went to the other side where Tyler was sitting,
“Ty,don’t come out of the car okay.” She missed him slightly on the cheek and left to check the interior of the house before commencing payment for it.The door wasn’t locked with a padlock, so she just opened it and went inside,the house was good,it has two bedroom and a living room,a space for breakfast corner,a fireplace,the kitchen wasn’t really in a great shape but it was good,the toilets too.After doing a random check at the backyard, Eva came back inside and searched for the contacts of the owners to pay for it,
“There it is.” She muttered in sheer excitement as she saw the number at the bottom line of the paper,she dipped her hands into her pocket,brought out her phone and dialled the number,then went outside to take the call.After finalizing the deal and transferring the full amount the owner asked for the property, she was given a go ahead to move in,she got back into the car to check on her son,
“Mommy,is this where we’re gonna be staying?” The boy asked her she looked at him and nodded,she looked into his eyes and saw relief, relieved of growing up and seeing the man you call your daddy hit your mommy every single night,Eva was satisfied, satisfied that her four year old son Tyler understood everything.
Eva drove around the village and then to a shop,she got cleaning agents,buckets,soaps and detergents to clean the house first.After selecting all she needed,she went to the saleslady counter,
“Good day miss,please run a check on theses for me.” She gave the shopping basket to the lady,who took everything out to check their prices one after the other,
“Ma’am, like you’re new here,haven’t seen you before?” The lady said to Eva with a generous smile,
“Yes,I just moved in here with my son.” She pointed to Tyler who was three feet behind them,holding Rex with one hand and a can of soda with the other,the lady smiled at Eva,
“He’s really cute and welcome to Flint Hill,” she handed a bag containing all Eva bought,
“So,where will you be staying?” She asked Eva who brought out her purse to pay for the items she bought,
“The house by the end of the main street, just right before the woods.” Eva said,the lady’s face twitched,
“You mean old Albert’s house?” She asked,not really smiling now,Eva nodded,
“That’s more like it.” The lady was about saying something else when an older voice interrupted her,
“Lainey ! Lainey!!” The voice called,the girl took her eyes away from Eva,
“Yes mama.” She yelled too to indicate to the owner of the other voice where she’s.A fat and older woman walked in from the back,
“Lainey,go feed Augusto,I’ll take it from here.” She handed a covered bowl to the girl,who took it and left immediately,
“Young miss,you’re new here?” The older woman asked,Eva nodded,took Tyler’s hand and the bags,then she hurried out,she needs to finish cleaning the house before the day runs out
“Mommy,that lady looks nice.” Tyler said as the were driving back home,she took a look at her son and smiled,
“Yeah,people around here tend to be very nice.” She smiled.
After hours of cleaning and scrubbing every nooks and crannies of the house and taking out all the old stuffs,Eva and Tyler were so tired and hungry and it was late,
“Mommy,let’s order pizza.” Tyler said as they were walking to the car,she looked at him,
“Ty,you can’t order pizza from here,the pizza delivery won’t make it.” She felt pity for him,being strap out of all the fancy things he had been having,now he has to try and fit in into a lowly life, Tyler couldn’t hide his disappointment,he kept quiet and didn’t say anything.They drove to a grocery shop to get some food stuffs,
“Miss,please where can I get a good plumber and a good carpenter around here?” Eva asked the woman she met there,
“Malcolm, he lives beside the confectionery, he’s a good carpenter and his brother is a really good plumber.”Too tired for long sermon,she paid their bills and drove back home with Tyler,she prepared beans on toast for dinner and slept in the car,since there was nothing to sleep on in the house.
The next morning,Eva and Tyler drove to the furniture house but all the ones he showed them doesn’t suit her,so she decided to drive back to civilization to get all they would need in their new home.She got a good set of couch,two beds,a TV set,kitchenwares and toiletries, almost everything they would need to be comfortable, after that she went to the bank and withdrew all the cash in her personal account, the one no one ever knew of.She stacked some in her car and got a delivery van to carry the ones that were so big to enter the car.When they got back to Flint Hill,she got the carpenter and the plumber to help her fix everything she’d brought.That evening,almost all the villagers came to visit them and to welcome them to their village,Eva felt like she never had since she got married to Joseph,a feeling of being wanted and being loved,a high sense of security.The older women and children took liken to her and her son Tyler who spoke only a word or two throughout their visit.After they’ve finally left,she prepared chicken soup for dinner,they ate and went to bed.Eva was already asleep when a sound woke her up,she stoop up from the bed and went to check on Tyler,but he was still fast asleep,she headed back to her room but was stopped halfway by the sound again,it was more of a painful groan.She followed the direction where the sound was originating from and was led to her backyard,
“Who’s there?” She said in a shaky voice,it was cold and very dark outside,no reply,she wrapped her arm sound herself and was about going back inside when she heard the sound again,she turned,
“Who’s there?” She asked again, she came down to the grassy part and peered closely, just to see something lying on the floor by the mulberry tree behind her house.The sight scared her cause she thought it was an animal but when she gathered courage and slowly walked toward it,she found out it wasn’t an animal,it was a human,no ordinary human was a handsome man with a wounded left foot and a bleeding lips, dying of cold.


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