June 10, 2021

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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 3

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“???? In Love ❤ With A Vampire ????”
Chapter 3
Eva cautiously trod to the wounded man,
“Who are you?” Her shaky voice mumbled to the man as she walked towards him,he looked up to her fiercely,
“Don’t come near me.”His voice was firm and lit with anger.This man is clearly in pain and still has guts to order me,she knelt beside him and tries helping him up but tt was so reluctant to stand up or even accept her help,she yanked him up with one great forces and held him up even though he was fighting her to leave him,
“I said you should leave me alone,I’m fine.” He thundered,Eva dragged him till they got inside not answering his protest and whims.She took him to the living room and made him lay on the couch,
“Sir,I don’t know you but if you think I would leave you out there cold and in this condition you better think twice about that.” He looked at her with fury,she never minded him,rather she stormed to her kitchen, put some hot water in the kettle and allowed him to heat while she reheated the left over chicken soup,
“He’s definitely gonna need this to help him with the cold.” She muttered to herself as she placed the soup and the gas,she went to her room and got the first aid box.The kettle began to whistle, so she rushed to the kitchen, poured the hot water in a bowl and took a towel with her to the living room,the man was still groaning in pains,
“What’s this?” He asked as he sighted the hot water bowl she was holding,she knelt in front or him,
“Its hot water can’t you see?” She said annoyed at his attitude,
“I can see that,what do you need it for?” He asked,Eva sighed,
I though I was doing him a favor, now he’s trying to be rude,
“You’ll see.” She put the towel into the bowl of water and brought it out,she wrung it till most of the water were gone and placed it on his wounded spot of his foot,
“Arrgh!” He yelled in pain,she’d expected that but not the latter,he pulled his foot from her,
“Be careful miss,that really hurt.” She grimaced,then put on a more serious expression,
“Can you keep it down,my son is asleep and you won’t want him to wake up and find a stranger in his favorite couch.” It worked,he shut up immediately,
“And remember,I’m doing this to help you,a stranger,so be real quiet.” She dragged out his foot and continued with what she was doing.After cleaning the wounded foot,she applied some pigment on it and place a bandage over it,she left him and came back with a bowl of hot chicken soup,
“Take this,it will help you with the cold.” She handed the bowl to him,he reluctantly took the bowl from her and sat up to drink it,
“You can rest on the couch till morning, since its late.” She said,she’d expected him to say a thank you but he didn’t say anything,she left him and headed to her room but not after checking on Tyler again.
“Eva Kennedy, you’re one type of a woman,leaving a strange man in your house to spend the night,mtchew that’s really one brave act.” Her subconscious self told her,she climbed on her bed and put out the light, then fought for sleep to finally come but it wasn’t forthcoming.After fighting sleep to come,Eva tried many techniques of falling asleep but none was working,she counted sheeps,tried putting her one foot on the floor,took her sleeping pills dozens of time but all was useless,so she decided to try out one more,that’s sleeping close to her son.She left her room and went to Tyler’s, she snuggle on his bed and gradually sleep came,it first came as a doze but later took her fully,dragging her to a whole world of fantasies and imagination.
Eva woke up to someone’s calling,at first it was like a dream but it gradually sounded real, she opened her eyelids slowly, Tyler was sitting beside her,she rubbed the back of her palms on her eyes to give her a clearer view,
“Mommy,it’s snowing already.” The boy said happily, Eva fully awake now,sat up and took a peek through the window, everywhere outside was covered with snow and snowflakes were falling from the morning sky.Tyler pulled her hands,
“Mommy,let’s go outside with Rex to touch the snow.” He asked in excitement, Eva smiled and nodded,then something struck hard on her brain,
“The man.” She hurriedly stood up from Tyler’s bed and raced to the living room just to see an empty couch,an empty living room,she gasped,
“Where has he gone to?” She asked herself as she checked the kitchen and even the backyard,the stranger was gone and gone without any trace,
“I don’t even know his name.” She sulked as she walked back incident,
“Whose name?” She raised her head up and saw her son dressed in a complete winter suit holding Rex who was wearing a scarf on his stuffed head,
“Mommie,who are you looking for?” Tyler asked her,she faked a smile,
“No…..no,I’m not looking for anyone.” Tyler grinned mischievously,Eva was kinda surprised,
Did face.
r see him before he left? She asked herself,
“When I came to get water from the kitchen, I met a man in the living room, he was fast asleep,so I woke him up…….He said his name is Adrian and you helped him last night….” Eva smiled and held her son close,
“Mommy,he left very early and gave me this,” he brought out a red and white Shelby car key holder and showed it to her,
“It’s nice.” Eva complimented, Tyler kept the toy back into his pocket and looked at his mom,
“Let’s go now mommy,” He pulled Eva’s hand and dragged her outside with him,excitement all over his baby face
Eva didn’t have much fun as Tyler outside,she couldn’t take her mind off the strange man whose name turned out to be Adrian.There’s something about him that sets her off,she had meet so many men but none had triggered such care and attention she’d shown this Adrian except Davis,he was the only guy she cared for but not till after he betrayed her.She came back inside to prepare breakfast while Tyler was still outside playing with the other kids in the snow.She’d watched how he related with the other kids and was happy that her sin wasn’t slipping into a withdrawal state,he’s finally adjusting to the environment and that gave her greater joy.After preparing breakfast,She went out to call Tyler in but surprisingly saw him with two their kids his age,a boy and a girl.
“Good day ma’am.” The kids greeted her with a smiling face,she ushered them inside,
“Mommy,these are my new friends Derry and Stacey.” Tyler introduced the kids who Eva took to be twins cause of their thick resemblances, they went to the living room and Tyler put on the TV,
“Derry and Stacey,how are you doing?” Eva asked them still smiling,they nodded.
“You guys can join us for breakfast.” She told the kids and went to the kitchen to prepare more pancakes and get extra milk and tea for the kids.Halfway through breakfast,a knock was heard in the door,Eva stood up to get it and found a young miss at the door,
“Sorry for disturbing you miss,but I got wind my kids are here,is it true?” The woman asked,Eva gave a generous smile and nodded,then ushered the woman inside,
“Mama!” The kids said and rushed to hug the woman,
“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming this far,I was worried about you.” She kissed the kids simultaneously,
“Mama,we’re sorry,” the girl said and her brother nodded,
“Mama,this is our new friend Tyler.” The boy said looking at Tyler,their mom stood up still holding her kids and smiled at Tyler,
“How are you boy?” She asked,
“I’m fine ma.” Tyler replied taking a looking at his mom too,
“Mama,Tyler’s mama made us pancakes and it very tasty and yummy.” The girl exclaimed,the two women looked at each other with a smile,
“Sorry,I didn’t introduce myself,I’m Rachel and these are my twins Derry and Stacey,nice meeting you.” She held out her hand to Eva who took it with a handshake,
“I’m Eva and this is my son,Tyler.” Rachel nodded,
“I own the confectionery shop down the first street, but live at the third after after yours,you can come visit later.” Rachel said to Eva,she looked at the twins who were squirming with laughter when Tyler led them away,
“Derry,Stacey time to go home,your papa’s waiting for you at home.” She said loud enough for them to hear,they turned to her frowning,
“Mama,let’s stay a little longer.” Derry said,using his fingers to demonstrate the little time by placing his thumb almost at the tip of his index finger,Eva smiled at his gesture,
“You can come back later,but now your papa wants you home.” She said in a stern but lovely way,
“And I’ll get you some strawberry cake when we get home.” She promised them.She got them,cause at the mention of strawberry cake,they both came running to her,
“And you would give some to Tyler too right?” Derry asked,she nodded.Tyler looked at his mom for permission to go,
“Okay bit after you freshen up.” Eva finally said,the kids yelped in excitement hugging themselves,
“Eva,you can come over at the shop too.” Rachel said as they turned to leave,
“Yes I’ll,” she looked at the twins,
“Goodbye kids.” She waved at them,Tyler waved at them too and they waved back till they left.
That afternoon, Eva and Tyler took a walk around the village to know their environment well,they took a tour to some better part of the village,then settled for Rachel Confectioneries,where she treated them to the best cakes and muffins Eva ever tasted,
“Wow,theses are so delicious, how do you make them?” Eva asked as she tasted the orange zest cakes,Rachel smiled,
“You can come join me,you teach me how to make those pancakes and I’ll teach you how to bake these.” Rachel said,Eva nodded,
“I’ll definitely do that,let’s start tomorrow by noon.” She said,
“Okay and one thing more,” Eva looked up,
“The Annual Flint Festival is in a few days time,we could make some pancakes too and sell it there,they would so love it.” Rachel offered,Eva thought for awhile,
“That will be a good idea.” She said,
At least,I could earn more money from this than relying on the cash I withdrew yesterday from my account.
“Rachel, can I ask you something?” Rachel nodded,
“The woods after my house,how safe they?”She asked,thinking of Adrian and his strangeness,
“I don’t know,no one from the village had been there for so many decades now,” Eva twitched her face,
“But why do you ask,seen anyone there lately?” Rachel asked,
“Not,not really,just wanted to see what it looks like.” She said obviously lying,she wasn’t ready to talk about Adrian to anyone and honestly not Rachel,
“Mommy,really!” Eva turned and saw Tyler looking at her with a smile and over excited face.
“No…….” Damn,she needs to think of something fast,she doesn’t really want to go there,she looked at Rachel smiling face and to Tyler’s over excited face,
“Yes,but you’ll to finish your meal before that.” She said,she couldn’t disappoint her son and have Rachel find out she just lied to her.Tyler took a bottle of water and left to meet Derry and Stacey obviously telling them about their adventure to the wood,Eva sighed,
“Not that its dangerous but I heard that vampires once lived in Flint Hill,friendly though until one killed Old Albert’s first son,so they were all sent out of Flint Hill,” Eva was shocked,she’d never expected vampires to be real,she always believed them to be stories
“Don’t worry,that has been over fifty years ago,my papa told me the story before he died on.” Eva wasn’t really buying the vampire shit,her history teacher during high school had told them that vampires weren’t real but just myth and stories told by some adventurers to prove that they’ve been places.
After spending the whole afternoon at Rachel’s, Eva and Tyler left in the evening,with Tyler continuous blabbing about the woods. That night,Eva stayed awake till late hours,checking for Adrian but she didn’t see him again,everything looked so normal like nothing had happened, so she went to bed
The next morning,after breakfast, she had bundled Tyler and herself up in warm winter suits and boots and they set out for the woods,
“Tyler,make sure you don’t run,don’t go too far and don’t leave my sight.” She said for the umpteenth time,since they set out from home while the little boy did nothing but to say yes mommy and nod.After walking deeper into the wood,Eva called Tyler,
“Honey’s time to head back home,I need to go to Mrs Rachel before it’s late.” She said sitting on a log of wood,
“Mommy,let’s go further a little.” He cried,
“Honey,we’ve gone further enough.” She said,that what he said ten minutes ago when she said its time to go.
“Tyler,we need to go home now and Miss whatshername…….” He looked at her,
“Mommy,it’s Miss Rachel.” Tyler corrected,
“No not her,the woman in the grocery shop?” She said, Tyler shook his head and place his hand on his forehead,a sign of frustration,
“Mommy,its Miss Christie.” Eva chuckled,Tyler had managed to keep the villagers name in memory while she’s still trying to figure out each person and their name.
“Okay,Miss whatever,it time to go home.” She said,Tyler walked away from her,almost to the end of the wood,kicking the snow filled path,then he rushed back to her,
“Mommie ! Mommie !!” He ran towards her,she stood up wondering why he was running so fast,
“Ty,what’s the matter?” She asked her panting son,
“There’s a house after the river.” He pointed to the direction he just ran from.Eva still holding his hand,walked toward the place,when she got there,it was true and a river was separating the hill like wood from the house surrounded by bushes and woods,
Who would be living here and surrounded by this bush? She asked herself,still clutching Tyler close to herself as they walked down the sloppy hill,
“Tyler let’s go back..” Before she could finish her statement, the boy pulled from her and ran down to the river,
“Tyler come back here.” She rushed to him,
“Mommy,let’s see who’s leaving there first.” He said,sighing,she carried him across the shallow river and went to the porch of the house,then she knocked.No sound was coming from inside,
“Tyler let’s go,it isn’t safe here.” She whispered to him not wanting to tell him how scared she was,
“Mommy,are you scared?” He asked her,before she could answer, a mountain bike drove in by the side of the house,Eva took Tyler’s hand and they fled into the nearby bush to know who that was.Don’t blame me,survival antics.
The man came down from the mountain bike and walked to the porch,
“I can smell human blood.” He said,his eyes shone like a deadly person,Eva gulped.
“It’s coming from nearby,I can perceive it from here,” He kept the umbrella he was holding,
“After all this years,I’ve a real human blood to taste,” He rummaged the whole place,looking for his prey.Eva was shit scared, all her life,she doesn’t believe in vampire not even when Rachel spoke about it but now she’s about to be drained by one,
She looked at her son,the boy was so scared,holding her and his stuff toy Rex too,
“Mommy,is he gonna drink our blood?” He asked in a faint whisper,she shook her head and held him tighter,
I must be the luckiest Lycans alive to have a human blood at my disposal after a very long time.”He rushed inside the house with great agility and speed.
“Tyler,let’s go before he comes out again.” Eva said to her son,pulling get son up,they turned to leave but was met by the most deadliest smile ever.


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