July 27, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 32

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful

Episode 32.


“Should I pick it ” I asked my sister.

She thought for a second before she spoke up. “Pick it ”

I did as she said and placed the call on a loud speaker.

“You so annoying ” I heard the boss say from the other end while I just kept mute.

“Anyways ,my brother wants to see you tomorrow ,report to my house by 8AM tomorrow” He added and hung up.

“Looks like he had calm down?” My sister said.

“Maybe ,but he didn’t sound like someone that will employ me back” I said.

“When you get to his brother’s place ,you will know more about his decision.” my sister said.

“But what could his brother wants to see me for?” I asked.

“Erm….let’s not assume yet ,when you get there”



Following Morning.

I wasn’t really sad that I had being fired. I knew he will employ the pretty me as his new secretary anyways.

I alighted from the cab that I had taken from my house to his house. I entered the house and straight to the room.

I saw his brother concentrates his attention on the television.

“Good morning Sir ” I greeted and he directed his gaze at me .

“Welcome dear ,have your sit ” He gestured and I sat.

He glanced at me from head to toe and said; “you look pretty”

“Thanks sir ” I said and he smiled.

Seems the boss is not even around.

“The boss has gone to his place of work in case you thinking of seeing him around. After he fired you yesterday ,I pleaded with him to employ you back but he refused. I then insist that he should at least help me put a a call across to you to show up today.” He said.

“I’m grateful sir ” I thanked him and he kept smiling.

“You seem to be normal today ” He said and I kept mute. I was just watching him wondering why he had invited me over.

“I knew you must be wondering why I wanted to see you. It’s nothing serious. I just want us to go out together and have fun. I hardly come over here , you could just show me few places and we can fun in it’s fullest” He said.

“Meaning , I will follow you out to show you how our country looks like ?” I asked.

“Not that way , It’s more like I’m taking you out. All bills on me of course. We will shop and just have every fun you have ever imagined together ”

“But sir…I’m still sad that I lost my job ,I do not think I’m really fit at the moment to follow you out ” I said and he chuckled.

“Follow me out today and I’ll give you a cheque of a year salary” He said and my face dropped.

He grinned. “Are you surprised ? ”

“But I will exhaust the money at the long run and go back to penury ” I said.

“You can invest with that money and I could help you get a job at my country. If you would only follow me when next I’m going” He said.

“I’ll think about that sir ” I said.

“Good ,so are we going together ?”

“Yes” I replied and we both stood. We has barely took few steps to leave the house when the boss showed up.

“I wasn’t expecting to see you” His twin said.

“I came for..to… . Where are you guys going?” He asked his brother.

His brother held me in his hand in a couple style and smiled to his brother and said ; “Out, to have fun”

The boss was dumbfounded and he just opened his mouth but words were coming.

His twin and I walked away from him and I turned my head to him where he stood still.

The only emotions I could read on his face was Jealousy.

Why though?

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