August 1, 2021

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Red Haired Witch. Episode 20

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????Jace POV????
I appeared at the Book House but Kira wasn’t there…books were off the shelves,some were on her table..where could she be? – did a black
witch took her already? No it can’t be! I panicked as I made my way out of the room. I brought out my phone and dialed Kyle’s number
Jace:hello Kyle
Kyle:hi…have you see Kira?
Jace:she is not in the Book House
Kyle: Relax Jace she might be in the Library getting new books
Jace:you think so?
Kyle:yes Jace
Jace:but the Book House is scattered as if someone invaded it
(Kyle laughed)
Kyle:it always like that if she wants to distribute the old ones and bring in new ones
Jace:okay…I didn’t think of that
Kyle:okay just go to the library
I caught a glimpse of Kira and Lana down the Hallway with Books in their hands. Kyle was right she was coming from the library,I ran to meet them
(She called when she saw me jogging towards their way)
Jace:Hi Lana
Lana:hello Jace…where have you been Kira has been looking for you
(I caught Kira nudged her side)
Kira:don’t.. get the wrong idea… I was just –
Lana:thinking of you
(Lana completed..well I don’t know if that was what Kira wanted to say)
Lana:Uhmmm sorry Bestie for completing your statement or isn’t that what you wanted to say?
(Lana gave Kira a sly wink)
Jace: let me help you with that
(I made an attempt to collect the Books in her hands) Lana instead
Lana:so sweet of you Jace but I’m jealous you should help me instead cause I’m not used to carrying these books
(Lana passed her books to me)
Lana:thank you for saving me today Jace
Jace:you are welcome
Lana:Take care Bestie
(Kira walked on and I was almost following her but Lana stopped me)
Lana:I need to tell you a secret
(She whispered)
Lana:I think Kira likes you…
Jace:how do you know that?
Lana:she talked about you while we were selecting books at the library
Jace:good or bad?
Lana:good of course…sh sh sh don’t tell her I mentioned it to you…Kira won’t confess to you cause she is very good at hiding her feelings.. I will advise that if you feel anything for her make a move Jace
Jace:but she still likes Matteo
Lana:No she doesn’t like him anymore that was before she only cares about him now
Jace:why are you telling me a secret meant to stay between you two?
Lana: that’s because…
(She smiled and poked me)
Lana:you look like my celebrity crush Jace:celebrity? Which Celebrity?
Lana:uhmmm not really a celebrity but he is popular in the Jewelry business world
(Is there someone who is doing well in Jewelry business than Trista Empire)
Jace:who is he?
Lana:Max Torres the owner of Trista Empire – you look like him just that your hairstyle is different. Do you know him?
Jace:No Lana… I think I’ll go ahead now see you later Lana
(I walked away quickly before she could say another word Lana almost blew my cover back then. How did she even recognize me? Is it that obvious that I look like Max Torres..I think I will have to do another hairstyle)
Jace:Have you eaten? (I asked Kira when I caught up with her)
Kira:yes mom packed food for me
Jace:I went to the Book House –
Kira:I came to get Books from the library
Jace:you said we need to talk in class this
Kira:yes…Kyle had a dream
Jace:Tell me about it
Kira:I will when we get o the Book House
“Hi Jace”
(We stopped in track when we saw three girls standing in front of us. Kira and i exchanged glances cause I don’t know any of them but it
seems Kira knows them)
“I haven’t introduced myself to you handsome”
(She said twirling her hair)
“I am Natalie and these are my friends Kendra and Nadia”
”Hi Jace!”
Jace: nice to meet you girls
Natalie:so Jace what is a handsome guy like you doing with a … “Carrot top”
(Her friends completed and they all laughed)
Natalie:well Jace you shouldn’t be with someone like her..she smells evil
(She flashed me a seductive smile. Is she trying to seduce me with her stupid smile after mocking Kira? She must have being bullying Kira with her friends,she won’t get away this time – I will give them something they will nurture for awhile)
Jace:why did you say that?
Natalie:can’t you see she looks like –
Kira:I’ll go ahead Jace
(Kira walked away at a close run)
Jace:like what? (I asked in my sternest voice)
Kendra:a pumpkin
(They all laughed)
Jace:nice try girls…are you done talking?
(They didn’t respond)
“It a pity that none of you girls is my type…I don’t date girls like you..Ah! Not only that it seems you girls don’t know how ugly you are –
the three of you are worse than trolls. Natalie’s nose is like that of a rabbit’s, Nadia’s eyes is like an elephant’s,kendra looks like frog. Am not done yet…I hate fake girls…I mean girls that depends on make up and plastic surgeries just to look pretty. I won’t take it light with you girls anytime I see you making fun of Kira cause that girl with a Red Hair is a million times better than any of you”
(I said before walking off none of them will understand the nose,eyes and frog I mentioned until they stare at the Mirror or when others tell
them how awful they look. Serves them right for making jest of my Zoe)
????Jace POV????
Kira was arranging the books on her desk when I walked into the Book House
Jace:where should I drop these ones?
(Kira came to me and collected it from me before placing it on the shelf nearby)
“Do you know those girls?”
Kira:yes I do
(She replied as shed packed some books into a carton)
Jace:I haven’t seen their face before –
Kira:they are in FF302
(She wasn’t mad at those girls for calling her name but I know one thing from her countenance she wasn’t happy. Kira was only trying to over look what they said)
“Did Kyle tell you about the vision he had?”
Jace:yes he did
Kira:you understand it?
(Of course i do – the vision Kyle had wasn’t a present one it was an event of what happened on the day Ivy attacked Kira. That’s hair Kyle saw it was Kira’s hair which Ivy cut on that day – The spell they chanted was a spell used in summoning the death spell sent to Kira but it returned back to the altar. The dream Kyle had was the completion of the dream Kira had in her unconscious state. I thought of it all and I found out that the black witches are looking for the
Mage that marked Kira. It won’t be easy finding the little one that woman ordered to get the Mage. I can’t tell Kira and kyle any of these if I do they will find out that I already marked Kira)
Kira:what are you thinking?
(Kira snapped me out of my thought) “Nothing…”
Kira:I know you understand the dream Jace just tell me about it
Jace:Kyle saw what will happen in the future
Kira:I don’t understand Jace:I mean according to what Kyle saw the
red hair he saw is yours
Kira: how sure are you Jace? There are two other Red witches in this world
Jace:it yours Kira.. The little one, woman on a throne and Keira was present in that dream
Kira:yeah you are right I didn’t think of that
Jace:and you know we already planned to give you a mark
(She nodded)
“The fire that lit up on the altar signifies that a spirit returned back”
Kira:wait Jace…let me related it myself
(She paused)
“Those three will summon the death spirit and send it to me but it will only return if I’ve been marked”
Jace: so smart – you are right
(Even if all these already happened)
Kira:Kyle said the only word he heard was Mage and the little one was ordered to find the Mage that means…
(She stopped and closed her eyes trying to think)
“That means the little one will have to find the Mage that gave me the Mage Mark which is -”
(Her eyes flare open bearing a shocked and pitiful expression)
Kira:you –
(She completed)
“Oh my God!”
(She placed her hand on her mouth. Kira is smart she was able to relate the dream easily – I never expected her to know the Mage was me. The black witches think they can find me Never! What they don’t know is that I am stronger than Zeke in many ways and I can easily destroy a Black witch if I see one without costing me a sweat)
Kira:you are that Mage Jace – the black witches will start looking for you if you give me that mark (She panicked)
“I..I..I don’t want that to happen Jace… I don’t want you to get hurt because of me”
Jace:I am not going to get hurt Kira – The black witches will never find me
Kira:They will Jace
Jace:no they won’t –
(I covered the inch between us)
Kira:I am beginning to have this strange feeling that sooner or later something will go wrong. Kira nothing will go wrong..everything will be fine we just need to find who Keira is –
Kira:don’t mark me Jace
(She blurted out)
(She stepped away from me)
” why kira? You need that Mark to protect yourself”
Kira:no Jace…I will be fine i don’t like the idea of any black witch coming after you to kill you.
Jace:listen to me Kira I have the ability as a Red Mage to fight off any black witch. I can resist spell cast by a black witch
(Kira relaxed)
Kira:how are you going to do that?
Jace:By creating a hex
Kira:is that enough to protect you?
Jace: yes Kira you should be more concerned about yourself
Kira:no Jace I can’t be concerned about myself
when I know that someone else’s life is in great danger
Jace:you are right but your own safety should be your first priority
Kira:no I wasn’t brought up that way Jace…thinking of how to save myself when I know someone is gonna die because of me that
doesn’t –
Jace:look at me Kira I am more concerned about you – I have powers,I am well trained on how to use them and I have enough knowledge about Black Witches so I can protect myself
Kira:but –
Jace: don’t worry Kira I will be fine
(I caressed her cheek)
“I am the one who suggested that I give you that mark I am not going to change my mind on that because the black witches will come after
(Then Kira did the most surprising thing – she threw her hands around me for a hug)
Kira:Thank you Jace
(Wow! Zoe hugged me! I can’t believe this…just because I placed her above myself then she gave me a hug)
Kira:I really don’t know how to thank you for deciding to Mark me when you are fully aware of the danger involved
(That true! I never really thought of black witches coming after me if I mark her until I told them the secrets behind Mage marking. Now that I already Marked her there is nothing to remove the Mark until I die)
Jace:you don’t have to thank me Kira…
(Kira pulled out of my hands and now there was a bright smile on her face)
Kira:I will explain things to Kyle when i get home
Jace:about…those girls earlier I don’t want you to think of what they said about you – I don’t want you to be unhappy because they called you names
Kira:I am not concerned about what they said
Jace:for how long have they been calling you names?
Kira:over a year now
(She taped the carton and brought out anther new carton)
Jace:you want to fill it?
Kira:yes with the books from the 4th shelf
Jace: let me help with this one while you pick another one
Kira:thank you
Jace:so you just walk away anytime they call you names?
Kira:yes…actually Natalie is Kyle’s Ex
Jace:really? But she Is not suppose to treat you like that since she used to be your twin brother girlfriend
Kira:she is only doing that because I told Kyle her little secret
Jace:what secret?
Kira:I saw her kissing one of Kyle’s friend so i told Kyle – he confronted her about it but she denied unfortunately for her I had evidence. Kyle showed the pictures to her so that led to the break up
Jace:she hated you because she found out you told Kyle what she did
(I laughed)
Jace:don’t feel bother about them anymore because they won’t come near you after today
Kira:how do you know that?
Jace:I talked to them
(Well i did more than talking with Natalie and her friends. I am sure everyone will be making fun of them now)
°°° °°°
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