July 31, 2021

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The Baby Contract. Chapter 2

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The Baby Contract. Chapter 2B.
The Baby Contract. Chapter 1

????The Baby ???? Contract????
Chapter 2
When she got to the hospital,she headed to the changing room and changed into her uniform.
“Anne!”someone called her,she turned and saw her colleague Naomi,
“Mr Salvador was asking after you just awhile ago.”she informed,
“Okay,I’m going to see him now.”she told Naomi and she left her in the changing room alone,she picked up her phone,15 missed calls from Frank,she sighed and kept the phone back in her bag.Then she went to meet Mr Deville,she made a decision to accept his offer,since she isn’t engaged anymore,
“Good morning sir.”she greeted him,he wasn’t sleeping but didn’t reply,he just smiled at her,
“How are you doing,hope you slept well?”she asked him,
“Well,I’m doing fine just that I feel a little bit tired.”she nodded and smiled
“Ehm…..I…..”she don’t know how to tell him of her decision,
“Anne what is it?”he asked her,she frowned.
He’s behaving as if he doesn’t know what I came here for,she said to herself.
“Sir,I…..I accept your offer,”she said slowly,
“You what?”he pretends not to know what she’s talking about and that irritated her,
“Your fucking offer,you asshole.”she muttered to herself,he smiled.
“Anne,are you sure you wanna do this?”she was stunned by his question.Is this not the same man begging me yesterday,why is he behavinglike he knows nothing?she asked herself.
“Yes sir,I want to do it.”she swallowed hard,
“Okay.”he brought out his phone and called someone,
“Bring the documents.”Not long later,a young man walked into the room and handed some papers to him.He handed the papers to her,
“Sign that.”it was more of an order than a request,she smirked and went through it then she signed it and gave it back to him.
“Do you agree to the terms and conditions?”he asked her,she frowned.
“Do you think I signed that for fun?”she asked rudely,
“Then your works starts now,we’re going to my house from here.”he said,
“Why?”she asked angrily,
“Didn’t you read the paper well or do you need glasses to go through it again.”he queried her,she smirked and muttered okay then she went back to the changing room to get her bag.
He was coming pit of his room when she came back to him,
“I need to get my stuffs from my house.”he smiled,
“I did that already so its no use goingback there.”she gave him the you-invaded-my-privacy look but he smiled impishly,
“Don’t worry,I had my female staff do it for me.”she shrugged and went downstairs with him,they got into his car and his driver drove them to his house.
Deville’s mansion took almost the whole estate,it was very large and has enough space bit housed only seven people,Deville,his driver,his security guard,his gardener,his cook,his housekeepe and his washman.He paid his workers well but doesn’t treat them with respect.Actually,Deville Clyde Salvador treats no one with respect except his foster mom Phina Salvador and his four friends Williams Martinez,Tim and Jake Grayson and Archie Buena Criollo,best friends from different background.When they got home,his drover got down from the car and opened the door for him and Anne,she was in awe when she saw the mansion,the driver went to the trunk and brought put Anne’s luggage then he took it inside.
“When you’re done drooling,you can follow me inside.” He said sarcastically,she ignored him but followed him inside.The interior of mansion was as large as the exterior,the living room took almost the whole first floor,at the North Wing of the first floor is the kitchen,opposite the kitchen is the was the great dining hall,the servant quarters took the East Wing with three rooms.Deville’s room is the master bedroom of the house,while the other five rooms spread put in the second floor,each with a window view balcony.
“Millie!”Deville called put and his cook coming running out,
“Welcome sir.”she greeted,she’s a young woman in her mid twenties,she smiled to Anne.
“Prepare something for me and my mistress.”he ordered,Anne arched an eyebrow.Hey dummy,I’m not your mistress,she shouted inside her but frowned,he turned to her,
“I mean my guest.”Millie left them,
“Let me show you to your room.”she followed him upstairs and he showed to her room then left her and went to his.

The Baby Contract. Chapter 2B.
The Baby Contract. Chapter 1

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