July 25, 2021

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The Baby Contract. Prologue.

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The Baby Contract. Chapter 1

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????The Baby ????Contract ????
By Quin Tully ????
Annabel Pearl McKenzie was a young girl from the wrong track of life,having lost her parents in a tragic car accident at the age of four,she spent the next two years of her childhood going to different foster homes and through the system.None of the foster family seems to like the four years old,snow white skinned girl with the eyes of a goddess,shes is a very fragile piece that gets hurt easily,she was sent to live with a distance Uncle.Uncle Charlie was Anne’s maternal uncle,his wife Aunt Elena was a plumby woman who for once never liked the little Annabel for once, she never supported the idea of having the little girl come stay with them. They have two children,a boy Jeremy who was same age with Anne but some months older and a daughter Sasha who was two years younger,Jeremy who had little understanding of what a distance cousin was took Anne as his sister while Sasha despise Anne for her more beautiful looks over the years.
A few years as passed and Anne has grown into a beautiful young lady, Jeremy has grown up too, he’s Far East finding himself as he puts it while Sasha is a sophomore at St Xavier College where Anne graduated.Anne who graduated as a nurse is working in one of the best hospital in the city, living in her apartment in thee outskirt of the city a thirty minutes drive to her work place.Every woman has a Prince Charming and that’s the same for Anne, she’s in a serious relationship with Frank Martinez, a quite rich gentleman who loves her with all his heart, he is her perfect princess charming,
he has proposed to her and she accepted his proposal.Her life was finally under control and was in order until she met her Greek God. Thing started changing when she was assigned to take care of a cancer patient,Deville Clyde Salvador.


The Baby Contract. Chapter 1

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