July 29, 2021

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The Billionaire’s Surrogate. Chapter 3

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????CHAPTER 3????


For the next one month,Gianna was like a pawn to the secretary and her so called boss,she hadn’t seen him but he has been giving orders on what she should be and what not to do,

*No phone:She can’t contact to anyone,no family or friends, in fact,no connection to the outside world.
*No outing:She isn’t permitted to go out unless she’s going out with the secretary which is very rare case.
*Eat whatever you’re given:She’s to eat whatever is being prepared,her diet’s being controlled by a dietician and the gynaecologist comes in every week to check on her.

She’s to abide by all this rules because the boss won’t want an unhealthy child.

“Can I ask for a favor?” She asked the secretary, the woman she has gotten accustom to seeing every morning for the past one month,

“What is it?” The woman’s tone was flat,she can’t do anything from the ordinary,

“Can I see my father?” The woman looked at her,
She’s gonna say no but I need to persuade her to allow me go.
I haven’t seen him for almost a month and the worst is that he has no idea where I am now.
He must be so worried about me.

“Why do you think I’ll grant you your wish?” The woman asked her,


“I’ve told you to address me with my name,Lilian.” She reprimanded, Gianna nodded.

“Lilian,I just want to see him and talk to him so hell know I’m fine,I know he must be worried about me just leaving home and not returning for almost a month now.” She explained,the older woman was so sympathetic,

“Okay I’ll allow you but this should be out little secret and it’ll definitely not be today.” The girl frowned,

“But why?” She asked with a frown,

“The boss is coming today,so you’ll need all the strength you can get to meet him,so I won’t want you have an emotional breakdown when he’s meeting you.”She said making specific airs on the ‘meeting’ and that really embarrassed Gianna,

” You don’t need to feel embarrassed, its normal.” The woman mouthed, Gianna frowned

Who wouldn’t be embarrassed at this shit she’s into?
Getting laid by a man who haven’t seen and the worst of it is that you’ll have to do it with your eyes close or probably blindfolded.
You aren’t permitted to touch him or kiss him and he won’t do same to you.
What if she gets clumsy? She has never had any boyfriend and has never been into all this intimate and kissing shit.
Seeing herself having sex is a wild thought she has never pondered on and now,she’ll be doing it with a complete stranger.

She heard he’s the wealthiest in the State and no one knows his net worth but that isn’t her business.

Her only problem now is how to get done with this contract,get paid the remaining five million dollars as the first one million has been paid to her adoptive mother.

She intended on transferring the money to her fathers account cause she’d come here for him not for herself.

Watching how she has been well taken care of in the past one month,she couldn’t help but laugh,
‘Surrogacy, hmp.’

She’s more of a quarantine patient than a surrogate mother,every thing she takes is being checklist by someone or some group of professionals.
Ham,bacon and other healthy food were served to her three times daily,less sugary food and more fruit and veggies.

Though she looks younger and has frail body but one could tell that she’s under a good diet,most of her bony sides have been covered by flesh now.

All this for a healthy and fit baby.

How ironical,she couldn’t even remember series of things from her childhood,not like she had an accident that wiped out her childhood
Far from it,she had done a self induce memory loss.

She’d made herself lock up things from her past cause they don’t matter to her.

Now,someone out there’s going through all this,spending millions of dollars just to have an healthy baby.

And it became much more ironical when she,the girl with the rough childhood had to be the mother of this fit baby.

She was the chosen one.

The girl in a million.

A surrogate mother at eighteen.

“Okay Lilian.” She nodded,

“And also, you’ll be going to the Auston Villa tonight,that were the boss would be meeting you.” She nodded,

It just like every other orders she had taken in the past month.

Lilian once told her that the boss fiancé, the young mistress has congenial infertility and cannot birth any child,so the great master had opted for a surrogate to secure his progeny.

That evening as the limo pulled at the Villa, she slide down the windows, allowing fresh air from the sea side grasp her.

“You love the view?” Lilian asked her,she nodded but didn’t smile.
All her life,she’d only seen thing like this on TV and haven’t been privileged to be in one but now she’s in one.

When the limo parked,she got out and so did the secretary,

“Follow me please.” The woman said,she followed her not asking any question.

Every time Lilian looks at Gianna,she sees the daughter she couldn’t have,she couldn’t help but pity the young girl.

When kids are age are busy whipping up from parties and enjoying their early adulthood, she’s busy being a surrogate to save her family from being poor.

Gianna is an extremely beautiful girl with very frail and fragile body,with an almond shaped eyes and a rosy lips,men couldn’t stand a chance in her beauty.

She was the girl every man would want to keep,with beauty and brain,she was certainly a rare gem.

She’s more of a petite brunette with good curves and good body,she was flawless.

Taking another look at the young girl walking behind her,she couldn’t help but pray the boss goes gentle with her.


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