June 10, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 21

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????Kira POV????
I was sitting in Moral Class listening to Mrs Beatrice droning on and on about “Evil Mind” oh my gosh! This class was so boring. I turned to see a boy named Juan showing his seat partner something on his phone..his seat partner name Lucas let out a small giggle but immediately placed his hand on his mouth
“Who was that?”
(Mrs Beatrice asked but we all kept quiet)
Mrs Beatrice: I heard someone giggled
(No respond)
“Since you all refused to produced that being then everyone -”
“It Lucas”
(Elliott said thank Goodness he had spoken up or else Mrs Beatrice will have probably ask us to do community service or write an article of 10,000 words)
Mrs Beatrice: step out Juan
Lucas:Mrs Beatrice it was a mistake
(He said when he got to the front of the class. Mrs Beatrice hit his head with the small rod in her hand)
(The bell rang and everyone let out a sigh of relief)
Beatrice:see me in my office Lucas
(Poor boy his friend had gotten him in trouble. I got up and collected my books I need to finish my works at the Book House before going home. I shuffled out of class but stopped when my eyes fell on Natalie and her friends they all look horrible. Natalie’s nose was like a rabbit’s, Nadia’s eyes was so big and Kendra’s face looks like a frog the sight was so horrible and I thought I was imagining this again)
Natalie:where is that boy that call himself Jace?!
(I was stunned by their horrible faces – why is she looking for Jace?)
Kendra:look at what he did to us! All because of you!
(What?! Jace did this to them because of me?!. Now they are trying to blame me)
(I looked around students were gathering around us some where laughing while some took pictures of Natalie and her friends)
Kira:what are you saying?
Nadia:can’t you see our faces?!everything about us changed after Jace talked to us
Kira:Jace did this to you?
Kyle: what going on? – what the fuck?!
(I turned back and saw Kyle,Lana,Luis and Jace walking towards me. They all busted into laughter when they came to my side)
Kyle:the rabbit one
Luis:the elephant one
Lana:and the frog one
(Everyone laughed)
Natalie:what have you done to us Jace?!
Had:oh sorry are you talking to me?
Kira:Jace..did you do this to them?
Jace:what so bad about changing their looks? Can’t you see they are prettier
(Everyone laughed again)
Kyle:Jace why did you make them prettier?
(He teased)
Jace:oh!… Because they called Kira bad names
Lana: what names?
(Lane was probably getting ready to attack them)
Jace:carrot top..
Evil and…. pumpkin
Lana: you said that?!
(She rushed towards them and dragged their hairs)
Lana:how dare you say that to kira?!
(Luis pulled her backward and carried her)
Luis:calm down sis
Lana: no let me teach them a lesson on how to respect Kira
Luis:not now you are not to fight in school
Lana:I don’t care!
Luis:well I do and you can do that after we leave school
Lana:be ready to fight sluts!
(She tied her hair in a bun style)
Natalie:shut the fuck up!
Lana:did you hear that? These girls deserves to be turned into what their face looks like
Nadia:mind your business
(Jace made them like this because they called me names – he must have really done this while he was talking yo them. I thought he was friendly with them just like how he was with Ivy and felicity)
Kyle:Lana don’t stres yourself I am sure Jace intends to make them be like this for a while
Jace:yes a whole year since they’ve been calling Kira names for a year too
Lana:serves them right
(I don’t want them to be like this for a year. I went to Jace)
Kira: Jace please…undo the spell…I am sure they’ve learnt their lessons
Lana:no they haven’t especially Natalie she is still stubborn
(Jace stepped closer)
Jace:I will consider what you just said on one condition
(He whispered into my ears)
Jace:you with go somewhere with me
Jace:somewhere you will like
Kira:I won’t if it a dark place
Jace:it not a dark place
(Jace stepped back and walked towards Natalie and the rest)
Jace:you girls should thank Kira for saving you today but I will change you when you do what I ask of you
(What is he saying again when I already agreed to go somewhere with him)
Natalie: what do you want?
Jace: go on your kneels and apologize to Kira for what you did and also make a promise that you won’t call her names again Except by her name KIRA
(The three girls exchanged glances)
“Go on your kneels and apologize”
(Someone screamed and everyone echoed “apologize!”….Luis silence them)
Lana: please don’t apologize so that he won’t change you and you can all remain like this forever
(Kendra and Nadia went on their kneels but Natalie refused)
Nadia and Kendra:we are sorry Kira please forgive us
Jace:make a promise
Nadia:I promise that i won’t call you carrot top again or any names
Kendra:I swear to you that I won’t insult you ever again
Jace:good girls…get up
(He stretched his hands towards them and they took it respectively)
Jace: you will be yourself when you step out of school
All:Thank you
Jace:now your turn Natalie
(She didn’t make an attempt to kneel)
Kyle:let’s go if she isn’t ready
(We all made our way towards the glass door)
” wait -”
(We heard Natalie say)
Lana:wait for what?
Natale:I will kneel
Jace:no…I will make you do something else
(Jace held my hands and pulled to where Natalie was)
Jace:kiss her feet
(We all gasped in shock)
Kira:no..no Jace
Jace:stay calm babe…let her kiss your feet
Kira: no….no
Jace:I want her to pay to what she did…
(He stroked my cheeks)
“She won’t come after you okay?”
(He said in a low tone)
(Natalie went on her kneels and placed a kiss on my shoe)
Jace:good girl stand up
(Jace shake Natalie)
Natalie: will I change?
(He grinned wickedly)
Natalie:I’m sorry Kira I promise that I won’t call you names
Kira:okay Natalie
Kyle:now this is a big lessons to everyone…if I catch anyone calling my sister names I will make you scrub the hallway with your tongue
(He said and we all walked away)
Kyle:I thought she won’t kneel
Lana:then she will live like that forever
Kira:hey guys I won’t be going home with you I am not done with the work at The Book House
Kyle:I am staying with you then
Kira:no I will be fine
Kyle:I don’t want you to stay alone
Jace:don’t worry I will stay with her
Kira:I said I will be –
Jace:you can’t change my mind I am staying with you
Kyle:just let him
Kyle:bye sis
Lana:bye bes
????Author’s POV????
Kira:why did you make them like that just because they called me names?
Jace:I did that because I don’t like what they said to you
Kira:you shouldn’t have done that
Jace:they deserve more Kira I can’t stand it when someone call you names because of your hair..is there something bad about that?
Kira:I am..I am just worried about you Jace…a black witch might be among those students out there
Jace:I already assured you that I will be fine nothing will happen to me
Kira:I hope so Jace….Anyways thank you
Kira:defending me if I may say and for offering to stay with me
(He nodded)
“So where do you want me to go with you?”
Jace:like I said it somewhere you will like
Kira:at least tell me about it
Jace:I want you to meet someone
Jace:someone I know that needs your help
Kira:my help?
Jace:yes but I have to ask you some questions
Kira:you can sit and asked me while I clear things up here
Jace:I’d rather help Zoe than sit back and watch you work
Kira:your choice
Jace:now lets talk about our powers
Jace:do you have healing powers?
Kira:yes I do
Jace:so..have you tried using it before
Jace:you mean you’ve healed someone before?
Kira:yes I have healed cuts and wounds and a blind begger I saw one day
Jace:a blind?
Kira:yes but I didn’t show myself to him I healed him from afar
Jace:and he can see?
Kira:yes…that day I restored his sight I felt like finding more blind people and make them see again
Jace:what about now? Can you still heal people?
Jace:I..I..know of a girl who is blind she begs for arms on the street. I do give her money regularly anytime I see her, we became friends and one day I offered to take her in and probably take her to a school for the blind but she refused
Jace:she said there is only one thing she wished for which is to see again
Kira:why didn’t you heal her?
Jace: trust Kira I would have done that if I had such Powers
Kira:you don’t have healing powers as a Mage?
Jace:yes but since you do Kira…do me a favour of meeting this girl and restore her Sight
Kira:so you planned to take me to her?
Jace:not really Zoe
Kira:just call me Kira
Jace:no i like Zoe
Kira:suit yourself
Jace:so are you –
Kira: I will go with you to meet the girl since you are always willing to help me Jace
Jace:thank you
Kira:just let me finish then we can go – do you know where she stays?
Jace:yes Zoe
Jace: where is the toilet?
Kira:down the corridor the second to the last door on the right
Jace:I will be back
(Jace walked out of the room,he followed Kira’s directions and made a few calls in the toilet before going back to the book House)
Jace:you are done
Jace:is there bus around?
Kira:no I use my powers to return home anytime I’m late
Jace:I will use my powers then but…I have to hug you
(Kira nodded Jace hugged her pressing up against his well built chest. In an instance they disappeared)
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