August 3, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 22

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????Kira POV????
Butterflies formed deep down my belly, a chill ran down my spine when Jace held me tightly to his chest. Why am I like this? Perhaps am I beginning to like Jace?.. To be honest Jace is a good guy, thinking of marking me so that I will be safe and neglecting the dangers he will be exposed to. I really feel bad about that I don’t want him to die like Zeke because of me…he promised that he will be safe and I will hold on to his words but even if Jace said he is enough to protect himself since he is a well trained Mage for me i will still have to cast a protective spell on his behalf to ensure his safety. If healing a Blind girl will make him happy then I am willing to do it for him. I don’t like seeing people with certain disabilities,not that I can heal all manner of sickness but I can restore a lost sight.
Jace:we are here Zoe
(Zoe? Jace calling me Zoe reminds me of Matteo)
Jace:open your eyes
(I opened them slowly and looked around we were standing in front of a wooden door)
Kira:is this her house?
Jace:yes…I always drive her home whenever I see her
Kira:is she home?
(Jace knocked)
“Who is that?”
Jace:it me Matty…
(He said)
“short form of Matilda”
(He whispered to me)
“Oh Jace”
(She said)
Jace:yes Matty
(The door opened)
Jace:hi Matty
Matty:how have you been Jace?
(Matty was really blind seeing that she wasn’t looking straight at us but her eyes was widely opened)
Matty:is someone with you?
Jace:yes Matty I came with my schoolmate
Matty:oh! Hi I’m Matilda.. But you can call me Matty
(She stretched out her hands and I took it)
Kira:I am Kira
Matty:nice to meet you..please come in
(She opened the door wide enough for us to walk in. The house was neat and tidy and I was surprised. Matty doesn’t look like a beggar she is pretty and healthy than someone who is having both eyes. I wonder how a blind girl manages to keep a clean house)
Jace:don’t be surprised Zoe…She is a very neat somebody and Matty isn’t a beggar anymore I helped her with this place
(He whispered – I wondered how she was even able to survive all by herself)
Matty:Will you like some Juice Kira?
Kira:no I am fine
Jace:we are not here for entertainment..Kira is here to help
Jace:yes to restore your sight
Matty:is she a surgeon?
Matty:then how?
Jace:she will make you see with her powers?
Matty:oh she is a superhuman like you?
Jace:yes but only that she has healing powers which I don’t have
Kira:were you born blind?
Kira:then how long have you been blind?
Matty:two years…I was involved in a car crash with my parents
Kira:sorry about that… But where are your parents?
Matty:they both died in that car crash… That why I had to beg for arms in the street just to survive..but all that ended thanks to Jace who gave me his savings just to get me a house
(I turned to look at Jace who was more focused on Matty…thinking of him now I don’t know anything about him…his family, parents or even siblings. I will definitely ask him about that)
Matty:hey Jace! I can tell that Kira is really a beautiful girl.. Am I right?
Jace:yes you are right Matty
(We exchanged glances)
Kira:I will heal you Matty so that you can see and be able to do things yourself again
Matty: I will forever be grateful to you if I see again
Kira:you don’t have to do that Jace:do we have to come back?
Kira:No I will do it now
Jace:any items needed?
Kira:yes a green candle to manipulate energy
Matty:I think I have one around here
Jace:oh that good then I was thinking of producing one with my powers
Matty:no need superhuman
Jace:jealous that you don’t have any?
(He teased)
Matty:yes I am
(She pouts)
Jace:what about the spell?
Kira:I know a spell from my family book that quickens the healing powers of the cell of the body,not like instant healing but considerably faster
(All I need is a focused mind,clear voice,green candle and knowing how to manipulate energy which I know)
(I sat down in a comfortable position on the floor,place the candle on my right then I gestured to Jace to make Matty sit in front of me before placing my hand on her eyes. I visualize my hand which glowed with bright green energy and I then charged the candle with that energy and burn the candle. I gathered the healing energy in my hand again and this time sent it into Matty’s eyes and as the healing energy enter the eyes I felt it visualized the cells around the eyes and in no time her eyes glowed bright green and white and then I knew it was time for the spell which I chanted while thinking of Matty)
“With the green eyes,
I make it clean,
Heal Matty with the energy taken from me,
So Mote it be!”
(It was done I sensed Matty eyes opening but I was too weak within to take a look. I had reached the peak of my powers due to chanting one of the greatest healing spell on earth)
“I can see!”
(She screamed!that was all I heard before everything went black)
????Jace POV????
I quietly watched Kira work her magic on Matty – wondering who Matty is?…she is Ruby my sister. Those calls I made in the toilet was an arrangement call. I had to call Henry to move Ruby to a room and he was fast enough to arrange things even before Kira and I got there. As Kira was busy doing her thing I silently pray that it works on Ruby this time. When she was done I sensed Kira’s voice going down and I knew what was happening every Red witch passed out after they reach the peak of their Powers. My face brightened and my heart limped for joy when Ruby screamed “I can see”)
Jace:you can see Ruby?
Ruby:Yes Max I can see you
Jace:what color is this?
(I showed her my grey top)
Ruby:Grey top and black jeans…and your hair is laying above your eyes Max..Max I can See you!I can see everything around!
(She hugged me)
” I can now see Max”
(She said shakily – I released her…tears dropping down our eyes…it was a joyous one)
Jace:I’m so happy you can see Ruby… mom and dad will be so happy in their graves right now
(She wiped my tears and I cleaned hers too)
Jace:I’m so happy
Ruby:but what about Kira?
Jace:she will be fine
(I heard a soft moan Ruby and I turned towards Kira….she was regaining consciousness. I wiped my face clean with my powers)
Ruby:are you awake Kira?
(Ruby went to her and helped her to sit up)
Kira:yes…what happened?
(She held her forehead)
Matty:you don’t remember?
(Kira stared at her intensely)
Kira:oh Matty…can you see now?
Matty:yes…yes…I can Kira
(She replied happily as Kira got on her feet)
Matty:all thanks to you
(She hugged Kira)
“I’m so grateful to you Kira…I have no idea of how to repay you for restoring my sight”
Kira:you don’t have to repay me since I got the powers for free
Matty:but I really want to give you something Kira
(Ruby walked to the drawer down the Tv set and brought out a box. What the hell is she thinking?! Giving mom’s expensive necklace to Kira! She must be kidding! kira will suspect us she will surely wonder how a blind girl got an expensive necklace like this one)
“I want you to have this Kira”
(Ruby opened the box and brought out the diamond necklace)
“It my mom’s favourite necklace but I want you to have it”
(She pushed it into Kira’s hands)
Kira: you don’t have to give me what belong to your mom…you need to keep it with you
Matty:it okay Kira I want you to take it with you as a gift from me
Kira:Matty I’m sorry I can’t
(She gave the necklace back to Ruby)
Ruby: why?
Kira: I…I just don’t want it…you can give Jace whatever it is you want me to have since he brought me to you. He is your saviour not me
Matty:but you restore my sight
Kira:I wouldn’t have done that if not for Jace who told me about you so be thankful to him instead
(Ruby and I exchanged glances. Kira went to the couch and picked up her backpack…something was wrong with Kira,I expected her to be happy that she had put a smile on someone’s face since it was what she liked but Kira was sad instead)
Kira:I’m glad that you can see now Matty –
(She paused and stared at me for a while before looking away)
“I have to return home now…Jace”
Jace:you have to use your powers
Kira:okay bye
Matty:wait Kira..uhmmm how can I reach you?
Kira:there won’t be any need for that Matty
(What was she talking about? She was acting strange)
Jace:are you okay Kira?
(She looked at me and I saw sting of tears in her eyes as I walked closer to her..wanted to touch her but she side stepped me)
Kira:I’m fine
(She varnished)
Jace:what were you thinking Ruby?! Why did you offer such an expensive necklace to Kira?
Ruby:I was just being grateful to her
Jace:no with that Ruby….I portrayed you that you are a poor blind girl
Ruby:sorry I didn’t think of that
Jace:now I think something is wrong with Kira
Jace:I don’t know
Ruby:or..did she find out you’ve been deceiving her?
Jace:I don’t know….No she can’t know I am Max Torres
Ruby:so what next now?
Jace:return back to who I am Max Torres and not Jace Hernandez
Ruby:are you saying you are not going back to Fountain Falls?
Jace:yes Ruby since I already got what I wanted
Jace:what is wrong with you?Ruby you can see now so there is no reason why I should go back to that school?
Ruby:you’re so heartless
Jace:pardon? Why did you say that?
Ruby:you shouldn’t have make Kira fall for you when you know you are gonna leave so suddenly
Jace:I didn’t plan to stay for whole session
Ruby:if Kira finds out what you did she won’t be happy
Jace:I didn’t do anything Ruby…my plan was to go to that school and get a red witch
Ruby:you used her Jace no one want to get used
Jace:I didn’t use Kira…I risked my life for her by Marking her
Ruby:so what?…you marked her fine i know that
Jace:do you even know that the black witches are looking for me?…please don’t make me feel guilty Ruby or make me regret that I helped you
Ruby:you should feel guilty for playing an innocent girl.. I told you right from time that I don’t agree with your plans of Faking
Jace:that was the only way Ruby: no there are other ways – you should have walked up to her and ask for her help.. Just like how you made suggestion to Kyle about the marking and he accepted…I told you that you shouldn’t lie to Kira but you wouldn’t listen
Jace:look stop this Ruby you got your sight back that the most important to me. About Kira Life is about Give and Take – I gave her my Mark and you got your sight
Ruby:I can’t believe you are saying this right now – I won’t forgive you for breaking Kira’s heart
(Ruby stormed out of the room)
????Author’s POV????
Kira appeared in her room and walked straight to the laptop on her reading table. She switched it on and went to Google search. She typed Jace Hernandez and it brought out different pictures none of them look like the person she wanted to see. Kira then typed Max Torres and pictures of a man nicely dressed in suits and other outfits appeared on the screen. She read the story under the images Max Torres Heir of Trista Empire. She kept clicking on the images of Max until Kira saw an article “Mary And Jonas Torres Death” she realized that they are Max’s parents… She saw a picture of them standing at red carpet at the Launching of Trista Jewelries,the image of the girl standing beside Max reminded her of the girl she healed. Kira doubted what she saw until she typed Ruby Torres and it turned out to be the same Matilda…tears dropped down her cheeks when she figured that What she heard in Matty’s house was really true – Jace Hernandez was Max Torres
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