July 27, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 104

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Venessar High School.

Episode 104

Sean’s POV

I alighted from the car that I had driven from my place to venue that the record label manager and I had agreed to meet.

As soon as I stepped down , I was about walking inside when I felt a hand rapped around my nose.

I woke up to find myself in a room with a lady who was naked and laying beside me.

I hurriedly stood scared of what had happened to me. I looked around the room and wondered how I had got here.

It Dawn on me that I wasn’t even putting on a cloth and that I was purely naked.

“What is this? How did I get here ” I shouted and searched around to see if I could see a cloth to wear but I didn’t see any.

The lady began to tweak before me and at first ,I ignored. But I do not really understand why my thing began to stand by itself.

I really wish I could hide it cause I detested that lady so much from my heart but my body is betraying me.

I’m not a ghost ,how can I resist this glarring temptation before me.

My whole body was longing for it. It feels like devouring her thing but I loathe that.

I do not ever want to do anything that will betray Camilla. Even though she’s not here. I’m still loyal to her.

The girl came to where I stood and began to grind her @ss on my thing. It began to rise harder and I ran to a side of the room and covered my thing.

Is this supposed to be the meeting I’m suppose to have with the U and S record label.

I said it ,I wasn’t feeling right about the call but Camilla would not understand.

Now ,I’m trapped and they really want me to commit adultery. how does my act of adultery profits them though.

I looked around for a camera to see if some people are probably watching me somewhere but I can’t find any

“Hey, I will give you tripple of what you are paid ,stop seduce me please and help me out of here ” I said to her softly from where I stood.

She came to me and whispered in my ear. ” It’s not about money ,I’m loyal” She said and licked the shaft of my ears.

She then squatted before me and was about grabbing my think to sU*ck when I pushed her away.

“I will never do this” I shouted and covered my thing as I ran around the room like a kid.

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