June 12, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 4

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???? Addicted to him????

Written by Feathers

Episode 4

(Spanking my butt)

Sawyer’s POV

“Were you the one that tied me ?” I asked the ice cream man

“I’m sorry ma’am , I did as commanded ” He said and continued selling his ice cream

“Will you release me this minute ” I yelled

“I’m sorry ma’am , the order was for you to be there for five hours ” He replied and continued what he was doing

“Have you gone crazy , young man? Am I gonna be here till it is late ? Release me now before I pound on you ” I threatened but he ignored


My body aches so bad , that nitwit of an ice cream man released me after five hours , I can’t imagine , being in the same position for five hours

That boy of a neighbour is just so cruel, doesn’t talk but mean

I shouldn’t have told him to follow me to the ice cream man , he wouldn’t have being able to get his revenge that way

So that was what he wrote for the man in a sheet of paper

It was late in the night , I checked through my window and saw light everywhere in the neighbour’s compound Like it’s day

I know exactly what to do now

I went to one of our rooms where we store all sort of clothes , I pulled one out and wore it

It’s a father Christmas wear, I wore it and went out of the house to my neighbour’s house

My mission is simple, they would not know me , I’ll use that opportunity to know his name and find a way of taking my revenge

I pressed the visitor’s bell after which someone came to open the door

It’s the young boy that said liked me some days ago, the younger brother of that mean boy

“Hey ” I said in a thick voice

He ran inside in fear and came back seconds later with that mean boy

“I …am ….Father …christmas….from…Russia ” I introduced myself

“How can we help you” The mean boy asked

“I’ve being told to give unto you a package , please , let me inside ” I pleaded and surprisingly he gestured for me to walk inside

“Thanks ” I said

Finally , I’m able to explore this building , so I can set my foot here


“Young boys, tell me your names? ” I asked facing them

“I’m Cody , my brother here is …” Before the younger brother could finish saying his words, that mean boy interrupted

“Keep quiet ” He told his brother and went to close the gate well

“Why did you have to close the gate , thou son of man, I’m still going back to Russia , leave the gate open” I said

“Where is the package ?” That mean boy asked ignoring my request

“Not until you tell me your name ” I replied

He ran inside all of a sudden and came back with a bowl of water , he splashed it on me and while I was trying to guide it , my leg slipped and I fell

The big father Christmas uniform wasn’t allowing me to stand up, just too big and heavy

That mean boy walked closer to me and start to spank my butt

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