July 27, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 5

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⛄ Addicted to Him ????

Written by Feathers

Episode 5

(You are pretty)

Sawyer’s POV

“Brother, why are you spanking her butt ?” I heard his brother asked

“It’s our new neighbour , I recognize her voice ” He replies

Oh! I’m casted already , I finally struggle to stand , I didn’t even know how to speak since he recognizes me already, I walked to the gate sullenly and opened it and left


My beautiful butt, I can’t believe that boy spanked it yesterday , Oh my! I feel so embarrassed. I should have found a better way of taking revenge

I didn’t bother waiting for him outside , I just walked to the school

I got to the school and I thought for a while if I should sit where I sat yesterday, but really, I always want to be around that mean boy

I went to sit at his sit , he hasn’t arrived yet

“Guys , come around ” A lady shouted from outside and everyone start to rush outside Like something was happening

I followed the crowd too so I can see what’s happening , I suddenly bumped into that mean boy, his beautiful scent covers my nostrils

“You..you” I tried to say but keep mute

He excused me and walk away from me

What exactly is always wrong with this boy, but he recognized my voice already, that’s cool really

I went to his sit and passed to my sit. I sat not knowing what to say to him but I really wanted to say something to him

“If you are thinking of what to say , I suggest you keep it , you disturb me and you expect something worse” He threatened and I smirked accidentally

“What exactly makes you so proud , Oh! Just cus I’m sitting beside you , you think you can say any sh*t , I may end up beating you someday , big head ” I insulted and he looked at me

Oh, I was thinking on concentrating on my work before but looking at me after the insult implies that he is pained. Good! Perfect way to hurt him now

“Hey you big head , why are you looking at me , I hate you cus you just so heartless , you knew I was the one in the Father Christmas uniform and you still end up spanking my butt ” I said sternly and swallowed

“Answer me big head ” I yelled

He looked at me again and continued what he was doing

I snatched the book he was reading from the desk and threw it to the back of the class

I hurriedly stood in fear and clenched my fist “what you gon’ do. Wanna beat me? Wanna spank my butt like yesterday” I asked

He looked towards where I threw the book too, he stood and went to pick the book

He came back gently and sat

“I’ll do that again if you did not reply me , why did you look into my face ?” I asked

He looked into my face with his very fresh cute face and smirk like he use too

“I looked at you cus you are pretty ” He said and continued his reading

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