August 4, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 102

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He And Her V.

Episode 102

Tucker’s POV.

I walked away from Grace with my head seriously aching me. I closed the door to myself and buried myself in sadness.

Is she keeping another man already? Why would she even go on another date with another man. She should just trust me.

Well, I guess I caused this.

I picked up my phone and put a call through to her but she didn’t pick.

I kept calling until she finally picked up.

“Camilla, where are you?” I asked before we could even exchange greetings.

“In a restaurant” She answered.

“Doing what?”

“On a date with my friend ” She answered.

“Your friend ? A male ?”

“Yes, a male. Do you have any problem with that ?”

“Camila , what’s wrong with you. You are turning into something you are not. ” I said.

“You caused it. ” She said.

“Okay ,we need to talk ,come home right now ” I said.

“Like, right now ?”

“Yes, now!” I answered.

“Okay” She hung.

After few minutes ,she arrived and I looked up to her with anger mixed with pain.

“Camilla , you went out with another man?”

“You’ve made out with Grace many times yet you claim you did not love her ,did I complain?”

I sighed and looked away. ” Okay ,tell me. What’s between the man and you?”

“He’s just a friend. We met at the club few days ago and we planned on meeting today. ”

“Don’t you think it might lead to another thing!”

“I do not understand what you meant but I’m not stopping until you tell me what you are hiding from me. If you truly love me ,you should not hide anything from me ” She said and I exhaled heavily.

I went to her and whispered into her ear ; ” Camilla,I truly love you. And I promise that henceforth ,I will make love with you anytime you wish” I said.

“You must have taken the drug you always take before I arrive. I’m smart too. ” She said and looked away.

I hugged her and sobbed gently on her shoulder. “Camilla ,I really love you. I must have made some mistakes in the past but I have never and will never stop loving you. You know we are made for each other and we will surely overcome all hurdles together. ” I said and she started crying.

She hugged me in return and rested her head on my chest. “I love you too ” She said and I began to caress her right there.

She wasn’t really responding but I continued anyways. I stylishly stopped after a while when my manhood just remained flat. It was not even standing.

I’m really scared right now , thought the doctor said the injection would work per week but I can’t even perform now.

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