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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 4

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????In Love ❤ With A Vampire????
Chapter 4⃣
Eva shivered as she saw the man now in front of them,smiling and licking his lips,giving her a cleared view of his long pointed fangs,
“I knew I was gonna find you.” He said walking toward them slowly.She held her son so close,
“Please don’t hurt us,I promise we won’t come here and would never tell anyone about you.” Her shaky voice whimpered,Tyler closed his eyes,not wanting to see the man hurt them,
“All my existence, I have waited for the taste of human blood but now,” He smiled evilly,
“Now,I have two at my disposal.” Already in front of them,he pulled Tyler away from Eva and tossed him aside,grabbing Eva’s head to deepen his fang into her neck when a strong arm pulled him from her.When he regain his balance he saw one of the people he doesn’t want to see at the moment,
“Lucas !”
“Adrian !”
The men thundered their name,Eva who was still in shock stood transfixed till Tyler rushed to her and pulled her leg,
“Mommy,they are fighting.” Tyler shaky and scared voice jerk her back to reality,she grabbed the boy and ran toward the river.
Adrian had been wandering in the wood when he saw something,the Shelby car he had given to Tyler the day before,
“This?”He picked up the car from the fallen log of wood,
” I gave this to that little boy,what is it doing here?”He asked himself, he was still wondering about it when he heard Lucas’s mountain bike pulled from nearby, placing the toy in his pocket,he walked farther from the place,Lucas seeing him now would make them continue their never ending fight.He was almost going away,when he felt something familiar,
“What happening?” He place his hand in his pocket touching the toy again,then a thought ran through his head,
“Did the lady perhaps came into the wood with her son?” He asked himself, dreading the thought of Lucas or any other Lycans finding them and killing them,as worried as he was,he rushed to the top of the slope to check if anything wasn’t in place.Getting to the top,he was shocked when he saw Lucas walking toward a scared duo,
“Shit.” He rushed toward the river,
“They are the one.” As fast as he could,he ran toward them and pulled Lucas from the scared last right on time.

Eva dragged her son and ran till she was sure they were far from the reach of the vampire man.After running for awhile,she was now sure those men was far behind them,she pulled to a corner to rest and that was when she realized that they have gone through the wrong path and now they were lost.
“Mommy,I’m tired.” Tyler said to her,trying to catch his breath after the tiresome marathon they just ran.She looked at her son and pulled him closer,
“Don’t worry,well soon be home and forget about all this.” She assured the boy but also judging her sense of direction. The sky was bleak and with the look of things,there might be a blizzard soon,looking at her son,she felt nothing but pity for the boy,he deserve a good life but no,she always had him strap by her problem.First with her husband,his supposed father,she had let him see her pains and her scared life and now when every other kids his age are celebrating and having fun this season,she has dragged him out in the wood,cold and lost.
“Mommy are you crying?” Tyler asked her,cuddling himself to her,she quickly wiped the tears that escaped her eyes,
“Mommy don’t cry,everything’s gonna be alright,” He wiped the tears left with his palms and stood up,
“See,I’m fine and not hurt,so don’t cry mommy.” He raised his two hands up to demonstrates showing how strong he is,Eva smiled amidst tears,she pulled him closer and hugged him,
“I love you mommy.” The boy whispered to her,
“I love you too son,you’re the…..” Someone cleared his throat to interrupt them,Eva was shocked but did raise her head up to see who the intruder was,
“Sorry Miss, this isn’t the way to the village.” The man said,
This was the same man I helped that night,Adrain.Was he the man who saved us?She asked herself,she hadn’t taken note to their savior. Pulling up Tyler,she stood up defensively holding her son,
“Are you gonna hurt us?” She asked scared of having another vampire attempt murder on them,the man smiled rather than get agitated to drain them,
“No..I’m not gonna hurt you,I just saved you…”
“Adrian!” Tyler said in excitement, pulling away from Eva and rushed to the man,Adrian reacted by keeping his arm wide spread ready for the boys hug.
“You killed that vampire right?” Tyler asked as h hugged the man while Eva stared in disbelief,
“Yes and don’t worry,you and your mom are in safe hands.” He said feeling his hands into his pocket.He lied about killing Lucas,that was one impossible thing to do,Lucas was one vampire he hates and doesn’t like crossing path with him.Their appearance at his house has indirectly put their life in great danger cause Lucas is sure to get them and killing them is always his next option but he’s going to protect them from Lucas and the rest of the Lycans.
“You lost this?” He brought out the toy car from his pocket and showed it to Tyler who took it quickly,
“Where did you find it?” Tyler asked taking good look at the toy,
“You’d left it in the wood by accident,” He looked up to Eva who wasn’t saying anything but there are lots of questions in her mind,
“If you don’t mind,let me show you back to the village.” He scooped the boy up,she nodded and went after them not saying anything to him.
****Few minutes ago****
“Adrian, how dare you?” Lucas thundered at him for letting the captive escape,
“You don’t lay a finger on them,” Adrian said moving in front of Lucas,stopping him from going after Eva and Tyler,
“Get out from my way you bloody fool.” Lucas shoved in anger but Adrian didn’t bulge,
“Lucas,I don’t want to lengthen this issue but don’t ever go near Eva and her son.” Adrian warned,Lucas pushed him with his fist,
“Oh oh,you even know her name..” He smirked,
“Who is she to you?” He asked mockingly, Adrian didn’t reply rather turned to leaved to avoid further damage but Lucas pulled him back,
“I asked a question and you don’t dare walk away from me.” The fury in their eyes was intense,
“Guys what’s going on here?” Someone asked,they turned,
“Simon.” Lucas called,the lanky guy ran towards them,
“Did you get my package?” Lucas asked not taking his eyes off Adrian,
“Yes and i got extra too.” He showed the black bag to Lucas who grabbed it quickly, opened it and took one blood bag from it.He drained the bag immediately, retain his strength he shot a deadly glare at Adrian,
“You better watch your back cause you can’t stop what’s coming for you and that sissy of yours.” He turned and went inside,
“Simon,get the bag inside.” He ordered before shutting the door,
“Man,what happened?” Simon asked Adrian who just sighed and walked away leaving him confused but not surprised. This wasn’t the first time he had seen Lucas and Adrian like this,the both of them are always at loggerheads with each other and it always Adrian faults. Lucas head the Lycans and him( Simon) is one of Lucas messenger but also Adrian’s friend,he was worried about their fight cause it had done more harm than good.Lycans are meant to be united but Adrian is always against everything they do,he’s always trying to prove that everything Lucas did was wrong and another sickening attitude of Adrian,was trying to help humans escape the vampire’s captive and he’s sure he had helped another human today to have infuriated Lucas this much.
“How do you know you way around here?” Tyler asked Adrian, they were almost out of the woods,at least,Eva can see the village from where she was,
“I lived at the other side of the woods,so I do come out here most times to ease off.” He lied,telling them that the vampire who had almost killed them awhile ago is his half brother was the last thing he was going to do and with the look of things, Eva don’t trust him at all.
“Okay but did you ever know that there’s a vampire in the woods?” Tyler asked,Adrian shook his head,
“I never knew until today but don’t worry I’ve killed him.” More lies,
Adrian you’re one heck of a liar, He chuckled then looked back at Eva who was so scared and distraught. Taking a closer look at her,one would notice that she was very much young and pretty and still has but going through a hell lot has made her look older than her age.Her eyes depicted something,something that has made Adrian wondered what brought a sophisticated city girl to a village like Flint Hill,he wanted to ask Tyler about his father but had stop right in track,he should be prying into their life…..Speaking of life,how is he going to tell her that her life and her son’s life is now in grave danger.
No,I’m not gonna scare her away,I’ll protect her and her son,she looked like she has gone through a lot to have me scaring her more with Lucas and his team,I’ll protect her if that the last thing I do.
When they got home,Tyler was already asleep in Adrian’s arm,she allowed him inside and had him lay Tyler on the couch,
“Thank you for saving us.” She said to him still scared,he nodded,
“You’re welcome Miss,it just my duty.” He half smiled,
“You can join us for lunch though,” She said,he shook his head,
“Never mind that……” He was cut short by Tyler who opened his eyes slowly,
“Stay with me,don’t go.”Tyler whispered, placing his hand on Adrian’s.Surprised at the little boys action, she went to Tyler and brought him up,
” Ty honey,are you okay?”She kissed the little boy,he nodded then looked at Adrian,
“Please don’t leave me.” Giving his best shot of puppy face,Adrian nodded and sat beside him while Eva went to the prepare the fastest lunch she can…
Back in New York
“Dad,any news?” Joseph asked his dad as he walked inside the Kingston’s Mansion, Joan shook his head,
“Where has that bitch taken my grandson to?” Davina asked rhetorically sipping her wine,
“Jane!” Joan called out to one of the maid,the woman ran into the living room and bowed her head to Joan,
“Get me a bottle of brandy from the bar.” He ordered, the woman bowed again and turned to leave,
“” Do not forget the glass too.”Joan said behind her,
“Make it two.” Joseph said,the lady bowed again and hurried out,
“So dad,there’s still no news on my son?” Joseph asked,taking a sit across his father,
“Yes but I’ve made my contacts and I was given a detective,he’s gonna help us find Eva and get Tyler back.” He said cracking his knuckles,
“I told you I never wanted that girl in this family but you wouldn’t listen,now see.She’s bent on ruining this family’s reputation, I wish she’ll just die.” Davina cursed,Joan stood up and sat beside her,
“You know I had to get her married to Joseph for a reason,her greedy father had our secret,so getting her married was the only option left.” He said to her,she sighed,
“Dad,why not send some assassin to kill he and bring Tyler back to us..” Joseph said earning a sly look from Joan,
“Honey,that’s a good idea,no one would know that we did it and it will as well help keep our secret safe.” Davina said happy at the new plan,
“That idea is sure good but….”
“Sir,here’s your drink.” The maid returned with a tray,
“Bring it in.” Joseph said,she walked inside and carefully placed the tray on the table and turned to leave,
“Any other thing sir?” She asked,Joseph frowned,
“Get going,we’ll call you when needed.” He retorted, she bowed and left,
“Sure she heard nothing?” Davina asked,Joseph and Joan shook their heads,
“I don’t think she did,she was at the door,so there’s no way she heard it.” Joseph said,
“Okay.Honey,let’s go on with the idea,that will be the best option.” She said to them,they all smiled while Joseph poured out the drink for himself and his dad while Davina refilled her glass with wine,
“Lest I forget,Davis called.He said he’ll be coming home with his family for Christmas.” She said happily, Joan was happy but Joseph wasn’t, he has gotten rid of Eva and now there’s a Davis to handle,
Too bad for a Christmas, he thought to himself.


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