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In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 5.

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In Love With A vampire. Chapter 6.
In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 4

☣???? In Love ❤ With A Vampire ????☣
Chapter 5⃣
Eva couldn’t help but wonder why it hadn’t been in the news that the daughter in law of the most prestigious Kingston family had ran away with her son.Though,she knows that Davina would be so glad to let her go,she hadn’t expected them to care less about Tyler their only grandson and Davis,
No,she shouldn’t be thinking about Davis,he’s a traitor,she regretted ever falling in love with him at the first place and after what he did to her,she’ll never and can’t even bring herself to forgive him.
“Mommy,is Adrian coming over today?” She turned and saw Tyler,smiling at him,she shook her head,
“I don’t think so and we won’t be staying home today,” Tyler frowned,
“Why?” He asked her,he had wanted to stay at home and waited for Adrian to come,
“Cause we’re going to Miss Rachel’s shop and you’ll get to play with Derry and Stacey today.” Eva said with an excited face but Tyler was less excited, she ran her hand over his hair,
“Honey,why aren’t you happy,you love going there?” She said to him,his furrowed brow told her his sadness,
“I don’t want to play with them,I want to play with Adrian.” He cried,Eva was surprised,
How can a four year old boy cry to play with an adult instead of kids his age,she sighed,
“Ty,you’re going to Derry’s place and that’s final.” She said in a calm way,
“No I won’t go there,I want Adrian.” He said in a rude tone,having enough of Tyler’s tantrum,she sighed and continued what show was doing, but Tyler instead of giving up,he retorted to crying and stomping his feet on the wooden floor,Eva walked to the kitchen, leaving him alone but he stubbornly followed her,
“I won’t go.” He cried as he went in tow,
“Ty,stop that now.” She ordered but he didn’t listen,
“Tyler behave like a civilized human and stop that or else I would lock you up in your room.” He didn’t stop rather his stomping and crying became louder.
Then a knock was heard at the door,she sighed and went to get it.It was Adrian at the door,she let him in,
“Good morning Eva,hope I’m not interrupting.” She faked a smile,
Now Tyler won’t listen to me,She said within her,
“Adrian!” The little boy squealed in excitement and ran to him.Smiling too,Adrian opened his arm wide to catch the boy who was running towards him,
“How are you TyRex?”He asked the boy who quickly wiped the tears that was smeared in his face and smiled.Adrian has the habit of calling Tyler TyRex,he combines Tyler favorite toy Rex to his name.
” Adrian can I go with you to the woods today?”Eva was shocked at his request and surely won’t give in,Adrian looked shocked too,
“TyRex you see…uhm…you..know…” He scratched his head to figure out a way of stopping the boy from going with him,
“Ty,you aren’t going anywhere.” Eva said with an authoritative tone,Tyler looked at her,
“But why?” He asked,
“Cause I said so.” Now she has lost it with him,she went towards him,
“Ty now you listen to me,you aren’t going to the woods ever again,you hear me?” Shit scared the boy nodded his head,Eva has never gotten this angry with him.Mindless of Adrian’s presence,she looked at him
“Now you’ll go to your room and bring out your clothes cause you’re coming with me to Rachel’s shop.” She said now very pissed off,she turned to the kitchen sink and continued with breakfast preparation.
“I don’t like her again,” He mumbled to Adrian who was quite surprised that she could ever scold the boy like how she did,
“Common kid,you’ve really made her angry,your mommy doesn’t want you to get hurt,she’s just watching after you.” He explained to the sobbing child,
“But it isn’t dangerous in the wood since you’ve killed that bad vampire.” He pointed out to Adrian,
This is where it gets interesting,how will he explain to Eva that he didn’t kill any vampiyand he too was one of them,he’s sure not going to tell her now.Now his only duty was so make sure she and her son are safe cause he won’t forgive himself if anything was to happen to either of them.
“TyRex, I know I killed him but still,the wood isn’t safe for you.” He said,Tyler stood up,
“But you do live there,how come you are safe?” He asked angrily, showing the level of anger four year old would show when they’re angry,
“Ty,you just have to listen to your mommy,okay.” The boy wasn’t convinced,he left Adrian and went to his room.
Back In New York****
“Joseph,how can you tell me Eva left home and you don’t know where she is?” Davis asked fuming with anger while Joseph was acting nonchalantly sipping his brandy,
“Joseph,I’m talking to you.” He said club clearing the table,everything on it fell on the marble floor of the porch.Joseph sighed,
“Hey,you gat to be careful,this is my house not our house.” Joseph said spitefully,
“Joseph, I’m sorry I reacted that way but..this is your wife and your son we’re talking about here,you ought to be searching for them.”Davis explained,he’s trying to condone his anger towards his elder brother.Joseph is a devil,he cares less about his wife and son that are missing,what if something happens to them,
” See Dave,Eva left out of her free will, she couldn’t stay with me cause of her slutty attitude,now she left and I’m not going to stress myself all in the name of looking for my whore of an ex wife,I’m only a bit concerned about Tyler,he shouldn’t be far from us but that shouldn’t be a problem.”Joseph said,his attitude was so sickening that Davis left his house in great fury.
Getting home,he rushed to his mother’s room,
“Mom! ” Davis called out as he rushed upstairs, she was in her room with two maids massaging her feet when he walked inside,
“Hey,you guys can leave us for now.” Davis said immediately he entered the room,the maids bowed and left when Davina asked them too.
“What’s it son?” She asked Davis who was still standing up with anger written all over him,
“Mom,why didn’t anyone tell me that Eva left with Tyler and why are all acting as if nothing happened?” Davis asked,Davina sighed,
“Is that why you asked my maids to go out,cause you wanted to talk about Eva?” Dave wasn’t really surprised, he knew his parents never liked Eva but he didn’t expect them to be this cruel toward her,
“But mom….” She stood up angrily and walked towards Davis,
“You should focus on your wife and your daughter instead of troubling yourself because of Eva.” Davina sighed,went to the phone and dialled the maids quarters,
“Lauren and Joyce,I want you in my room right now and tell Jane to get me a glass of wine.” She ordered the maid who was so unlucky tol pick the call,
“Dave,you should stop troubling yourself for that girl,she’s better of dead to us.” She said to her son and went to the bed,
“And I won’t take it likely if you would ever try looking for her or worst bringing her back home with you.” She warned,just then the door opened and three maid walked in with one carrying a tray of wine and Davina’s favorite wineglass,Davis who was still in shock at his family’s attitude toward Eva’s disappearance left with anger but now he was angry at himself.He was angry at himself for leaving and for ever thinking that Joseph was ever going to change his attitude towards Eva if he(Davis) left them but that has been proven wrong,Joseph must have treated Eva so badly that she had to leave and she left with his son.
****Backtrack To The Origin****
“Joseph where’s Eva?” Davina asked her son, she had come to visit them for the first time in weeks since Joseph and Eva came Joseph’s Mansion,
“She must be in her room.” Joseph said,one of the maids came out of the kitchen,
“Sir here’s the drinks you asked for.” She placed the drinks on the table and turned to leave,
“Get some drinks for Eva too,she’s in her room.” The maid nodded,unknown to Eva,Joseph had instructed the maid to slip some aphrodisiac into Eva’s drink,another maid who had eavesdropped on their conversation had called Davis and told him of Joseph’s plan (Davis had hired her specially to watch over Eva,since they weren’t going to the staying at that Kingston’s Mansion and him going to Joseph’s house every time to watch out for Eva was gonna arouse certain suspicion).So Davis had pleaded with her to make sure the poisoned drink doesn’t get to Eva but she lost track on them and the poisoned drink got not only to Eva but to Joseph too.Davis had been so craze when Marie called him and told him that Eva had taken the poisoned drink,he left the office and called the doctor ( not the family doctor).When he got there,he saw Eva in her room,crying for sex,she was literarily begging for sex,
“Eva don’t worry,you’re going to be fine.” He carried her and placed her on the bed,she grabbed his shirt,
“Just do it,please do it.” Davis couldn’t bring himself to do anything to her,so he waited for the doctor to arrive,
“How did she get the juice?” He asked Marie angrily,
“Sir,I’m sorry for my negligence, your mom had came earlier,so the drink I had kept for Eva was given to her and the other maid prepared another drink for Eva,she must have laced it with the poison.” Marie explained to Davis crying,
“Where’s Joseph and the maid that did this?”Davis asked Marie and that was when it occurred to her that she hadn’t seen them since,
“Let’s look for them.” She said,
“No,I’ll watch over Eva while you look for them.” The maid hurried off while Davis sat beside Eva,
“I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you.” Her cross for sex was hurting him bad that he almost gave in to his desires.Just then the doctor walked in with another maid,the maid left immediately and luckily she didn’t see Davis face,so she would be thinking its Joseph not Davis,
“I’m sorry sir,but what did they give her for her to be in such pain?” Davis asked the doctor,
“Wait let me check.” The doctor went to Eva and did some test on her,clearing his throat and adjusting his glass,
“Dave,she’s has been given an aphrodisiac and now the only way out is sex or she’ll die.” Davis was shocked,
“Doctor, is there no other….”
“Its only sex or get ready to lose her,I’ll be on my way now.” He left immediately before Davis could say another word.
“Please do it,its hurting me.” Eva cries were all over the room,
“I can’t lose you Eve,I hope you would forgive me for what I’m about to do.” Davis locked the door,went back to the bed and removed his clothes,taking it first as a kiss and letting it travel to her breast,Davis slid on her.
Davis was in tears as he had sex with Eva,he’d longed for this but he didn’t wanted it like this and definitely not when she drugged.After cumming over and over again,he only stopped when Eva reached her climax and the drug was wearing off from her system, tired as he was,he lay beside her and dozed off.
Marie found Joseph with the other maid in his room having sex,she just sighed and shook her head,
“Your wife’s in pain and you’re here fucking a maid,she caught the size of Joseph’s dick,
” Gosh,he’s so big.”Tempted to go in and beg him to fuck her,she shook her head,
“Marie,get control of yourself, you aren’t so cheap a slut.” She shut the door and left them alone.
When Eva woke up,she saw Davis lying naked beside her and she too was stark and the bloodstain on the bed sheet told her everything she needs to know,Davis had raped her.
“Dave!” She woke him up with a slap on his back,Davis woke up shocked but dead shock when he saw Eva crying,
“Eva why are you cr…..” He wanted to touch her but she slapped his hand away,
“Don’t touch me,you’re a rapist!” She yelled,Davis tried to explain to her why he had done it but she was so angry and furious to listen to him,she sent him out of the house only to go to Joseph’s room to see him on the bed with another servant.
Eva didn’t tell Joseph anything and in his eyes he believes Eva was the person he had slept with that day.Eva didn’t talk to Davis again even though he tried explaining to her that he had done that for a reason. She was confirmed pregnant a few weeks later,she knew deep within her that the child was Davis’s not Joseph’s and Davis knew but she couldn’t tell anyone except her mom who died a few weeks after Tyler’s birth not opportuned to see her only grandchild. After trying to get back to Eva and explains himself for almost a year,Davis finally left home for Cuba and last Eva heard was that he got married but she still hated him for aiding in ruining her charade of a marriage.
***** End Of Backtrack*****

In Love With A vampire. Chapter 6.
In Love With A Vampire. Chapter 4

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