June 14, 2021

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful. Episode 33

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Never Knew She’s Beautiful.

Episode 33

His brother and I finally arrived the house. He was glad that I showed him many placed in the country and I was more glad that I went out together with a man for the first time.

It was fun as he had said.

“Thanks dear” He said and wrote a cheque for me. He then gave it to me.

I appreciated him and went home. Few minutes after I arrived home ,my phone buzzed and turned out it was the boss calling the beautiful me.

“How are you ,dear ?” He asked but I kept mute.

“Why aren’t you speaking up? ” he asked.

“Why should I? It’s obvious you having an affair with that secretary of yours ,reason why you could not fire her. Why bothering yourself calling me though?” I asked.

“Sincerely ,I do not have any affairs with her. I’m just…I don’t know , but I fired her recently ” He said.

“Good! Now you are acting like a man. If you really love me ,nothing should be too much for you to do” I said.

“Erm…do you love me too?”

“When am I starting work as a secretary?” I asked purposely not answering the question he just asked.

“Erm… Actually , I’m thinking that our relationship may not allow us to work well , let’s just keep it at home. I really can’t allow someone I love to come and work with me at my office. I can actually be paying you monthly without you having to work ” He said.

“We aren’t in a relationship yet ,please. I’ve not yet agreed. Okay ,who are you planing to replace with that girl that is getting to your head ?” I asked.

“She’s not getting to my head dear,she’s nothing to me. Just an ugly thing. Erm…actually ,I’m planning on bringing her back”

“What!” I screamed.

“Yes dear ,please understand me. There is nothing between us but I really want her to continue working as a secretary,though she can be annoying atimes,but I want her back”

“Oh! You had rather choose her over me right? You know what! Don’t ever call this line again. Cheat” I said and hung up.

I then rested my chin on my palm. My mind darted to the logical explanation my sister gave few days ago about his feelings to the ugly me.

Does that mean he has having feelings for the ugly me or he just want me around as a secretary for no reason.

But he loves the pretty me too , so …

I’m confused. Whom exactly did this boss love?

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