July 27, 2021

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The Baby Contract. Chapter 2B.

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The Baby Contract. Chapter 3.
The Baby Contract. Chapter 2

????The Baby????Contract????
????Chapter 2 cont’d????
Immediately she got inside her new room,she collapsed on the Queen sized gigantic bed,the mattress was super soft so she drifted off to sleep in that spot.It has been a tiresome journey to Deville’s place and the son of a bitch didn’t help matters with his silence.
“Grrin Grrin.” The phone by the side of her bed rang,she lazily picked it,
“Sleepy head,get four lazy ass down here.” He ordered,she signed and kept the phone,she got up from the bed,went into the bathroom to shower,came out a while later,changed onto a more simpler clothes and went downstairs. Deville was in the dining room when she came down,she went there,sat down and looked at the food in front of her,
“I’m going to the office.” She looked at him,he stood up and turned to leave,
“Then what am I supposed to do alone in this house?” She asked him annoyingly, he frowned.
“For one,you aren’t alone and for two,you can go sightseeing, this house is a great sight to see.” He turned to her,
“Millie can show you around the house.” He came back to the dining table,
“And remember,pur deal starts tonight,so get prepared.” He collected his phone and left.She stood up and left the dining table not touching her food,
“I’ve gotten myself into a big mess.” She went to her room,she lay on the bed fighting sleep to come and it did.
When she woke up of was already five o’clock, so she came downstairs, Deville wasn’t home yet,she sat in the living room for awhile then decoded to do her sight seeing. Calling Millie is a bad idea,so she decided to do it herself, she went round the living room then to the servant’s quarters, she went to the kitchen and went outside the mansion from the backdoor,the backyard was in an awesome shape, she was amazed,the flowers were neatly trimmed and the swimming pool was very neat and well taken cared of.She met almost all the workers and they welcomed her warmly except Millie who was somewhat cold in their first meeting.She wandered around the house for sometime,then went back upstairs when the sun began to set,she had a long shower,wore a new set of lingerie (Frank’s gift).
She went to the kitchen, Millie was preparing dinner,so she made herself a cup of coffee,went to the living room and turn on the TV,
“Dinner is served.” Millie informed her but she didn’t take her gaze from the TV,she stayed there until she dozed off on the couch.
Deville came home late,when he came inside,he saw Anne sleeping on the couch,she was like an heavenly creature with her lingerie partially exposing her snow white thigh,her hair fell over her shoulder and her lips was curved in a smile.He couldn’t take his gaze off her,he went to where she was and carried her in a bridal style,she woke up.
“Put me down please.” She murmured but he didn’t bulge,
“Put me down,I can walk on my own.” She murmured again sleepily, he took her upstairs past her room,
“Where are you taking me to?” She asked lazily when she realized what he was about to do.He brought her inside his room and placed her on the bed,he placed her on the bed and caress her cheeks,he kissed her lips slowly but passionately, she fought for a little while but couldn’t anymore when he trailed his kisses to her jawline and to her neck,he kissed her shoulder and went to her upper breast.Deville couldn’t get a full taste of the breast,so he tore her lingerie leaving her only in her panties,she gasped,
“It’s okay Anne.” He whispered to her and kissed her earlobes,his hands travelled to her breast and so did his lips,he kissed her nipples,went down to her navel then surged for her vagina,he tickled her clit with his tongue and that sent her moaning loudly,he licked her thoroughly while she moaned,he use his finger and thrusted into her,she cried.
“Deville please stop.” He didn’t rather he kept on thrusting with his finger cause she was so tight,he stopped and she stopped crying,he took out himself and went inside her,she let out a loud cry and he came out,the maidenhead had been breached.
“Holy shit,she was a virgin.” He put his dick back inside and thrust deeper, he was fast and hard while she cried and held unto him,he went in hard and came out harder, she held unto him cause he was fast and out of control.He came out fully and lay beside her,she went to sleep not long they came out in full circle of each other.

The Baby Contract. Chapter 3.
The Baby Contract. Chapter 2

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