August 2, 2021

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The Red Haired Witch. Episode 23

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????Author’s POV????
Lana:how you doing?
(She asked Kira when she and Kyle walked into the Book House)
Kira: I’m fine Lana…
(She paused)
“don’t tell me you guys are her to drag me to the football field to watch Luis play…please am busy”
Kyle:we don’t intend to do that..moreover the coach suspended the match till next week
Kira: I am suspecting you guys presence cause it unlike of any of you to come in here just to say hi
Lana:I was here four days ago
Kira:I had to beg you to help me bring in some books
Kyle:I was here two days ago
Kira:you only came because you wanted to use my cellphone
Lana:oops sorry about that
Kira:so since you are here now help me out
Lana: then am leaving
(Kyle dragged Lana back)
Kyle:you are not going anywhere Miss..please help us
Lana:hey! What do I get in return?
Kyle:a kiss from a cute guy
(He smirked)
Lana:who is the guy?..oh! You will tell Curtis to give me a kiss!
(She exclaimed while kyle rolled his eyes)
Lana: then I am leaving
(She made an attempt to leave but kyle blocked her pathway)
Kyle:stop thinking of Curtis
(She folded her arms)
Kyle:because…because –
Kira:just tell her Kyle
Lana:what were you going to say?
Lana:kira said you should tell me – something
Kyle:I wanted..
(He paused and eyed Kira)
“to say you should stop thinking of Curtis because…he doesn’t love you”
Lana:of course Curtis loves me
Kyle:what?he told you that?
Lana:No..but I know he loves me but he doesn’t want to accept that fact
(Kyle laughed)
Lana:are you mocking me?
Lana:but you were laughing?
(She eyed him and hit his arm)
Kira:why are you guys here?
Kyle:oh yes…
(They turned to face Kira)
Lana:we came to keep your company
Kira:what company?
(She cocked her brows)
“I don’t remember having one under my name”
Kyle:then let’s go straight to the point
Kira:exactly what I wanted
Lana: we want to ask you something about Jace
(Kira dropped the book in her hand on the shelf)
Kyle:we were just wondering why Jace has been absence from school since the past two weeks
Kira:Miss Ophelia said he quit school
Lana:well she didn’t tell us why he quit school
Kyle:and we believe something must have happened do him to quit school all of a sudden
Kira:well if you want to know call his line or look for his name on Facebook, add him up and send him a text
Lana:I tried calling the day Miss Ophelia told us about him and even last night too
Kyle:we both searched for him on Facebook…searching Jace Hernandez but it isn’t the same Jace we know
Kira: then you guys should forget about him
Kyle: what?! Why Kira? We can’t just forget about him like that …we need Jace now more than ever before
Kira:we don’t need him anymore
Kyle: I don’t but you do need him Kira.. he needs to mark you
Lana:yes Kyle is right
Kira:you don’t have to worry about that
Lana: why did you say that?
Kira:he…he already gave me the Mage Mark before he left
Kyle:what?! Why didn’t you tell me?
Kira:it a long story Kyle…though Jace isn’t aware that I know he already Marked me
Lana:tell us what’s going on Kira
Kyle:I seriously don’t understand you
Lana:tell us what happened between you and Jace
Kira:do you remember when Jace told Natalie and her friends to apologize to me?
(They hummed a response)
Kira:actually Jace told me that he will undo the spell if I agree to go somewhere with him… So I agreed to his request..Later when you guys left Jace told me about a blind girl named Matty who use to beg on the street …in a long run he pleaded with me to go with him to Matty’s house to heal her and I accepted
(She breath out loudly)
Lana:you healed her?
(She paused to look at Kyle)
“and Kyle remember when I said i have a feeling that Jace was hiding something from us”
Kira:well that day I found what he was hiding from us…after healing Matty I passed out but not completely – I mean in my unconscious state I don’t know how it happened I started hearing voices…it was Jace and Matty’s but they called each other different names and Jace said their parents will be happy in their graves then I thought I wasn’t in my right mind and that I was hearing things because of the spell I used was one of the greatest healing spell on earth. I didn’t accept what I heard I wanted to be sure I wasn’t hallucinating again then I said my goodbye to them and varnished
Lana:you left without finding out?
Kira:no I didn’t disappear completely I became invisible
Kyle:and he didn’t see you?
Kira:they never suspect that I was still present in the room cause I blocked my scent
Lana:so what did you hear them say?
Kira:it turned out that Matty isn’t a street beggar…she is Jace younger sister
Kyle:is that the big secret?
Kira:no…the reason why you guys can’t reach Jace on Facebook and his phone line anymore is because his make is not Jace
Lana:what?…are you for real?
Kyle:then what’s his name?
Kira:His real name is Max Torres
(Kyle and Lana’s eyes widened)
Kyle:you’ve gat to be kidding me
Kira:I’m not…Jace is Max Torres
Lana:wait Max Torres… Which Max Torres? I only know of one Max Torres
Kira:The heir of Trista Empire
Kyle:I can’t believe this
Lana: i knew it!…I was right about him. I went to Jace one day and told that he looks like Max Torres but he denied it
Kyle:he deceived us….we shouldn’t have trusted him – he only came to Fountain Falls to get you to restore his sister’s sight. Why didn’t you tell me the day you found out about him?!
Kira:what would you have done Kyle?
Lana:she probably didn’t tell you because Kira knows that you would have gone to his company and cause a scene there
Kyle:and that is exactly what am going to do! I will make him pay for deceiving us!
Kira:no he didn’t Kyle..Jace did a great favour for me he marked me before leaving and we should be thankful for that. All the things he did was because of his sister
Lana:then he should have done it the right way not by playing and deceiving us
Kyle:but he said he can’t give you that Mark without love
Kira:yes Max and I don’t understand how he was able to give me that mark
Lana:well maybe Jace was already in love with you
Kira:according to what I heard that day it seems Jace already Marked me since the day he came to our school
Lana:how is that possible?
Kyle:he lied to us about the Marking
Kira:No what he said was true
Kyle:but the dream I had –
Kira:was the completion of the dream I had the day Ivy attacked me. When I found out Jace Marked me i put things together and I figured that Jace probably gave me that Mark that day cause he took Me to an unknown place that was why you had that dream but Jace told us a different story
Kyle:he said it was what will happen in the future whereas it already happened that day
Lana:wait then Jace suggested that he Mark so that you guys can only trust him!
Kyle:and yes and that was what made me trust him since he was willing to Mark Kira when he was aware of what will befall him if the black witches find out about him
Lana:Jace should have come out clean instead of lying
(A tear dropped down Kira right cheek but she wiped it off quickly. She was done crying over the last few weeks and had promised not to shed any more tears because of Max)
Kyle:I am sorry Kira… It all my fault I was the one who asked you to give Jace a chance. Damn it! I shouldn’t have said that to you in the first place if I knew who Jace was! And I swear as soon as we close I am going to his company to beat the hell out of him because I already warned him about hurting you
Kira:there is no need for that
Kyle:I will make him pay for what he did to you
Kira:no Kyle we should be more concerned about Jace
Kira:I have the Mage Mark and I am scared of what will happen to him
Kyle:don’t bother yourself about him
Kira:I can’t do that Kyle…each time I try to do things…I keep getting these picture of Ivy hurting Jace
Kyle:we don’t have to worry about Ivy anymore she can’t hurt you
Kira:because she is not in school? Kyle you don’t know her plans and the reason for being absent from school
Kyle:Kira I see no reason Why you should be worried about him when it so clear that Jace only used you and left after he got what he wanted
Kira:you just don’t understand me Kyle
Kyle:perhaps…are you… Already in love with him?
(She didn’t reply)
Lana:she likes him – well no girl won’t fall for him after sacrificing and turning others to animals because of her
Kira:I’m sorry Kyle…I shouldn’t have ….but I had to start liking him since love has to be involved in getting the Mark
(More tears dropped down her cheeks)
“I don’t know how I fell for him -I…I..just -”
Kyle:I understand you Kira
Kira:then let’s just forget about what Jace did to us
Kyle:no Kira…I will have to talk to him First
(She called out to him but he disappeared. Kira knew Kyle talking to Max will involve punching Max first before talking to him and it will get him in trouble)
“He is not supposed to leave school at this hour”
Lana:Kyle won’t break the school rules…he is probably somewhere in the school trying to think
Kira:you think so?…Lana I’m just sacred of what Kyle might do to Jace..or Max Torres
Lana:Kyle won’t hurt Max now that he knows you love him…he only want to talk to him
Lana:what is it you want Kyle?
Kyle:I want you guys to go with me to see Max Torres
Luis:but Kira doesn’t want you to go to him
Kyle:I just want to teach him a lesson for hurting Kira and…I want to know if he loves Kira too
Lana:what if he does?
Kyle:I will tell him Kira likes him too and not beat him for what he did
Luis:what if he doesn’t?
Kyle:we will beat him up
Luis:that dangerous…Max is a big man what if he sends to Jail?
Kyle:well that true but if you are scared of him then you can stay back while I do the beating
Lana:that doesn’t solve anything…and what if Jace likes Kira but doesn’t know how to express his feelings?
Kyle:well that true too…then we have to make him confess his feelings to kira today
Luis:how do you intend to do that when Kira doesn’t want to see him
(Kyle stared at Lana)
Lana:no I’m not going to do what you’re thinking Kyle
Kyle:well you have to Lana

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