August 2, 2021

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Venessar High School. Episode 105

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Venessar High School.

Episode 105

I entered Kimberly’s room and explained that it’s being many hours that Sean had gone to a particular record label for deal yet I haven’t heard from him.

Autumn stood from the bed and peeked into my face.

“Could it be what I’m thinking?” She asked.

“That Professor Lucas probably find a way of kidnapping him or what?” I asked.

“I can’t really say. But your father is surely involved. Do you have the digit that called with you?” He asked.

“No ,the person called his digit…but, someone once called me when he sent a naked picture of Sean and a girl” I said.

“They might be working together ,bring the digit ,let me track the location” She said and I followed her to where her laptop is.

I called the digit from my phone to her and she began to track the location.

“Found ” She said after few minutes of working on her laptop and we wrote the address out.

She stood at once and went to shower as quick as possible. ,She changed into a blue jean and a white canvas with a black T Shit and White face cap.

She tucked two guns at her pocket and kept three knives in her socks.

“Let’s move” She said and we went outside together.

She drove the car and about an hour later ,we arrived at the location.

“Stay here and cover me ” She said and gave me a gun.

She then gave me an iPad that displays a video of wherever she is.

She walked away.

Autumn’s POV.

I walked to the building and it was all locked up. They might be expecting me or something close.

I need to be smart

I went behind the house and climbed the fence inside.

On getting inside. I saw a step that leads directly upstairs. I followed it and watched carefully as I walked around finding where Sean could be kept.

“Leave me alone , please ” I heard a voice just beside the room I got to.

I recognize it ,it’s that of Sean. I sent a kick to the door at once and it gave way.

I released a bullet to the forehead of the girl I saw naked with Sean.

Sean was naked and I could have looked away to respect him but not at this time.

“Follow me ” I said and he followed me.

“Cover the building ,we’ve got an intruder ” I heard a voice through a microphone.

I know we trapped but I’m ready for whatever wants to happen here today.

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