August 1, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 6

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???? Addicted to Him????

Written by Feathers

Episode 6

(Aren’t u Miranda?)

Sawyer’s POV

Did he just say I’m beautiful ? For real , I am. If I’m being beautiful , why has he being punishing me all this while

I sat slowly feeling guilty for what I had done

“Sorry ” I said softly and he looked at me with a soft face

“Get a surprise for you ” He said

“Oh really?” I asked and he nodded

He requested that I follow him somewhere and I obliged

We walked through the hall way of the school till we get to some small rooms , I do not know what those small rooms are used for

” this very room, go inside , the surprise I have for you is there ” He said

“Oh really?” I blushed , feeling so happy that he didn’t just complimented me to be beautiful , he is also about to give me a gift

I walked slowly away from him smiling and walking towards the small room

The door gave way just as I get to the entrance without pressing anything in the door

Awesome !

I stepped in and the door closes

Oh my! This doesn’t look like a room

Just then the assumed room start to move up and that was when it dawn on me that it’s an elevator not a room

The elevator took me to a particular floor in the school and stopped

The door opened and I saw two men who should be in their forties , the principal and a fat women

“Oh, you are the girl being reported , Good , come closer for your punishment” I heard the fat woman say

“I!” i exclaimed

“Aren’t you Miranda ? ” The woman asked

“I, Miranda?” I called again

“Call the securities to come for her and deal mercilessly with her ” One of the men ordered

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