July 27, 2021

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Addicted To Him. Episode 7

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???? Addicted to Him????

Written by Feathers

Episode 7

Sawyer’s POV

I was stunned at what is happening , I do not wanna believe that the mean boy has set me up again. I was dragged by the securities and taken to a room , I wasn’t flogged but I was there till it was break time after which they allowed me to leave

I do not even know what I’d done , I’m just a victim of what I know nothing about

I clumsily stepped out of the elevator and walked swiftly to the class

I saw that boy eating snacks, I walked to him and snatched the chocolate he was eating from him

“Why are you so wicked , don’t you have a heart at all ? So you deceived me into entering that place and made me a victim” I accused

He stood and looked directly into my eyes

“Can I have my chocolate please ?” He requested and I shot him a killing look

He smirked wickedly as usual and walked away

“Don’t try anything funny again cus I won’t take it easy with you next time” I warned

He paused not turning back , then walked away

Mean boy’s POV

I seem not to understand this very clumsy neighbour , why must she always want to be around me

i hope she stops after these cus if she tries to get herself stuck witg me again , I’ll do something more dangerous to her


I didn’t go home side by side with that lady but I’m pretty sure she was behind me as I walked home

She didn’t disturb me today cus I hurt her. Yeah, good. I will hurt her more , I just do not want her around me

I walked out of my room in the evening to take fresh breath. I didn’t see my brother around . on a norms , he’s suppose to be playing ball in the compound so where could he be ?

I searched all the house but couldn’t find him. I started getting scared of the possible places he could be

Then a possible thought struck my heart , what if he’s at ….?

Drop your comment , where did you think Cody may be ?

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