July 25, 2021

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He And Her V. Episode 103

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He And Her V.

Episode 103.


“What’s wrong?” I asked as soon as I noticed that he is feeling bad.

Just few seconds later ,he was trying to seduce me while although ,I really want him to continue romancing me ,I was pretending like I wanted him to stop

I was surprised he suddenly stopped.

“Camila ,I think I just have to let go of my pride and tell you what is really wrong with me” He said and my expression became more serious.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“It’s true that I take something before I actually meet with you” He said and series of pain surged through my heart.

“I’m really sorry ,Camilla but I have my reasons ” He said and swallowed while I just lowered my head in sadness.

“Why would you take drug before laying with me ?” I asked amidst tears. “Why then did you let us marry since you are not planing in impregnating me anytime soon”

“Camilla! Please hear me out” He pleaded and I just kept mute sobbing seriously.

It hurts me more that he finally confesses my presumptions about him.

“Actually ,I once cheated on you before we married. Grace came to my house and seduced me into making love with her , ever since that day , I find out that my manhood is not rising to perform naturally again.
I had to complain to the doctor and he prescribed drug for me to be using whenever I want to make love. But the drug is not to prevent pregnancy” He said.

“How did you know that one of the works of it is not to prevent pregnancy” I said and he sighed.

“I just trusted my doctor ” He said.

“Same doctor that told me that I’ve got no womb only for me to find out that I’m actually fine” I said. “Why did you have to keep this from me?”

“I’m so sorry Camilla, the problem now is that I went to him yesterday that I want to be able to perform anytime I want without having to use a drug. And that’s because I stop wanting you to feel that I’m hiding something from you. ”


“I tried to make love with you now and it’s just flat like it’s dead ” He said.

“I’m really scared. Your manhood is not something to toy with. I’m suspecting that Grace must have made an ally with those your doctors” I said.

“Oh no! They are very loyal to me ” He said assuredly.

“How about we try out another hospital,like the one I went to few weeks ago to text to see if I’d being pregnant or not” I said.

He hummed and hesitated before he finally agreed.


We arrived at the hospital that confirmed to me that nothing is wrong with my womb few weeks ago.

After few minutes of waiting ,we were invited over by the doctor.

“Welcome sir and ma” the doctor welcomed us and gestured for us to sit.

“Thanks doctor ” The doctor said and I gave him a go ahead with my body language to tell the doctor all that is going on with him.

He examined to the doctor the reason why we had came.

The doctor gave us some orders to visit some laboratories for text.

We patrolled those laboratories together and in few hours, we came back with the result and presented it to the doctor.

He read it and examined it.

“Nothing is wrong with you Mr. Tucker. ” He said looking at Tucker’s face.

“I think the drug you are taking is the real problem”

“But the problem started before I commenced taking of drugs ” Tucker said.

“I know. Not just the drug ,there is another drug you are taking before then” The doctor said.

“No ,I’m not taking any drug”

“Then someone is probably injecting you with drug or mixing drug with your food weekly. The drug is making your sp@_m cells unfertile and making your manhood weak. It’s even good that you came for text cause if it continues ,it will be a bad one” The doctor said.

I sighed and wondered who could be injecting Tucker or giving him drug. My only suspect is Grace.

“Alright ,thanks sir ” Tucker said and stood.

“Wait sir. The person injecting you might continue too when you get home and so you may think I have said rubbish here. Please branch to an hotel and just make love with your wife before getting home ,I assure you she will get pregnant” the doctor said.

“It won’t even stand” He answered the doctor.

“No ,your blood vessel is clean now ,the drug is no longer active ,just do as I’ve said. ” the doctor said and I thanked him while Tucker just kept mute.

We both walked out.

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