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In Love With A vampire. Chapter 6.

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☣????In Love ❤ With A Vampire????☣
Chapter 6
“Eva,the Flint Fest is just two days away and we got so much prep to make about it,” Eva who was wearing an apron turned from the steamer,
“And by the way,where’s Tyler? I haven’t seen him today.” Rachel’s asked,
“Well,I left him at home with Adrian.” She blurted but regretted it immediately, Adrian had told her not to talk to anyone about him,she finds that strange but had to give in cause the chemistry between Adrian and Tyler is so strong.
“Who’s Adrian? Your husband?” Rachel asked surprised at the new name,Eva shook her head instantly,
“No..he isn’t my husband,he’s a distance cousin and had come to spend the Christmas with us.” She lied,
“I would love to see him too.” Rachel was smiling mischievously, she’d wanted to ask Eva about her husband and Tyler’s dad but decided against it,since she doesn’t talk about it,it useless to ask.
“So what pies are we making for the fest?” Eva asked,obviously trying to change the topic before she’ll blurt out another nonsense,
“Five different pies including cakes and those creamy ice.” She said,
“Sure to invite your cousin for the fest uh?” Rachel asked Eva but she was lost in thoughts. Thinking about Adrian and how happy she’s to see him play with her son,he’s strange and mysterious but she doesn’t want to push buttons,as long as her son,her Tyler is happy,she’s sure to be happy too.All her life,she hasn’t seen Tyler yearn for anything as he did for Adrian’s presence, the young boy was sure to be inclined with Adrian for a whole day than coming over to Rachel’s to play with her twin.The twins who had grown fond of Tyler always ask Eva about him and she has promised to take them to her house tomorrow to see Tyler and Adrian too,
“Eva,where did you travel to?” Rachel snapped her fingers twice at Eva’s face and that jerked her to reality,
“Uhm…uhm..sorry,I got drifted in my thoughts,” She apologized to Rachel who had been waiting for a reply from her,
“What were you saying?” She asked again with a more sympathetic face,
“I don’t know where you must have drifted too but I know for sure that place is extra nice.” Rachel laughed,
“Why do you think so?” Eva asked slightly embarrassed at her daydream,
“Cause,you gat an extra smile,something I haven’t seen in you since I got to know you.” Rachel said,Eva laughed at Rachel’s words,
“Its not that and I’m entirely a happy soul.” She smiled and continued what they were doing

“Adrian,let’s go into the woods today,my mommy isn’t at home.” Tyler said waking the sleeping man up,Adrian rubbed his eye actually he wasn’t sleeping,
“No,your mommy warned us not to leave the house remember and we promised we won’t.” He lay back on the couch,
“But mommy isn’t at home,she’s at Rachel’s.” Tyler protested,
“Yes but a promise is a promise we can’t break it.” Adrian lay back on the couch,all the things flooding his mind was nothing but pictures of Eva.Her beautiful smile and those hazel eyes,she seems to have gone through a whole lot and has brought her wall so high to defend herself and her son,the only thing she hold precious in this life,he looked at the pouting boy,
“Ty,tell me about your mommy.” The boys expression didn’t change,he was still upset that Adrian is siding with his mommy not him,
“You won’t take me to the woods,so I’m not talking to you.” The boy folded his arm and turned away from Adrian.Adrian help turn him to him,
“If you tell me,I might reconsider taking you to the woods.” Excited as a child could be when he’s handed his favorite toy,Tyler jumped,squealed and clapped his hands together,then he finally sat down,
“Mommy’s name is Anne and she’s married to daddy but daddy and grandma and grandpa don’t like mommy,so mommy brought me here so daddy and grandma won’t find us again.” Tyler explained as a child would do.His explanation got Adrian worried,
Which husband won’t like a lady as beautiful and nice as Eva,she was the perfect woman every man would wish…..
“Gosh,what am I doing,I’m drooling over someone else’s wife, a woman.” Adrian stood up,disgusted at him own thoughts.
“So,where your daddy and what’s his name?” He asked the unsuspected Tyler,
“My daddy’s in New Work and his name is Joe,my grandma calls him that.” He said,then stood up,
“I told you about my daddy and you keep your promise,” Tyler said,Adrian grunted,
“So let’s go.” He started pulling Adrian’s shirt,
“Let’s wait after lunch okay,” The boy nodded,then dragged him up,
“Let’s have lunch and go to the woods before mommy comes back home.” Adrian wasn’t planning on taking him there,so he served him lunch and made him sleep afterwards, a little trick he had learnt from his mom while she was still alive.

“Dave come have dinner,”Laurel said to him he was lying on the bed with his head facing the ceiling,
” I’m not hungry.”He said angrily,
“But mom said….” He stood up,heads to the door and shut it on her face,Laurel was shocked at his reactions, so she trod downstairs to inform Davina about Davis attitude.
“Eva,I hope you can forgive me.” He cried on the bed as he stirred from one position to the other.A knock was heard again on the door,
“Get lost! I’m not hungry!” He yelled but the knock was still persistent, he stood up,went to the door and open it with great force planning on slapping the idiot that has dared to disturb him,
“Wait sir!’Jane squeaked, he eyed the older woman,she wasn’t supposed to be here,
” What’s it again?”He asked rudely,
“Sir,its very important you know this.” She tried to make her way inside but he stopped her,
“Say whatever you want to say here.” He ordered her,she looked at him,
“Sir,I’m won’t say it here and I’m telling you this cause I believe you still love Eva,so you should know this.” At the mention of Eva,Davis hurriedly ushered her inside his room,
“So what happened?” He said,she cleared her throat and check the room for any bug or hidden cameras,
“Say what you came here to say and stop looking around my room.” He said half angry and fully curious,
“Sir,I’m trying to be careful here, don’t want to die soon.” Davis kept calm wheels she did her checking,
This must be serious,
“All clear.” She said and stood in front on Davis,
“I overheard your brother and patents talking about Eva a few days back,” she began,
“The Lady and Lord of the house was planning on sending an assassin after Eva to kill her and bring Tyler back here.” She said,Davis found that shocking,
“What!” He yelled but she shut him up,
“Don’t yell,they might hear you and that I don’t want,I’m now older but I’m not yet ready to lose my life or my job yet.” She said,Davis hands were on his head,
“How sure are you about what you just told me?” He asked her trying not to believe what she just said,
“I’m a hundred and one percent sure,I overhead everything.” She said,Davis stood up and went to his drawer,then brought out a wads of hundred dollar notes and gave it to her,
“Sir what are you doing?”
“I’m paying you for the info you just gave me and more for more info.” He said and handed the money to her but she pushed it back,
“Sir,I’m doing this for justice,Eva doesn’t deserve such treatment and after working here for many years,I noticed the chemistry between you and Eva then,so I suppose its your right to know what the Lord and Lady of the house is planning against her and her son.”She declined his offer,
“But you…..” She refused his money,
“Never mind Sir and don’t worry,I’ll get you as much information you’ll need.”
“And please stop calling me Sir, you’re a lot older and deserve some respect from me,so stop this Sir trash.” He stood up from the bed and went to her,
“Thank you Ma Jane.” She nodded and left the room,surveying the whole area to be sure no one was watching,
“So that’s why they aren’t bothered about Eva’s disappearance, cause they want to use it as an advantage to finally end her life,I’ll have to get to Eva before they do.” He went to the headboard and got his phone,he dialled a number,
“Am I speaking to Diego Crew?” He asked the receiver,
“No,this is his assistant.” A husky male voice replied
“Give the phone to him.” He added, the phone got passed to Diego,
“Diego.” Davis called,
“Davis,what happened?” Diego said,
“I have a job for you,let’s meet at Cold Corner at twenty-one today.” He informed the guy,
“What’s the nature of this job?” Diego asked,
“You’re to help me sniff out someone,find out where she’s and give me feedback,” He said,Diego smiled with the phone by his ears,
“I’ll give you details when we meet but be sure to come.” Davis said,
“Yes.” He hung up,
“No one,absolutely no one can lay a finger on Eva or Tyler as long as I’m alive.”
“Now,I’ll have to get more info on her whereabout before they get to her.” He brought put his laptop and began his search.


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