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In Love With A vampire. Chapter 7.

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☣????In Love ❤ With A Vampire????☣
Chapter 7⃣
???? New York City????
Diego was already at Cold Corners when Davis arrived,he walked up to him,
“Hey man,how’s it going?” He asked as they shook hands and engage themselves in a manly hug,
“Its been going great man,how about you?” Diego asked,Davis smile and nodded,
“When did you get into town and how’s Laurel and Zia?” Diego asked,
“I got into town a few days back and Laurel and Zia are doing okay.” He said,then brought out a briefcase,
“So man,who am I sniffing out this time?” He asked now in the businesslike tone.Davis handed him some photos of Eva,
“Isn’t this your brother’s wife,whatshername?” Diego scratched her head,
“Eva.” Davis reminded,he clicked his finger,
“Yes,Eva.Why do you wanna sniff her out,did she run of?” Diego asked surprised at the subject of Davis job offer,
“Well,she actually did left home some few days ago and she did left with her son Tyler,I just want you to get her before they do,” Davis said,Diego became confused,
“Who are the they?” He asked,
“This should be between the both of us okay.” Diego nodded,
“I got wind that my brother is sending assassin to eliminate Eva and bring back Tyler and he has the support of both my parents,” Diego was shocked,
“But why would they want to kill her?” He asked confusedly,
“That I don’t know,so your job is to find Eva and Tyler,bring them to safety while I find reason why they want to kill her.” He said,as shocked as he was,Diego nodded,
“Can you give me any information on what triggered her to leave,at least I need to have a clue what’s going on and what pushed her to leave.” Diego asked,
“I wasn’t in town when she left but with the look of things and how her marriage had been,Joseph was abusing her,physically and otherwise.She must have left to ensure her safety and that of her son.” He said,
“I would need access to your brothers house to be able to get clue,I mean talk to some of the maid and the guards,” Diego said,
“But you need to be fast before those assassins get to her.” Davis said,Diego’s nodded in assurance.

☣ ???? ???????? The Lycans ????????????☣
Lucas was angry,how can Adrian defend that human and her son,he cursed with gritted teeth and clenched fist,
“Simon!” He called,Simon came running inside his chambers,
“When are you going to the doctor’s again?” He asked,Simon who was scared shit of Lucas trembled at his presence,
“Tomorrow at sunset.” He replied,
“Master,why are you uneasy?” Simon trembling voice manage to ask,
“I need a human blood,I’m tired of having to go through that stupid doctor to get blood,” He raised his arm,
“See,I’m getting weak and need not to depend on those dead blood, I need fresh blood.” Simon pitied him but could do nothing,the Lycans have an age long promise not to attack the village and the villagers don’t wander far into the woods.
“But Master,you know the rules….” Simon said,
“But that woman wandered into our path of the wood,I would have drained her if not for…” The door opened and Adrian walked in,
“What do you want?” Lucas asked angrily,he despise his younger half brother like hell,Simon scurried out but Adrian called him back,
“Simon,come back here.” He ordered him,he reluctantly walk back earning a deadly glare from Lucas,
“I came to give you a warning and you better take it seriously cause it not an ordinary threat,” Lucas adjusted on his seat,
“Stay clear from Eva and the boy.” Lucas gasped,so Adrian had walked into his chambers to threaten him about that woman and her son,he laughed
“What’s funny?” Adrian asked him angrily,
“Nothing brother,see you should know that I don’t leave my target so easily and this Eva missus of yours and her son are now my target and they like others won’t get off easily.” He smiled evilly,
“Lucas!” Adrian was boiling with anger and he raised his hand to hit Lucas,Lucas laughed while Simon stood there,shit scared as ever,
“Wow,you really love this strange woman a lot to punch your brother because of her,” Adrian brought down his hand, yes he likes Eva but he doesn’t know why the thought of Eva weakens him.
“I don’t love her,” He protested,
“I’m only protecting her from a devil like you.” He spat in disgust,
“Protecting her from a devil like you,” Lucas mimicked in mockery,he moved to Adrian keeping their face inches apart,
“You’re a Lycans whether you like it or not,you can’t undo it,so live with it and as for your lover Eva and her son,I’ll make sure their blood are mine to taste.”He spat with hatred,Adrian looked at him and Simon,
” Be rest assured that you would have join our father before that happens, I’ll fight you and every vampire alive to protect Eva and Tyler.”He turned and left while Lucas laughter echoed the whole place.
“Simon.” Lucas called,the lanky boy who had watched the whole drama ran in front of Lucas,
“Master,you called.” He said almost losing his voice to a whimper,
“Get information on Eva and her son Tyler,they are mine to feast on.” He said,dreading his anger,Simon nodded a “Yes Master.” And hurried out of Lucas’s Chamber.
“I don’t know why I always get caught up in their fight.” Simon murmured as he left,
“Now where can I get such information from?” He asked himself as he walked into his mountain bike.

????????Flint Hill????????
The next morning ????????and also Flint Fest Day????????????????????????????????
“Tyler,wakey wakey.” Eva walked into the boy’s room and he was still sleeping,she pulled away his blanket from his body,the boy stirred and stretched but didn’t open his eyes,
“Wake up now Ty,we need to prepare for the Flint Fest and I and Mrs Rachel still have a lot to prepare for today and tomorrow is the big day.” She said,he opened his eyes when she went to open his windows then closed it immediately she turned back,
“Caught you already.” She climbed on his bed and tickled him,
“Okay,okay,I’m now awake.” He was laughing hysterically. She pulled him up from the bed,
“Let’s go freshen up,I made your favorite,apple strudel and Ramen Noddles” His eyes widened,
“Really?” Tyler asked in excitement,
“Yes and…….let’s freshen up first.” She said,Tyler ran to the his bathroom,
“Mommy,come and help me here.” He called excited about having his favorite dish being prepared for him,Eva went to his bathroom to freshen him up.
“Is your cousin still coming for the fest?” Rachel asked Eva as they packed everything needed for the Fest into Derry’s father’s truck,
“I don’t think so,he left early this morning said he’ll be back tomorrow evening,had a business to take care of.” She lied,she hadn’t told Adrian about the Fest,he should know about it though.
“Derry!” Rachel called her son,
“Yes mama,” The boy came running from inside the shop,Tyler and Stacey in tow,
“Where’s your papa?” Rachel asked and he came right out,
“I’m all set,are you done?” Andes asked his wife,
“Yes,we’re good to go,kids hop in.” Eva and the kids got into the back of the truck while Rachel and her husband rode in the front.
“I’m sure you gonna have a lot of fun.” Derry said to Tyler.
The Fest was on till late night,Eva really enjoyed herself and Tyler did too,though he kept asking after Adrian but he did love the show.They made a lot of sales too,everyone loved the cakes,pies,pancakes and muffins Rachel and Eva made and Eva made it an opportunity to finally meet the whole villagers. Meanwhile,Adrian had gone to Eva’s house and everywhere was dark and quiet,
“They must have gone to the fair.” He sighed then something flashed his mind,
What if Lucas send people to go and abduct Eva or Tyler?
No,Lucas can’t…..
He promise to have Eva,this might be a good opportunity for him.
No…….I need to be close by to make sure that Eva and Tyler are safe.He ran to the venue, he knows the place cause over the years he had seen people from the village doing the fest.
Eva was uneasy during the latter part of the party,she was definitely looking for someone, deep within her,she really wished Adrian was with them,
“Rachel,I’m gonna be by those trees,call me if you need me.” She said to Rachel as the kids were dancing around a fire,
“Okay,sure to be safe.”Rachel said to her as she left,
“Mmm.” Eva sounded and left for the nearby trees thinking of nothing but Adrian, how she has had a liken to him over the days that has gone by,Tyler really like him,though he acts strange and weird sometimes,she still brought herself to trust him enough to leave Tyler with him.She feels safer with him around and there’s something else,his eyes has a lot of things,things beyond her reasoning and understanding and whenever he’s close by,she has this strange feelings, feeling she herself can’t explain.
She was still lost in her thoughts that she didn’t notice the man behind her,he grabbed her and covered her mouth quickly before she could make any sound,then turned her to face him,Eva was surprised to see the man’s face.


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